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Ascending (or North) – Descending node conjunct Mercury

When a planet connects with one of the karmic nodes in a chart, its influence on destiny becomes purposeful and focused on the past or future. The descending South Node shows where the native has experience from previous incarnations, but most often sins on this topic accumulate there, so the planet is like in a prison. She will have to pay the price of limited opportunities due to misuse by the native himself or his ancestors. The ascending North Node of karma gives the green light to talents and abilities, but at the same time, a person early realizes that there are no restrictions here, and can become drunk with permissiveness, using the gifts of the planet to the detriment of people.

Mercury in conjunction with the Descending and Ascending Nodes creates either the soul of society, the cunning Odysseus, for whom there is no hopeless situation, thanks to intelligence, a wide range of connections and the ability to gain confidence, or a renegade, a loner, in conflict with the whole world in the soul and outside.

Karmic influence of the conjunction of Mercury with the Ascending – Descending nodes

If Mercury has connected with the North Node, the karmic task of the native is directly related to the analysis of events, signs, words and the very psyche of the surrounding people. He learns in communication, which does not exclude textbooks and education at his desk, but it is important to apply all knowledge right there in practice, otherwise they go into the depths of the subconscious and are forgotten.

The axis of nodes is of great importance, especially if the line 3 and 9 of the sector is affected. The third house concretizes the Mercurial destiny, when the topics of travel, business relations, communication with relatives and colleagues, telephone conversations and sales are realized in the profession through the ability to clearly and clearly express one’s thoughts. The ninth house involves development through foreign partners and training in another country, the sixth through the improvement and diversity of work responsibilities, the seventh – consulting.

All paths are open to a person, but he can ruin his life with idle talk, gossip, and swearing over trifles. Success can only be achieved in partnership or in a team, but taking a leadership position.

Mercury conjunct the Descending Node often gives unmotivated loneliness. A person is simply not interested in expanding the circle of friends, he welcomes only those who are really close in spirit. From a past life, he still has the ability to win over an interlocutor, and if he wants, he can be nice and courteous, but more often he keeps aloof.

Owners of the Mercury-South Node connection often suffer from conflicts with colleagues and younger siblings, intrigues at work, as well as the Cassandra syndrome: no one listens to their constructive ideas and proposals, marking them as unpromising, but if someone else voices them, they accept them. hooray. This is also a karmic retribution for such behavior in the past incarnation. The native will have to learn modesty and collective presentation of ideas when he gathers his group of like-minded people and speaks not from himself, but from everyone at once.

If he shows the best qualities of Mercury and does not gossip himself, then he magically enters an excellent university, attracts good friends, even with deliberate avoidance of communication, and takes a worthy place at work.

Mercury conjunct the Ascending Node for men and women

Mercury is a gender neutral planet, so it should be noted that it affects different genders in different ways. In conjunction with the North Node, he gives his wards the eternal charm of youth. Such people, until old age, look spring-like fresh and perky, while maintaining childish curiosity and a sharp mind. They may prefer the student style of clothing: jeans, backpacks, short skirts, sundresses, regardless of age.

In marriage and love affairs, they rely on the intellect of the person they like, often entering into a relationship of convenience or having previously compiled a natal or synastric chart of the chosen one.

Success also awaits in gender-neutral professions: journalist, salesperson, teacher, programmer, translator, copywriter, SMM specialist, marketer.

It is very good if the native has brothers and sisters. They become guides to the right stage for the fulfillment of the native’s destiny: they introduce the right people, suggest interesting thoughts.

Descending Node conjunction with Mercury for men and women

Outwardly, the aspect acts in a similar way: a certain asexuality of the image, youthfulness, the ability to easily win over oneself, but the internal attitudes constantly create obstacles in achieving the goal, as if a person is his own enemy. Relations do not add up, he finds a mate with difficulty or is not at all interested in marriage. Sometimes the reason for the gap is brothers and sisters, young colleagues.

The mind here is set to search for an alternative reality, reinventing the wheel, or creating innovative techniques in already known systems. Sometimes these ideas are recognized after the death of the native. Unlike the connection of Mercury with the Ascending Node, the union with the Descending Node puts a seal of the ban on enrichment through intellect and communication, so it is better to choose a profession related to manual skills: jewelry, carpentry, sewing, repair, assembly and design of furniture. However, you can get around the ban by publishing your works under a pseudonym.

Also, the Mercurial talents of a clever businessman, poet, writer, translator and sales manager may already appear in the children of the native, so the connection itself should be considered as a genetic inheritance.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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