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Ascending (or North) – Descending node conjunct Jupiter

The lunar nodes are fictitious points, but their influence is undeniable. They are connected with the past and future of the native, and most importantly, with his karmic tasks. The descending, also known as the South, Ketu node shows where experience has been accumulated that can be used in moderation, but it is dangerous to increase it, so any planet in conjunction with it cannot manifest itself in all its brilliance. Rising, also known as the North, Rahu symbolizes the vector of development for the realization and knowledge of the world. It allows the native to manifest all the best qualities of the planet.

Jupiter in conjunction with Ketu attracts a person to social activities, and it is good if he begins to share the accumulated wisdom, and does not create a false teaching in order to extort money, as Ron Hubbard, the head of Scientology, did. The union of Jupiter and the North Node makes it easy for the native to succeed in politics, pedagogy, any business abroad, but against this background, megalomania and addiction to various pleasures may arise.

Karmic influence of the conjunction of the Ascending-Descending nodes with Jupiter

It is no coincidence that the planet of great happiness has united with Rahu. In a past life, a person stood on the ideas of justice, was a noble and generous defender of the afflicted, probably also taught and preached. Such people in the past have constantly expanded the scope of their knowledge and activities, so much so that perhaps life was not enough, and they were given the conjunction of the Ascending Node with Jupiter in order to continue their good service in politics, medicine, scientific and teaching activities, big business and philosophy.

Spiritual development here goes through contact with other cultures and beliefs, working with big money and the elite, raising funds for the development of science, the treatment of difficult diseases, and educational activities.

Jupiter is a good planet, and its conjunction with the Descending Node can bring benefits, but it will require strict observance of morality and a lot of study. In the past incarnation, the native abused his privileged position, was lazy, or used the gift of influence and knowledge to manipulate the people for profit. Now he just won’t be allowed to do bad things. Often, the connection of Jupiter with the South Node is found in the horoscopes of celebrities, for example, Jennifer Aniston, Steffi Graf, Marilyn Manson, but any abuse of their elite position, fame, wealth is immediately blocked by losses or a spot on reputation, which is subsequently difficult to compensate.

The limitations of Ketu also include difficulties in obtaining higher education, problems while traveling in another country, and especially when moving there for permanent residence.

Working through in both cases is through respectful treatment of representatives of other cultures and faiths, charity, refusal to impose one’s point of view on other people and the temptation to be a spiritual guru who is worshiped as an idol, whether it be the position of a pop star, a politician or a priest. It is important to disinterestedly share your knowledge and not abuse other people’s trust.

Ascending Node conjunction with Jupiter for men and women

The planet of great happiness and wealth in conjunction with the North Node releases from karmic debts. The direction of luck depends on the house of location, for example, for Madonna, this connection in the 2nd house helped to gain fame and fortune through the promotion of material values, however, despite the clear violation of the ethical norms of society, and therefore the Jupiterian rules, she has no problems with money and popularity arises. This is the problem of many wards of Rahu conjunction with Jupiter. They enjoy pleasures, are drawn into them, plunge into debauchery, and see that there is no retribution, only few people understand that the issue of karma will arise in the next life.

On the one hand, the native easily reaches a high social position, becomes an icon of a generation or a narrow circle of close associates, he is accompanied by material comfort, on the other hand, both men and women tend to gain weight due to excessive eating, they have many casual relationships on On the other hand, they often dabble in office romances for promotions, which can create a lot of problems.

If the connection of Jupiter and the Ascending Node occurs in the 7th house, then depending on other indicators, there will be a happy marriage, or a union of convenience, so luck here is a twofold concept. Girls with this aspect often have to develop softness and femininity, they seem to be born bosses or warriors. Men also go too far, considering themselves the center of the universe, and everyone around them as a personal retinue.

Jupiter conjunct the Descending Node in men and women

Despite the difficulties in obtaining a higher education, reputation, the learning process itself, the native gives the impression of a wise, charismatic and influential person. Most often, men with this aspect become scammers and false gurus, using their position for selfish purposes. Among them are many writers and politicians who seek to establish their own ideology in society or control people’s minds, regaining a sense of their own significance.

Women with Jupiter conjunct the South Node often choose the profession of teacher and journalist, feeling that their accumulated experience and knowledge should be passed on to young minds, or that they will thus help answer questions that torment the public.

Marriage of convenience for such a woman is preferable to feelings, she is made happy by her newly acquired high status, which she subconsciously remembers from a past life. A man can also marry for this, but will seek love on the side, while a girl with Jupiter-Ketu union, for fear of losing her reputation, will deprive herself of entertainment.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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