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Uranus without aspects

Rarely, but it happens that the planet does not have a single main aspect, it is isolated from other houses of the horoscope and is included from time to time only in the sphere of affairs of the sector where it is located. It is believed that any planet without aspects acquires the features of Uranus: unpredictability, uncontrollability, eccentricity. It is all the more interesting that unaspected Uranus itself does not manifest itself for the time being.

Sometimes people with such a position of the planet can be  lovers of modern and informal styles,  rebels from their youth, but this requires additional evidence. Most often, they become  bright and inventive personalities in the second half of their lives, shocking old acquaintances who did not see any prerequisites for this in their childhood and youth. Up to 30 years old, they generally do not tolerate innovation, strict discipline, do not have a sense of style, and although they already feel the need for freedom, they are very embarrassed by their uniqueness, not understanding how best to present themselves.

Positive influence of Uranus without aspects

In most cases, the planet without aspects creates a great desire to be realized in the affairs of its house, but without the support of other aspects it is difficult to do this, especially since Uranus gains the courage to be themselves only after 30-40 years, then suddenly its owners, who have stood on the sidelines all their lives from interesting events, adventures and travels, move to another country, make a discovery, write a book, perhaps even one in a lifetime, but which makes a revolutionary breakthrough in literature.

If other planets in the horoscope are affected by negative aspects, the general atmosphere of the chart is complicated, then it is Uranus without aspects that becomes the main chance to become famous and realize dreams in the 2nd half of life.

However, if people know astrology, and other personal and social planets are strong, they can bet on uniqueness and eccentricity already invtheir youth, consciously including Uranian vortex energy, but for this they need to love, appreciate and accept themselves.

The owners of Uranus without aspects will most clearly manifest themselves if they do not have an urgent need to work for a piece of bread. They like to invent something, but often, under the weight of routine affairs and unloved work, the spark of genius quickly goes out.

Such people need reliable partners who will provide them with material comfort, so that the owners of Uranus wothout aspects can work for an idea, not for money.

If suchindividuals are not distracted by tedious duties, they are able to show the world truly revolutionary ideas in the fields of creativity, computer and Internet technologies, radio, television, and, of course, astrology.

The negative influence of Uranus without aspects

It is believed that people do not feel the influence of this higher planet until 30 or even 40 years old, but this is expressed only in the fact that they feel uncomfortable and out of place in society and do not know what to do about it. They understand that they are different from others, but this does not really bother them, or vice versa, they adapt to general trends and do not even think about developing their uniqueness.

A strong desire to be themselves and realize themselves in the sphere of affairs of the house where Uranus stands, really arises in the period from 30 to 40 years, unless the owners of the planet are aware of its features and do not deliberately pedal the whirlwind of energy hidden in it.

Since Uranus is a symbol of unpredictability, and any planet without aspects turns on whenever it wants, the owners of the horoscope are thrown from conservatism to anarchism, they are either submissive performers, or suddenly  rebels for an hour, then again supporters of the system.

The main signs of the pulsation of Uranus without aspects:

  • anxiety, constant search for truth, change of views and points of view: today they believe in one thing, tomorrow in another, and very late are determined with their internal principles;
  • a feeling of loneliness, no one to rely on, to share dreams, especially if in youth they opened their souls and laughed at intentions, winglessness and homelessness;
  • risk and carelessness bring devastating consequences, and people themselves already prefer boots on the ground to weapons in the sky, so as not to get burned again and not suffer from disappointments;
  • difficulties with finding friends and like-minded people, the state of the “white crow” in the team, stiffness, constraint in movements and expression of one’s thoughts;
  • bad relationship with technology, something constantly breaks at home, before people have time to buy a new phone, it falls from the hands with the glass down.

If such individuals suppress uranic energy, and the overall picture of the chart is tense and oppressed by negative aspects, then the nervous system suffers. They react sharply to any, even minor stimuli, do not bother to observe good manners in public, make a frightening impression.

Elaboration of Uranus without aspects

If nothing is done, then despite the fact that the influence of Uranus is not felt, there is a failure in the line of making the dream come true, and unconsciously the society of the native does not accept and rejects. It is easier for such people to accept the role of an outcast than to fight for the right to be equal. The following happens: having failed in one team, they drop everything and go to a new one, but when they are not accepted there either, they again seek to start everything from scratch, instead of working on the current situation.

First of all, they need to stop running from themselves, accept their shadow side and allow themselves to be different from the rest. Films and books about famous scientists, inventors and bright extraordinary personalities, cycling, running, fast and complex dances (contemporary style is ideal) and the development of any unusual abilities, in particular, astrology, will help with this.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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