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Ascending node in the 10th house – Descending node in the 4th house. Recognition Karma

The northern node of Rahu is considered ascendingbecause it calls a person to a new path of knowledge and self-realization. This is difficult, because in the subconscious there are no memories of such an experience, and it will be necessary to develop new models of behavior and emotional reactions through mistakes and trials without support. The South Node of Ketu is called the Descending Node, because it is associated with the incarnations of the soul in the past, and the load of perfection then leads upwards from the line of development. But even here you can find benefit by taking the best on the road with Rahu.

The owners of the Ascending Node in the 10th house and the Descending Node in the 4th house are very tempted to go through life in the same way: take care of the house, family, devote themselves entirely to children and parents. This is one of the most difficult karmic axes to work through, because the call of the family is incredibly strong, but a person came into the world for professional realization in society.

Lunar nodes in the 4th and 10th houses and past incarnations

In previous incarnations, the native failed to fulfill his dreams: to take place in the profession, to become famous, to occupy a high social position. It was connected with household duties and service to the family. If Cinderella had not met a fairy, she would have become a classic example of how bright dreams are suppressed by undeveloped Ketu in the 4th house.

A person either voluntarily devoted himself to the hearth, or was forced to do this with infantile, incompetent and selfish parents. In women’s charts, this often means that the mistress of the horoscope could not become famous or get an education due to the prohibitions of society, and now it is necessary to fill in the gaps. Men with a Descending South Node in the 4th house ignored loved ones or treated those who were their breadwinners: wife, parents, servants, and now they should be grateful for the help of their families, being busy with their public calling.

Psychological problems Ascending node in the 10th house – Descending node in the 4th house

The complexities of the past and the desires of the present come into sharp conflict in the human mind. Periodically covers an irresistible desire to break out of the house and escape to a big and beautiful world. If the 4th house is burdened with negative aspects with the Moon and the Sun, then the child is very difficult with his parents. They suppress his creative aspirations and searches, devalue achievements, and the only way out seems to be escaping and gaining support in society, represented in his map by sector 10.

Women with an Ascending Node in the 10th house often find it difficult to build a relationship with one of their children. There are options here:

  • difficult adolescence, physical or psychological illness of the child, developmental disabilities, and she has to patronize and take care, giving all of herself;
  • the absence of a husband, or vice versa: complete financial dependence on him, fear for children, and as a result, the inability to leave them at home, pursue a career;
  • a difficult financial situation, when you need to earn what you have to, not up to high aspirations.

A man with a Descending Node in the 4th house is very dependent on his mother. He does not dare to go far from her, calls to live with his family, exacerbating the conflict between his needs and the desires of the household. Only by realizing what family members want, he will be able to take a step towards a career, but for this you need to grow up, and most of Rahu’s wards in the 10th house are infantile.

Karmic tasks of the Ascending node in the 10th house – Descending node in the 4th house

As soon as a person understands that his task in this life is to strive for honors and glory through professional and career growth, everything falls into place. Regardless of gender, the owner of the horoscope in most cases should become the breadwinner of the family financially.

In the women’s map, this means, at a minimum, participating on an equal footing in family budget planning, but life will become much easier if the girl initially owns real estate.

It is better to buy your house as early as possible and take ownership of it. Household duties are not in this life, let household members or employees do everything, but it is necessary to accept their work with respect and gratitude, bestowing material signs of attention in return.

You need to choose a profession on your own, without listening to the advice of relatives, if they disagree with the personal vision of the vocation, and especially when they do not accept the choice of a specialty according to the 10th house, which inspires the native himself. Rejection of purpose is fatal.

Working out the Ascending node in the 10th house – Descending node in the 4th house

The native has a talent for capturing fashion trends and the current mood of society, which will help him fly to the top of fame at an early age. If you fail to do this in your youth, then having reached maturity, you can not wait for the wide recognition of society, so all efforts for self-promotion should be made in youth, not postponing for later.

It is impossible to be dismissive and consumerist towards high-ranking people, and when accepting the help of sponsors or patrons, always think about the return and benefits that can be brought in return. It will be much easier if you find a spiritual teacher or take a worthy famous person as a role model.

It is imperative to get a good education and ignore situations that force you to act childishly, childishly hiding from problems in the family, or vice versa, blaming everyone and everything except yourself. The position of a successful adult in the 10th house is, first of all, responsibility for any choice and deed.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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