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Trigon Venus – Ascendant. Sources of love

The positive magic of the trigone is so strong that it draws out the entire horoscope on itself, even if there are squares and oppositions. The peculiarity of the joint influence with Venus , symbolizing good luck in love, wealth, sympathy of higher officials and good luck in art, is that luck in promoting a personal brand and a prestigious position in society will be unchanged, in contrast to the periodic happy opportunities of sextile.

The aspect is more favorable for women, endowing the body and face with rounded alluring lines. Men may have a sophisticated girlish appearance, which is confusing at first meeting, but in any case, representatives of both sexes are a real source of charm and harmony. The professional path will bring profit and social success, being associated with the industries of beauty, food, tourism, show business and design. However, the ability to please both the doorman and the bank president is an invaluable gift in any area.

Possibilities of Trigon Venus – Ascendant

Unlike the owners of sextile who enjoy periodic surges in popularity during social activity, carriers of the Venus-Ascendant trine always attract fans and the interest of patrons. They get so used to universal love that they do not even imagine any other development of events, which helps them out at a later age. By nature, these men and women are pleasant to talk to, courteous, love good manners, beautiful clothes, and will never be friends with sloppy losers unless they show a desire to change.

Money for pleasure and stylish and high-quality things so beloved by the native come in the case when he sincerely cares for the welfare of others. Therefore, when opening a spa or theater studio, you need to think about the highest good of the customers, and not just about the profit from sales. If a business starts with the idea of ​​helping and transforming society for the better, wealth is a matter of time.

Holders of the Venus-Ascendant trine are also musical, graceful and endowed with the talent of a dramatic actor. Art should be present in life as a hobby or main profession. These are not the people who will be able to live in the wilderness of the countryside, away from creative festivals and social events. To fulfill a dream, you need to pay attention to other gifts of the Venus – Ascendant trigon:

  • high self-esteem, artistry, a sense of style and color, the ability to create a personal unique brand;
  • a talent to inspire others to be creative, create an atmosphere of self-confidence for doubters and compete with rivals without anger;
  • lack of jealousy and envy, sexual magnetism, the gift of making friends in any circumstances and getting out of the water even in dangerous situations;
  • financial luck and flair for profitable new directions in show business;
  • pleasure from charity and just pleasant surprises for loved ones;
  • the ability to look expensive and stylish, even with limited funds.

However, it is important not to get hung up on appearance, otherwise dependence on someone else’s opinion will appear and shake positive self-esteem. Also, the native often cares about others, forgetting about their needs, and this is the reason for the outflow of funds. A balance of energies is needed.

Love and marriage under the trigon Venus – Ascendant

The owners of the aspect are lucky in love. They usually do not look for her, because they are always surrounded by attention, and their sympathy causes reciprocity. At the same time, both men and women find themselves in a leading position, although they do not suffer from this at all. The partner takes on household and legal issues that are of little interest to the native, surrounds him with care and attention.

Here, the man manifests the feminine nature of the Venus – Ascendant trine, because he does not insist on the role of the only provider and partner, allowing his beloved to protect him from earthly routine. But he will fully endow her with romance and tenderness.

A girl with such an aspect will only date a well-mannered and stylishly dressed young man, in whose prospects she is confident. Her heart will be melted by courtship according to the script of her favorite movie with a sea of ​​flowers, serenades and dances under the moon. Ideal satellites are carriers of Mars and Venus in water and fire signs. The element of air is also suitable if both partners agree on a relationship free from unnecessary obligations.

Practical interaction with the trigon Venus – Ascendant

Financial well-being and fulfillment of purpose comes through social contacts. It is contraindicated for a native to be alone or to work freelance from home. Even if the owners of the Venus – Ascendant trine are not actors, they perceive any platform for professional realization as a scene, especially if one of the aspect participants, be it the planet of love or an ascending sign, is in Leo, Aquarius, Aries or Libra.

The need for admiration, applause and enjoyment of one’s skill must be satisfied in a team, otherwise depression and loss of energy arise. However, a balance must be struck between vanity and healthy self-esteem so that public approval does not become a drug. To do this, it is useful to create beauty on your own: to sew, paint, make jewelry and theatrical decorations. An excellent use of the creative inclinations of the ward of the Venus-Ascendant trigon – corporate events and organization of weddings.

The effect of the aspect will be enhanced by stones of pink shades: quartz , rhodonite, tourmaline, rhodochrosite, spinel. Carnelian and malachite are also suitable.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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