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Trine Ascending (Descending) Node – Mars: movement – life

The axis of the lunar nodes in the natal chart, like a film tape, shows where a person came from, what he did in past incarnations, what members of his family showed themselves in in a positive and negative sense, and how to work with it now in the present. The ascending (North) node denotes a karmic task, but it can only be completed by remembering well and mastering the resources of the Descending (South) node. Although the trine is the most favorable aspect, it gives a feeling of permissiveness, which, in combination with Mars, can give rise in the native not to noble intentions, but to destructive selfishness. Initially, this aspect is given to people who are able to change the world by finding their foothold. These are dynamic, confident and courageous individuals, born to rule and restore justice.

Mars Trine Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

In a past life, the activities of the native were related to military service, sports, medicine or verbal battles, for example, with the active defense of the innocent in court. Mars denotes a strong desire for self-expression in the house of one’s position. Thanks to the trine, you can be 100% sure that a person has shown himself to be a brave, fair and honest warrior in the area of the South Node, and now he is given the opportunity to actively win honors and glory in the house where the Northern brother is located.

However, there is a catch: Mars is considered an evil planet and even a favorable aspect with it does not provide an exclusively positive outline of events. At a low level of development, a person spends the good karma accumulated by the family on selfish desires, and when the source closes, he will begin to fight, showing negative Martian qualities: aggressiveness, rudeness, and even fists. A warrior who defends his land easily turns into an invader or even a mercenary. Therefore, with the trine Mars – Descending Node, it is important to develop spiritually and merge aggression through sports and farming (dacha, gardening).

Holders of the trine Mars – Ascending Node can be outwardly calm and peaceful people who find it difficult to leave their comfort zone.

In a past life, they often sacrificed their personal interests for the common good. They had to humble their fighting spirit and personal ambitions for the sake of a just cause, for example, as a ruler or commander in chief. Women could take over the management of the household after the death of her husband in the war or stand at the head of the clan contrary to tradition.

However, all this was done with good intentions, and now the higher powers give the native the opportunity to take the initiative and receive a reward for himself personally. The sextile of Mars to the South Node will help in this: it is necessary to boldly develop talents in this area.

Features of the trine of Mars with the Descending Node

By nature, a decisive and impulsive native knows how to come up with a bold proposal in time, enlist the support of others, and wins the championship even in seemingly obviously sad circumstances.

They are born athletes. If other personal planets are affected, then by playing sports, it is easy to compensate for these problems and attract beneficial energy. It is impossible for a man to sit still: all his affairs will fall into decay. However, given that in the realm of South Node affairs one must give more than take, it is preferable to be a performer and serve under an energetic personality who values initiative and diligence. If the native still wants to be the arbiter of fate, there is another option – to do charity work, donate money to the fund to help athletes or victims of hostilities.

As a rule, fame comes to such a person quite early. He quickly takes a leadership position in sports, the army and political activities, but it is better to choose a profession in the field of North Node affairs, showing all previous Martian developments in it.

Features of the trine of Mars with the Ascending Node

A person was born with a great mission, which he simply must fulfill, otherwise he will be torn from the inside by a feeling of dissatisfaction with life and aggression. The unrealized innovative power of a politician, athlete, surgeon, military man, and even a skilled jeweler and cook turns into them. Additional aspects, especially the sextile with the South (Descent) node, will show how and where to concretize your activities in a narrow niche.

If the native is shy or lazy due to personal circumstances, then fate creates a crisis or even a life-threatening situation for him, so that the Mars-North Node trine shines in full force, and the native can realize how brave and strong he is.

In fact, this is an aspect of superheroes who for the time being consider themselves ordinary people, therefore, knowing astrology, you can prepare in advance for feats by pumping muscles, doing martial arts and studying psychology, because strength also needs discipline and self-confidence.

For women, development also occurs thanks to passionate love affairs, and for men, through friendship and business ties with partners of the Aries type.

It would be a mistake to expect that the trine Mars-Ascending Node will give a cloudless ascent to Olympus. This is a zone of growth, battles and victories achieved in a stubborn struggle, including with oneself. However, the native has the main thing – an inexhaustible Martian resource of the fighter’s energy.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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