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Ascending node in the 12th house – Descending node in the 6th house. Spiritual Karma

It is believed that one should by all means avoid life on the Descending lunar node , which in the traditions of Indian astrology is also called Ketu. But the meaning of life is hidden in the house and the sign where the Ascending karmic knot is located, and if you choose this path for development, then everything will begin to take shape easily and pleasantly. In fact, it’s somewhat different. Yes, as a rule, the Descending Node shows what mistakes were made, but the person learned a lot in the past incarnation. Ignoring your Ketu talents and skills, it is unlikely that you will be able to quickly succeed in the affairs of the house of Rahu, because this is a completely new experience.

If he is in the 12th house , there will be no easy path. This is the most complex and mysterious sector of the horoscope. A person needs to abandon the practical knowledge of the world, and instead plunge into esotericism, religion, subtle worlds and matter. This is the path of loneliness among people and complete unity with the world mind and higher powers.

Lunar nodes in the 12th and 6th houses and past incarnations

In a previous life, the native was inclined to criticize those around him, especially those who easily and effortlessly received benefits without straining to hone their skills. This is how Salieri treated Mozart. The owner of the Descending Node in the 6th house is used to working hard and he simply had no time to look at the stars, think about the higher mind or dive into his inner world and connect with God. It was necessary to work in order to meet the ideal that he himself invented or the high criteria of society. Very often, a serious illness brought him out of the whirl of working everyday life, and then there was time to think about the eternal.

Now this option is also possible if a person slides into habitual patterns of behavior:

  • criticism of the imperfection of the surrounding world and people;
  • rejection of alternative medicine: acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, su-jok, herbal medicine;
  • reproaches to the authorities and colleagues that they do not see and do not appreciate him;
  • refusals to help disinterestedly and free of charge to those who asked for support;
  • self-pity, pride, envy of the well-being of neighbors, unwillingness to do work that is not according to status.

The owners of Ketu in the 6th house painfully experience any criticism and resentment against them. In a past life, society was not interested in their inner world and desires, and they are desperately afraid of being rejected again.

Psychological problems of the ascending node in the 12th house, the descending node in the 6th house

In the karmic past, the native considered it his duty to serve other people and take into account every little thing, achieving perfection in details. Therefore, it is especially difficult for him to plunge into the flow of karma through the 12th house, where there are no trifles, boundaries, clear criteria for truth, but there is an endless knowledge of the world as material and subtle planes, when what is inside is also outside. It is difficult for the materialistic mind of a person with a Descending Node in the 6th house to cross this line of understanding, but it is impossible not to notice that the real world only takes away strength.

Man is like a squirrel in a wheel. He works hard, but receives the minimum wage. He trembles before microbes, leads a healthy lifestyle, but suddenly picks up a serious illness, which is difficult to cure only through official medicine, and he is forced to immerse himself in energy practices, generic programs, psychosomatics, karmic astrology in order to find the root of the problem through the disclosure of secrets, esoteric experience and a certain rebirth of oneself.

Afraid to break away from Ketu in the 6th house, a person tries to make everyone around feel good. He is afraid of quarrels, attacks of ill-wishers. He looks for the reason in himself or his behavior, but it’s not about what he said without thinking, and not about small mistakes. Enemies come to teach him to accept the whole world, not dividing it into black and white.

Karmic tasks of the ascending node in the 12th house, descending in the 6th house

The owner of the Ascending Node in the 12th house will never make a good career in the position of a middle office manager. He will succeed in esotericism, secret intelligence services, cinema, photography, literature, astrology, even medicine, especially if he abandons the traditional approach and connects the knowledge of psychosomatics, as an option.

It is necessary to refuse to serve, to curry favor with the powers that be, to accept the fact that there will always be many enemies, and to choose your own path without regard to the opinions of others. To some extent, the native will always be an outsider, but it is in his power to become not an outcast, but the chosen one, to whom they come for wise advice or for insights if he is a representative of a creative profession.

Working on the ascending node in the 12th house, the descending node in the 6th house

Owners of Ketu in the 6th house are afraid of loneliness, but it is the rejection of this state that entails forced isolation through the hospital, prison, and boycotts. It is necessary to work ahead of the curve: give yourself at least one day away from society, in nature, and best of all by the water.

For believers, self-isolation in a monastery for several days, prayer practices, meditations and retreats in nature are perfect. If there is no way to immerse yourself in loneliness, then you can go camping with a couple of close friends or at least stay at home for half a day, enjoying your favorite movies and music.

All creative secret activities will include the energy of the 12th house: you can write poetry, draw (it is ideal to do neurographics), study astrology, Tarot, acupuncture, practice lucid dreams. The goal is to become a healer of your soul and help your loved ones solve their problems using non-traditional methods.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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