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Ruler of the 1st house in the 6th house – the path of care and work

The planet that rules the 1st house of the horoscope affects a person’s life more than any other. But if she is in a fall, weighed down by unfavorable aspects, or is in a house and sign that is difficult for herself, she has to make a lot of efforts to reveal her talents and individuality to the world. The fact is that the owner of the 1st house is also the ruler of the Ascendant, and he determines how people treat us. A well-chosen social image helps to gain success in your career and personal life.

The strength of the ruler of the horoscope also depends on his position in the house. If he got into the 6th sector , then the person resembles Virgo in his behavior, even if the Sun is in a different sign. He is hardworking, responsible and overly caring towards relatives and friends, but only takes care of them more out of a sense of duty than from an excess of cordiality.

Influence of the ruler of the Ascendant in the 6th house

The ascendant of the card partly affects the appearance, character and manner of presenting oneself in society. The owners of his ruler in the 6th house are modest, they do not immediately manage to attract attention to themselves, especially when it comes to the signs of the earth and water elements. They are not used to dressing brightly and catchy, even if Leo or Aries are in the 1st house, the maximum that they allow themselves is an emphasis on the bright details of the image: jewelry, a belt, a scarf or a bag, and the style itself will be quite strict, as well as its behavior owner.

In the depths of the native’s soul there is a fire of creativity and a desire for recognition, but it takes time to open up. This requires a benevolent atmosphere or an unexpected turn of events when a person can show kindness, participation, the ability to provide first aid and care for the victims.

The ruler of the 1st house largely determines the fate. Being in the 6th house, he acts through the ability to heal and care. These qualities will help the native to reach a positive line of events, but at the same time, medical affairs can harm him if there are negative aspects.

One must be very careful during treatment and carefully choose the hospital and doctor if surgery is needed. It is not recommended to unnecessarily make plastic improvements in appearance, especially since the wards of the ruler of the 1st house in the 6th already look much younger than their real age. Partly because they are very fond of cosmetic procedures for personal care and are supporters of proper nutrition.

General influence of the ruler of the 1st house in the 6th house

The native has dexterous hands and very mobile fingers. If the ruling planet is Neptune or the Moon, then he will make an excellent musician, culinary specialist or pharmacist. Wards of Mercury in general can choose from a huge list of professions a vocation without restrictions, both in the creative and intellectual spheres. These are programmers, surgeons, jewelers, fashion designers, watchmakers and general engineers.

The only problem is that they are never completely satisfied with the level of their skill, even if they receive a lot of evidence of professionalism from other people, and they do not tolerate criticism at all, because they find fault with themselves more than anyone else. The most difficult thing is for Virgos and Capricorns in the 1st and 6th houses, which are initially imprisoned for these experiences. If the communication environment is not friendly, they can withdraw into their inner world without revealing the treasures of the soul.

Depending on the level of awareness of a person, the ruler of the 1st house in the 6th manifests itself in two ways:

  • positive – incredible dedication to the cause and the employer, the ability to adapt to any team, constantly learn and develop without being reminded from above. They show their best qualities in difficulties when it is necessary to take care of the victims or save someone.
  • negative – excessive timidity, compliance, unwillingness to change the usual algorithm of actions and leave the comfort zone. High suspiciousness in matters of their health, fear of close relationships and success.

Owners of the ruler of the 1st house in the 6th are ideal performers. They rarely aim at the boss’s chair, avoiding the burden of responsibility for large-scale affairs. At the same time, they manage to redo all the routine duties with brilliance, exceeding the daily norm. It cannot be said that they like it, but they cannot do otherwise.

How to increase the positive influence of the ruler of the 1st house in the 6th house

The native lacks only self-confidence. The owners of the air Ascendant suffer from this to a lesser extent, but they sometimes lack the motivation to get out of the shadows, while the earth and fire signs need a solid inner support in order to realize their grandiose goals and ambitions, which they hide deep in their souls, fearing criticism and skepticism of an unfriendly environment.

The native should make lists of his achievements and talents, reread them periodically to remember how much he can do. Awareness of oneself as a valuable specialist and personality will help to reveal talents as comfortably as possible. In any situation, you need to show care and sincere participation in the affairs of other people. Helping a fallen stranger or organizing a charity event can equally be a life-changing twist of fate. The karma of the ruler of the 1st house in the 6th is such that these people need to do a little more than is expected of them, but it is important to make this process comfortable for yourself.

It is important to monitor nutrition and exercise. Energy source – beauty and spa body treatments, massages, psychotherapy sessions.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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