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Ascending (or North) – Descending node conjunct Venus

Karmic knots show a person the direction in which one must definitely go in order to correct the sins of the past and develop for the future good of one’s soul. Any planet in conjunction with the Ascending North Node acquires limitless power. On the one hand, this is good and means that in the previous incarnation the native deserved her favor, and now there are no limits for him in the realization of these talents, on the other hand, he can get drunk on permissiveness and abuse his magic. The South Descending Node, on the contrary, limits the planet. A person is always gifted and subconsciously remembers his past life experience, but since he misused this power then, obstacles now arise and he is forced to learn humility.

Venus is a good planet, therefore, even in conjunction with the Descending Node, it does not deprive the wards of charm and a chance for success, but under strict conditions of morality, and in alliance with the Ascending Node, the native will bathe in the rays of glory and love, the main thing is not to swing towards sybaritism and depravity.

Karmic Influence of Venus Conjunction with Ascending and Descending Nodes

Since Venus is the planet of happiness, which brings luck in love and finances, in any connection with the nodes, she indicates that in the past the person was a successful actor, merchant or held a high social position. However, the combination with the South Node means that these goals were achieved in not entirely honest ways, or later the owner of the horoscope began to abuse his power.

Union with the North, on the contrary, testifies to the endured trials, where the kindness and love of the native brought Venusian values to the highest floor, and for this, in the current incarnation, he receives an open road to success in art, craftsmanship, writing, dancing, financial management and his own business.

It is important to look at which house the node is located in. If this is the 1-7 axis, then there will be fabulous luck in a relationship where even enemies become friends and a successful love marriage will stand the test.

But the connection of Venus with the Descending Node in the 7th house opposite will bring obstacles and problems, despite the unconditional external attractiveness of the native. He needs to develop the Venusian qualities of a higher plane, learn to love unconditionally in order to work out karma.

The same with the axis of 2-8 houses, responsible for material well-being. In the first case, money sticks to a person from all sides, in the second, he works for others and learns to give back: provide for his family, relatives, do charity work, because in a past life he was stingy and spent everything on his entertainment when others suffered from restrictions.

Venus conjunct the Ascending Node in a man and a woman

The influence of the planet of love on the affairs of the native is unlimited here. These people are the favorites of the public, in the case of the acting profession, and the soul of the team, if they choose a more serious business, which does not exclude envy and intrigue, especially if Venus rules the 12th house, but the native easily gets out of the networks of spiteful critics. In fact, nothing can harm the ward of the goddess of love.

A man with a conjunction of Venus with the Ascending Node very quickly understands his power over women and begins to use it for selfish purposes, which does not affect his state of affairs and health in this life, but in the next incarnation he will have to reap the rewards. He is lucky in gambling and almost always the most beautiful and worthy women fall in love with him, ready for anything for their beloved. In some cases, earnings come exclusively from the female audience, especially if the connection of Rahu with Venus is in the 6th, 8th and 10th houses.

A girl with this aspect is incredibly sexy and attractive to the opposite sex, even if she does not have classical beauty. Moreover, the energy of love and abundance boils in it, which people around quickly read and strive to touch the source. That is why she quickly marries a strong alpha male, and even without working herself, gives him a resource to attract wealth. In conjunction with the Ascending Node, Venus, as the significator of Libra, also gives the gift of a diplomat, so such ladies are always socially successful. They often choose not to work for hire, but are realized in creativity, design and charity.

Venus conjunct the Descending Node in a man and a woman

This is a very difficult position. From a past life, the native has carried away and retained charm, creative talent and the ability to smell money, but due to their blockage by the Descending South Node, his inner compass seems to break, and it turns out that he attracts attention, but does everything off topic. Men with the conjunction of Venus with Ketu, amorous and passionate, often choose women who are completely unsuitable for their status, dissolute and vulgar women, or they themselves only need sex, and the soul of the chosen one is uninteresting. However, they can sing beautiful love songs, write poetry and make wonderful films, but the heart chakra is blocked. You will have to work hard on yourself in order to reconnect to the higher energy of Venus.

Women with the connection of the planet of love with the Descending Node, for unknown reasons, cannot arrange family life. They are beautiful, bright and talented, but men pass by or leave. This also comes from a past life, where the girl herself did this in relation to her partners. Sometimes a woman is initially afraid of men and chooses an unconventional orientation, especially if there are tense aspects between Venus, Mars and Uranus.

Serious relationships in men and girls with this aspect are possible after 30 years, but early marriages are usually doomed to divorce. It is better for them to work in the field of beauty and health, plastic surgery and dentistry, helping people to become better in appearance. This is the study of the karma of the connection of the Descending Node and Venus.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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