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Trine Ascending (Descending) Node – Ascendant: freedom of expression

If a person wants to develop and live a full-fledged conscious life, he cannot do without studying the axis of the lunar nodes . Descending, also known as South (Ketu), shows inherited, instinctive patterns of behavior. They have already served their time, but as you grow older, you need to remember them again and confidently master the skills of past lives. After that, you can move on to mastering the Ascending, North Node (Rahu) in order to fulfill the purpose of the present.

The Ascendant designates in the map 1 house of personality, appearance, style. This is an image that others read, and if it does not coincide with the manifestation of the Sun and Moon, the native suffers from loneliness and criticism. However, the trigon with nodes gives him complete freedom of expression and sometimes causeless sympathy of others, thanks to which a person easily builds relationships and a career, if, of course, he knows how to correctly apply the beneficial energy of the aspect.

Ascendant Trine Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

If personal planets are involved in an aspect, it is common for a person to cling to the experience of the South Node, because the qualities of character and behavior that brought success in the past are concentrated here.

The Ascendant, on the other hand, is directly related to self-realization in the outside world, so it is not surprising that a native who has a trine of the Descending Node with the Ascendant is a little retrograde. This concerns the manner of dressing, behavior in society and the way of self-positioning. Sometimes it seems that a person does not correspond to modern realities, he behaves either too assertively and categorically, ignoring decency and conventions (Ascendant in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius), or vice versa, too scrupulous, honest, preoccupied with issues of etiquette and how he looks from the side (Rising sign in Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio).

Surprisingly, these things do not prevent him from gaining popularity at the first stage of his career growth, but over time, the karma accumulated in the past begins to burden both himself and those around him.

The trigon of the Ascendant with the North Node gives unlimited freedom of expression in those houses where the rising sign and Rahu itself are located.

However, a person does not have the experience of self-presentation in these areas, and therefore, if you immediately dive into the energies of the future destiny, there is a danger of losing a sense of proportion and being disappointed in the image that should potentially bring success.

First you need to carefully open up through the sextile with the South Node, and then transfer your skills to the area for which the North is responsible. In a past life, a person actively helped others to become better and at the same time remain honest and fair, and now this task is before him.

The fact is that the trine of the Ascendant with the North Node makes the native incredibly charming. He will find the key to any heart and even to the tightly closed doors of higher authorities, but here lies the danger of catching star disease. Charm and popularity should not be used for selfish or mean purposes.

The purpose of the trine of the Ascendant with the Descending Node

Aspects with the South Node should not be ignored, although some astrologers believe that this is baggage from the past that should be left overboard. However, before going into the development of the new sphere of the North Node, it is necessary to remember what brought success in past lives, and most importantly, to work out the mistakes. Lunar nodes are closely related to the genus of the native.

A good solution: find with which of the ancestors there is the greatest similarity in appearance and behavior. Here lies both hidden resources and problems that are probably inherited and hidden in the symbolism of the South Node.

The native intuitively feels a craving for the past, trying to repeat the success of once popular personalities or someone of his kind, whom he is proud of. He can copy their clothing style, lifestyle, and even appearance. However, it is important to remember that this is just a rehearsal before entering your own new style and creativity, presented by the North Node. The sextile of the Ascendant with him will show talents and opportunities for the harmonious transfer of the developments of the past into the future.

The native intuitively feels what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. This allows you to enter any social circle, become a good salesman, lawyer, marketer and even a stylist. Often this aspect is in the map of famous actors.

Destiny according to the trine of the Ascendant with the Ascending Node

Only by realizing the need to abandon old patterns of behavior, the native will be able to profoundly change and master the energies of the North Node. Otherwise, it will be an intuitive following of modern trends accepted in society, which will give superficial and changeable success.

Popularity, personal brand, charm and the ability to win over people, from a simple hard worker to the president, must be used for the benefit of people and to improve life around. Then fame, money, respect will accompany the native and multiply so that he can continue to do good deeds.

If the owner of the horoscope is intoxicated with easy success and the feeling that everything is floating in his hands, he will have to face the collapse of his comfort zone and the need to work hard to regain his former prosperity.

Often a person makes himself a symbol of modernity, sensitively capturing the needs of the crowd, as, for example, did Kim Kardashian, who created herself through many plastic surgeries and lives according to a scenario that is interesting to a million fans. Christopher Lambert in his roles successfully combines the experience of past lives and futuristic tendencies. However, real success awaits the owner of the trine Ascendant – Rahu, who managed not to lose his “I” in an effort to meet the demands of society.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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