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Trigon Ascending (Descending) Node – Sun: blessing from above

Lunar nodes are indicators of karma. Southern (Descending) denotes the past self and those qualities of character, talents and skills that must evolve in this incarnation. The North (Ascending) stands in the area where the soul wanted to grow and learn new experiences. The ego may pull back towards the easy path of the South Node, but true happiness and success is only possible in the opposite area.

A trine with the Sun makes both tasks easier. This is a sure sign that a person does not have to overcome internal resistance, he feels his destiny and wants to follow it. Very often, such people intuitively find the right path to success, but it also happens that they have to make considerable efforts in order for the energy of the trine to turn on, especially when the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars are affected.

Sun Trine Karma with Ascending (Descending) Node

Since the trine is considered the strongest favorable aspect, and the Sun is the main personal planet of the horoscope, it seems that its owner is lucky from birth. Yes, and the native himself lives with the feeling that the whole world is opening up to meet him. This is partly true, but only under the condition of active actions in the direction of the North Node and in the house where the luminary stands. Otherwise, even good karma will not pull the native out of the comfort zone, and happy chances of a change of fate will fly by.

This happens if the Sun is weak, and other personal planets have many tense aspects. Such a person can be gifted with different talents, but does not develop them because of shyness and inner fears, and sadly watches how confident and punchy people achieve much more than he does.

The trigon of the Sun with the Rising Node indicates that in a past life a person was popular and successful. He occupied almost a royal position or was a star in his work. It is quite possible to call such an aspect the gift of King Solomon, because it was the wisdom, nobility and generosity of the native in a past life that provided him with an easy ascent to any of the goals. But it is important to understand that good karma is not a locomotive that pulls you into a brighter future. Along the way, there may be trials and obstacles that help you discover your gifts and leadership qualities.

The trigon of the Sun with the Descending Node is also a symbol of success and glory in a past life. However, a person enjoyed them exclusively for the benefit of himself to the fullest, and although he did nothing bad to others, in this life he may be bored again rising to the top of financial success and popularity. He will be completely satisfied with modest comfort, or, on the contrary, he will want to do charity work. Otherwise, he simply degrades, not getting joy from material goods: everything seems to be there, but there is no happiness.

Features of the trine of the Sun with the Rising Node

It is easy for a native to become a popular person. He causes sympathy and love of the opposite sex, they want to be friends with him. A person successfully uses the achievements of a past life and quickly understands how profitable it is to prove himself in the affairs of the house where the Sun stands.

If it is in the 6th or 10th, from childhood it is aimed at a brilliant career, in the 5th and 7th – for successful relationships and business connections, in the 3rd and 9th – promising education and international activities. Already from early youth, the native strives to prove himself a leader and unique in areas of interest to himself, and he succeeds.

However, the trine is not all sugar, luring a series of happy events. He creates a kind of illusion that the world and the people around him are scenery and extras in the performance of one actor. The native gets so used to it that as soon as he wants to, events line up in a convenient staircase to any peak that if he stumbles, he panics and loses self-confidence.

The second problem is the wrong choice of direction for development, including professional development. Trigon always works automatically and leads the native away from the true mission.

Most often, the trine of the Sun with the Ascending Node implies a sextile with the Descending. In this case, there is a hint: working on the development of the talents of the sextile Sun – South Node, it is easier to reach your destination through the North.

The father has a great influence on the native. Even a painful relationship with him ultimately pushes in the right direction and contributes to the disclosure of potential.

Features of the trine of the Sun with the Descending Node

Here it is even easier for a person to show himself in all his splendor, because he already has a memory of success in a past life. There were also leaders, bright creative personalities, politicians, athletes in his family, and he has someone to take an example from.

A strong idealization of the father is possible, when he seems to be an impeccable personality, a knight without fear and reproach, whom one wants to be like. Disappointment in him is a strong trauma, which the alleged sextile with the North Node will help to survive, or the trine with him will eventually pull him into independent swimming. Initially, the owner of the aspect enjoys what is easiest to do: doing things in the house of the Descending Node, but easy success gives a quick burnout, because the sphere of growth and application of solar energy is the location of the North Node. Sometimes, in order to fulfill a karmic task, you need to choose a completely new activity and specialty, even contrary to family traditions and the expectations of your father, and then everything will turn out into a long, meaningful and happy life.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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