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Ascending node in 1st house – Descending node in 7th house. Personal karma.

Karmic nodes , North (Rahu) – Ascending and South (Ketu) – Descending are opposite each other on the same axis. These are the key points of the horoscope. The places where the Moon crosses the Earth’s ecliptic show what burden of past incarnations a person came to this world with and what one should strive for while developing along the Ascending Node.

The task of the native is to determine the positive knowledge and experience that he can rely on according to Ketu, and the main goals for incarnation in this life according to Rahu. If you are lazy and avoid leaving the comfort zone along the South Node, then it is impossible to get out of the cycle of mistakes and suffering of a past life, and even more so, to find happiness and good health. By fulfilling his most important task in the North Node, a person gains wings and the meaning of life. It is not easy to determine your karmic goals, it is important to take into account the houses and signs in which they are located.

Lunar nodes in the 1st and 7th houses and past incarnations

In past lives, men and women with the South Node in the 7th house often contacted people unworthy of their trust, solved other people’s problems, thereby getting rid of the fear of loneliness. They had 2 scenarios:

  • to be with a poor husband, partner, friend, but not alone in this cruel world;
  • to use the friendship and sympathy of another person in order to confidently reveal himself as a person, to lead a stormy social life;
  • dissolve in the interests of marriage, work, enmity with someone, just not to think about who you are yourself.

In the present incarnation, a person strives to become everything for his partner, lives in the shadow of friends, loved ones, employees and superiors, extolling them on a pedestal. When trying to get something joyful for himself, he experiences pain, because he is used to the fact that he is worthless by himself.

Psychological problems of the ascending node in the 1st house and the descending node in the 7th house

The trigger of the native will always be relationships with other people. If you do not work with the tasks of the lunar nodes, then the aching feeling of loneliness from childhood will be familiar, and the habit of seeing that others do not understand you, consider you strange and not of this world, will result in insurmountable difficulties when approaching people in friendship and love. Even if someone sympathizes with the owner of the horoscope, it seems to him that he is not good enough. This attracts partners who do not meet his ideas about an attractive life partner. As a result, one has to marry someone who is nearby, not out of love, or wait for a prince on a white horse until old age.

The other extreme is the feeling that life is beautiful, and you yourself are only in a resource in a relationship or business partnership with an interesting person. This is just a consequence of the ascending node in the 7th house. In a past life, the native got used to living at the expense of an alliance with other people, riding on their love, location, work, not out of selfishness, but out of fear of their own imperfection. He does not value himself as a person and does not know how to invest in relationships. In the event of a break or a problem, again, he blames anyone, but not himself. After parting with a partner, he seeks to find someone better and more interesting, not seeing that the root of evil is in his own passivity.

Karmic tasks of the ascending node in the 1st house and the descending node in the 7th house

The native faces the difficult but paramount task of becoming a leader in relationships and business partnerships without suppressing the interests of other people. He has too vivid a memory of humility and compliance in a past life, because of which there is a desire either to again transfer the reins of power to loved ones, or to violently resist any advice and help from them. It is important to get rid of slavery, but relying on the experience of successful cooperation, to become not a pawn-executor of other people’s desires, but an inspiring leader who can identify common interests and lead to the goal on his own initiative.

The sign of the Ascending Node in the 1st house will show the development of a person’s individuality, and the sign of the Descending Node in the 7th house will tell about the usual ways of dissolving into others in past incarnations. Ketu is the trauma of the past, and Rahu is a reaction to it and a way to overcome pain.

If, for example, the Ascending node in the 1st house is in Capricorn, and the Descending 8th node is in Cancer, then the native in the past incarnation was dependent on the family and sacrificed his talents and freedom for the sake of his family. Now, probably, his parents also consider him infantile and helpless, decide for him where to study, work, whom to marry, and his task is to be independent and independent, to create a career first, and only then marriage and family.

Working through the problems of the Ascending node in the 1st house and the Descending node in the 7th house

It is important to strike a balance between being interested in friends and loved ones and your own interests. You can’t immerse yourself in other people’s problems with your head, forgetting about yourself, but if you put your desires in the foreground, you can easily become an egoist who has everyone around to blame. It will be easier to keep balance if you harmoniously develop yourself along the Ascending Node of the 1st house:

  • to improve skills and abilities in the field of sign affairs, as a rule, it is to be the first in its main topics, to take responsibility, allow yourself to make mistakes and correct it;
  • gratefully accept criticism from enemies and family, using it for personal growth;
  • choose partners with similar habits, lifestyles and goals, not be afraid to insist on your own in matters that are important to you;
  • allow friends, loved ones, employees to be who they are, without projecting their behavior onto themselves (for example, if someone is in a bad mood, then it’s my fault).

With the position of the Ascending Node in the 1st house, and the Descending Node in the 7th, it is best to choose a profession associated with close interaction with people, when the native becomes a leader whom everyone listens to and admires: a psychologist-consultant, realtor, astrologer, teacher, singer or actor , tour guide, TV presenter, toastmaster, sales manager and even a simple salesman who is passionate about his business.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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