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Trine Sun – Chiron. bright optimist

When the most beneficent aspect of the horoscope combines the Sun and the mysterious asteroid named after the legendary centaur, the person becomes the darling of Fortune. Chiron still denotes insecurity and vulnerability, but now they are successfully hidden in the sunshine of undoubted talents and willpower. Any doubt or fear causes a desire to become the first: to learn, to be able, to prove.

This is the thinking of success, when the pain of Chiron is the engine of progress. A person intuitively chooses the best option for a life scenario and always shines with optimism, managing to benefit from the most hopeless situation. Having received sour lemons, he will make healing vinegar out of them and get rich, because Chiron is a master of transformations.

Happy Opportunities for the Sun-Chiron Trine

In the eyes of others, the native is a strong and bright personality. His anxieties and fears are securely hidden. Chiron denotes a weak spot of a person, but watching him, it is impossible to guess in which house the asteroid is located, the Sun overshadows the shortcomings with its greatness.

The owner of the trine Sun-Chiron is talented in various fields, but unfortunately, rather lazy. Having discovered that some ability brings fame and money, he continues to move in this narrow niche. And yet it is incredibly attractive precisely the lack of perfection. By making mistakes and falling, the native shows that there are spots on the Sun, but this is great, because without a problem there will be no solution. A prominent representative of the trine Sun – Chiron was Princess Diana. However, if there are many additional squares and oppositions in the map, as happened with her, at the age of 35-45 a person is simply torn between the desire to live along a smooth path and the desire to start everything from scratch, leaving once important things. Sometimes it really works, but more often it leads to tragedy.

Favorable features of the influence of the trine Chiron-Sun:

  • cheerfulness, optimism, a bright image, positive charisma, smiling, the ability to find a common language with any person;
  • unusual creative abilities, even genius, but if the Sun is weak, laziness will prevent them from developing;
  • the love of children, animals, the elderly, whom the native intuitively feels and understands: these are born educators, teachers, nannies, obstetricians, neonantologists;
  • ease of entry into the team, even in the presence of many bad aspects, there will always be those who love and support the native;
  • a feeling of being chosen, of the unusualness of one’s destiny, when a person understands his mission already in early childhood;
  • incredible fame and popularity, sometimes everything a person touches turns into gold (with the support of Jupiter and Venus).

Like any other trine, the aspect corrupts the ward with an imaginary lightness of being. A person is not in a hurry, he is lazy, knowing that his talents will not go anywhere and are still in demand by the public. However, closer to the age of 35, retribution comes when gold turns into clay shards, so you can’t beat the buckets and go with the flow.

Trigon Sun – Chiron and personal life

The owners of the aspect are incredibly attractive to the opposite sex. They have a childish spontaneity, a tempting innocence of the look, enthusiasm and courage. However, they are far from naive.

On the one hand, they are well aware of the price of their charm and sex appeal, on the other hand, they still doubt whether they are perfect enough for a star category partner. Most often, the father had a huge influence on the formation of personality and character, and in women, subsequently, the spouse.

It could be both real support and financial investments in the development of the child, and obstacles in his self-realization, when, contrary to the parental and marital will, the formation of a personality occurs.

If the Sun is in the 7th house , then Chiron’s wounds will heal through relationships or creative partnerships. It is in a happy union that a person will reveal himself in all the splendor of his individuality. If Chiron is there, he will have to lead a double life, for example, when in public he is in the form of a cool sex symbol, and at home he is henpecked or a good-natured family man.

With a lack of spirituality and intelligence, the native is promiscuous and overly sexually dependent.

How to work with the trine Chiron – the Sun

Trine brings good luck in the affairs of the house and the sign where the Sun stands, but the location of Chiron indicates that vulnerable part of the consciousness that does not allow you to receive all the blessings of the aspect by birthright. Having worked it out, a person becomes a winner and a real magician. He is accepted as one of his own in any social circle. This is a brilliant artist in life, who can handle any role, from a banker to a street musician, but most importantly, he will always be with money, whether it be his own or a partner’s.

Trigon Sun-Chiron bestows luck in love, but whether the native will use it is a big question. He may not appreciate a sincerely loving person or not notice him, intoxicated with glory and flattery. Despite the many chances given by the aspect, the owner of the horoscope needs to grow wisdom and empathy in himself, not to succumb to laziness and lordship.

Jewelry with natural stones can enhance the effect of the Chiron-Sun trine. Suitable sunstone, chrysolite , amber and brown aventurine .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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