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Ascending (or North) – Descending node in conjunction with the Moon

Karmic (Lunar) nodes symbolize important directions in the development of the native. Based on inner knowledge and awareness of the mistakes made in a past life on the Descending South Node (Ketu), it is easier for a person to understand his main mission on the Ascending, North Node (Rahu). It is believed that any planet in conjunction with the first loses its qualities, as if turning off, and the second enhances its properties, granting unlimited freedom of expression. However, for the Sun and Moon, any close merger with fictitious points of karma is fatal and not particularly favorable. You can harmonize this, knowing the specifics.

The moon in conjunction with Rahu means that talents, material wealth and development come to a person from the mother, to men also through the wife, but at the same time, complete dependence on the parent or submission to the female boss is likely. Merging with Ketu blocks the manifestation of emotions, the support of loved ones, and the relationship with the mother is cold and tense.

Karmic influence of the conjunction of the Moon with the Ascending – Descending Nodes

The owners of such aspects are often forced to overcome illnesses, obstacles and hostility of others in order to reach the power of the planet, but this is precisely the working out of karma. The double combination of luminaries with nodes is very interesting, for example, Donald Trump has the Sun connected to the Descending Node, and the Moon to the Ascending Node, a similar position of karmic points for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Despite many trials, thanks to the support of the family and self-discipline, they were able to realize the solar potential to the fullest, while an ordinary person would most likely consider himself a victim of circumstances and would sit on his mother’s neck, complaining about the injustice of the world.

This is how the Descending – Ascending Node – Moon connection manifests itself without elaboration: a person enjoys self-pity, is tied to his mother’s skirt or manipulates women to pump out their energy, since he himself is not able to connect to the source of Yin.

An alliance with Rahu exaggerates the lunar qualities in the sphere of a particular house: a native can terrorize households, become an abuser, leave at the expense of family positive karma, but do not respect his mother and wife, but there is also a good option – the development of sensitivity and empathy for people, help through charity, and then his memory lives on after death.

The union of the Moon with Ketu is similar to the square with Saturn. A person limits himself in material goods, delicious food, comfortable living and sleeping conditions, can huddle with relatives, interrupt with their handouts, but as soon as he starts complaining about fate, he is immediately removed from sight. He will not be able to purposefully use household members even in terms of energy consumption, and this is also a karmic retribution for rudeness in the past incarnation. The way out is to give love, care, support, as well as treat and feed the children and women of the family.

Moon conjunct the ascending node for men and women

This position promises men a happy marriage and understanding of the female audience, if they need it in the profession. The second bonus is the initial trust when meeting and communicating. Such a person is perceived by people as a close relative, he is so warm and attentive. This brings success in almost any profession, but it is especially good in the public activities of a politician, actor, restaurateur, doctor, psychologist, teacher and educator.

Nativ is loved by children, feeling that he himself is a child at heart. However, with the mother, both men and women can have too close a relationship. On the one hand, she transfers her life experience and professional knowledge, supports and helps, on the other hand, it is difficult for the owners of the connection of the Moon with the Ascending Node to separate from her and make independent decisions.

In the female chart, such a position literally requires taking place in motherhood. This does not mean that you need to devote yourself to children, although if you choose the profession of a pediatrician or elementary school teacher, this is only a plus, but it is advisable to give birth to your own or adopt, and also take care of all the kids. The owner of the aspect is incredibly feminine and charming, as a rule, she marries early, but in order to maintain good luck, it is necessary to manage the household herself, while not forgetting about creativity, healing and charity. With a strong employment and the presence of a housekeeper, you need to at least sometimes cook and clean up the house yourself. If you turn into a consumer, then problems with women’s health are likely. Representatives of both sexes should not dwell on their own emotions, forgetting that others also have feelings and desires.

Moon conjunct the Descending Node for men and women

In conjunction with Rahu, the Moon seems to be frozen. If you do not work with her energy, then the native from childhood causes hostility among the team, and especially among women. This is exactly what happened with the artist Vincent van Gogh, who later did not enjoy success with the opposite sex and was forced to come to the courtesans. A man with Moon conjunct Ketu finds it difficult to find a loving companion, he hides his feelings deeply, and as a rule, this is a consequence of childhood trauma of rejection or abandonment by the mother.

Women whose Moon is connected to the South Node unconsciously choose the image of a sufferer, attracting authoritarian and domineering men, often endure domestic violence. Even their work is permeated with melancholy and depression, such as Zemfira’s songs.

Sometimes this aspect is one of the signs of non-traditional sexual orientation as a result of disappointment in men.

It is very important for the owners of the connection of the Moon with the Descending Node to develop the feminine side of their personality and generously give the world love, creativity, care. The study goes through caring for older women and children, empathy, charity. However, in order to give, you must first learn to do it for yourself, and create already from a state of fullness.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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