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Ruler of the 1st house in the 2nd house – money is the head of everything

The planets-rulers of houses and signs show exactly how a person will show abilities and talents in areas subject to them. The significator of the first house can stand in another, and it is this area of activity that will be the main one in revealing personal potential, talents and happiness. Being engaged in any of the topics for which this sector is responsible, the native will know himself and possibly conquer the whole world.

The second house is associated with money, the ability to earn money, provide for oneself, so financial issues will serve as an impetus for the development of the native, a point of growth and interaction with others. Another person will worry about his own body, but not in terms of beauty, but rather physical endurance, developing immunity and protecting himself. Such people create a philosophy of money thinking and help other people get rich.

Ruler of the Ascendant in the 2nd house

The first house is responsible for the appearance, character and basic interests of a person that affect him for a living. Few people know, but the 2nd house is not only finances and the main line of income, but also eating habits, because when a person has found a body in 1st house, he needs to be fed, and for this you will have to receive decent money.

If the ruler of the Ascendant is native in the 2nd sector, the person likes to eat well, and a filled refrigerator will be the guarantor of comfort and prosperity. This is especially evident if the significator is the Moon, Jupiter or Venus. The first two planets can become an indirect cause of fullness, although in general they bring undoubted financial luck and external attractiveness.

If Saturn is the ruler of the 1st house, then here, on the contrary, austerity and frugality will lead to thinness or an exponentially slender body, because the native will set great goals, giving nutrition the last place, but at the same time observing a healthy lifestyle. The more strictly he takes austerity, the more financial income he will receive.

The ruling planets of the 1st house in the 2nd show, among other things, an interest in collecting. Mars encourages the collection of cold and firearms, sports awards, Venus – gems and jewelry, Jupiter – diplomas, certificates of honor and apartments, Uranus – the latest gadgets and computers.

Most often, the ruler of the first house in the second guarantees a happy childhood when the parents have a stable financial income. The exception is Saturn and Uranus, and also if the host planet is in fall. Here, the native already suffers deprivation and poverty, but it is these that prompt him to study and work in order to start a new life.

General influence of the ruler of the 1st house in the 2nd house

Self-confidence and a sense of success of the owner of the horoscope directly depend on his financial wealth. From a young age, these people strive not only to earn money, but also to save for the future, due to which force majeure and sudden losses of funds are almost always excluded, if there are no other indications of poverty, many negative aspects to the ruler or planets in the 2nd house.

The need to be rich and secure manifests itself in different ways, according to the level of spiritual development:

  • positive – a person creates or chooses a value system that harmoniously combines positive thinking and financial literacy, the desire to earn a lot and the ability to generously help people.
  • negative – a distorted value system does not allow the native to receive a lot of money. He believes that wealth is a sin, or vice versa, he is not worthy to live in abundance. Constant restrictions and guilt for any amount exceeding the usual earnings are his lot.

However, the ruler of the 1st house in the 2nd is not always a guarantee of financial success. If he is struck by tense aspects, and even more so when in the same situation the significator of the 2nd house, or a square with opposition between them, then a person can be obsessed with money and measure his own and others’ success by their quantity. Thirst for profit at any cost or hoarding with the rejection of simple human joys will be the leading line of conduct.

How to increase the beneficial influence of the ruler of the 1st house in the 2nd house

The first sector of the horoscope shows the desires of the soul, which a person cannot ignore. They are given to him for development and personal growth. Therefore, it is important to get rid of the guilt associated with dreams of wealth and material comfort. The native was born to manage his finances, to live in abundance and satiety, to surround himself with beautiful things.

The main goal of the owner of the ruler of the 1st house in the 2nd will be to create abundance for himself and his family, but for this it is important to keep your body in good sports shape, especially if Mars is the significator. But Pluto, as a co-ruler, will test the strength of the native with various crises. If it survives, then the level of well-being will rise. Often such people earn more in difficult times than in calm ones. Tense aspects are not a reason to get upset and put an end to financial well-being. Just they give a burning desire to get rich at all costs and climb the Olympus of the elect, while the owners of harmonious aspects are afraid to leave the comfort zone.

The family should not be a burden, but an inspiration. When the native earns money not only for himself, but thinks about the well-being of his family, he removes the selfish fixation on the material, follows the path of his destiny, especially if the Moon is the ruler.

It is important to remember that people around you will always treat a person according to his level of self-esteem.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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