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Mercury-Pluto trine

The good aspects formed with the participation of Mercury open up rich opportunities for the owner of the horoscope in intellectual activity. The trigon of Mercury and Pluto is a harmonious aspect that gives a person the ability to quickly penetrate the essence of things and master new areas of knowledge.

If Mercury describes a person's ability to formulate thoughts and form them in verbal form, then Pluto imparts speed to all intellectual and speech processes.

Pluto is the source of strength, energy and inner magnetism of the personality. It is through the word that the owner of the aspect influences those around him, inspiring them and igniting them with his fiery, bright and convincing speeches.

Aspect and intellectual features of native

The owner of the aspect in question is distinguished by insight, a lively mind, contact and quick reaction. He knows how to get the attention of the public. The subject chooses interesting topics for communication and intrigues the audience with the most progressive and extraordinary ideas.

The native is persistent and constructive in dealing with an opponent. Interacting with people, he always has a specific goal in his head. Possessing good oratorical and organizational skills, as well as the ability to persuade, the native, as a rule, easily and quickly achieves what he wants.

The secret of this success lies in the subject's ability to understand the interlocutor and his underlying desires. The insight and psychological nature of the mind help the owner of the horoscope find an approach to any person, interest him, inspire and win him over to his side.

A person with this aspect can realize himself in the field of psychology, journalism and literature. Economic and technical sciences also attract the owner of the horoscope. He can find himself in any research activity, in the development of the latest technologies, as well as in politics and production.

Trigon of Mercury and Pluto in the natal chart of a child

If there is an aspect under consideration in the child's birth chart, then this is a reason to pay special attention to the development of his intellectual talents. He will be attracted by animal stories, adventure stories and investigations. At school, such children may be interested in chemistry, physics, biology and foreign languages. They easily master various electronic devices and computer programs.

Little owners of the aspect are active, energetic and curious. Participation in various intellectual competitions and school olympiads will help such children show their abilities and spur them on to future success.

Mercury and Pluto in some zodiac signs

In order to give a more complete description of the intellectual inclinations of a person, it is necessary to consider not only the interaction and properties of the planets that form the aspect, but also to pay attention to those signs in which the stars are located.

Trigon is most often formed by planets located in the signs of the zodiac of the same element. So, for example, the aspect between Mercury in Gemini and Pluto in Libra will tell about the creative and sociable nature. Such a person will easily make acquaintances, conclude agreements and find a common language with business partners.

If Mercury is in Leo, and Pluto is in Sagittarius, then the person will show high ambitions in studies and love for public activities. Public speaking, teaching, commenting on socially significant events, sports activities – this is what can make a native famous and popular. Traveling and interacting with foreigners can help unleash the subject's abilities and talents.

Lilia Garipova


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