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Ascending node in the 3rd house – Descending node in the 9th house. Karma of knowledge

Karmic nodes show the tasks of a person in this incarnation. The South (Descending) symbolizes the filled cup of past life experience, the sphere where everything is familiar to a person, and he acts according to the usual algorithm. The North (Ascending) indicates the difficult path of new knowledge that must be mastered in order to develop and partly atone for the sins of the South Node (Ketu). The most important thing is to keep a balance between them – to rely on the skills and abilities of past incarnations to complete tasks in this life along the Ascending Node (Rahu).

If he is in the 3rd house, the goal of the native is to spread knowledge that will make life easier for other people. It is important not to miss any information, to separate lies from truth and share with others. However, there is a risk of falling into self-aggrandizement, devaluing the mental abilities of others, imagining oneself as a great teacher, and traveling around the world for a long time in search of an enthusiastic audience.

Lunar nodes in the 3rd and 9th houses and past incarnations

In previous incarnations, a person was an active seeker of truth. He traveled a lot and learned the world in different manifestations. Perhaps he was a missionary or a philosopher, he accumulated knowledge. The memory of the sacrifices that had to be made in order to focus on the search for truth and valuable information is still vivid. It could be a rejection of the family, close relationships, their usual social circle. The native was a wandering doctor, musician, scientist, educator, but he did not live in poverty, maintaining his high status. Most likely, the person did not cope with the task of being a guru, crashed, or his achievements were devalued. From those times, certain patterns have been preserved in his behavior:

  • complacency, self-righteousness and the habit of teaching others;
  • consciousness of a bachelor, unwillingness to become attached to one partner, city, country;
  • the desire to communicate with the rulers of the world, to be useful to famous and rich people, to acquire connections with the whole world;
  • the desire to receive an exclusively prestigious higher education, an interest in foreign languages or a particular culture (where he presumably excelled in a past life).

These qualities should help him begin development along the Lunar Node in the 3rd house, but he will have to consciously abandon the position of a teacher who has known the truth and is tired of the fuss.

Psychological problems with the Ascending node in the 3rd house – Descending node in the 9th house

The native is constantly rushing about in search of a solution to a particular problem, because the flows of information karmically come to him from all sides. Rahu in the 3rd house encourages him to seek new knowledge that will improve the state of affairs, modern innovative techniques, and Ketu in the 9th whispers that there is a universal truth, a panacea for everything. The main danger is to fall under the influence of false authorities or potentially dangerous people, whose agitation the owner of the horoscope out of habit elevates to the absolute and begins to worship him, and also drag other people into his paradise.

Out of habit, the ward of the Descending Node in the 9th house may be obsessed with everything foreign, distant and exotic. It seems to him that only away from home will he be happy, and education at a foreign university will open all doors for him. Main problems:

  • porridge in the head from all sorts of facts from different sources: they read avidly artistic, esoteric, scientific literature, but deduce a very shaky theory from this chaos, they are easily confused by precise questions;
  • constant study, advanced training, collecting diplomas with impostor syndrome: they are afraid to again fail and shame that happened in a past life;
  • searching for the best place on earth, constant traveling and traveling, misunderstanding that their source of happiness is in their hometown next to the younger family members;
  • painful attitude to personal authority and acute feelings in case of criticism from the outside;
  • hypocrisy, duplicity, fanaticism, lack of measure in religious matters.

Especially vulnerable are students with the Ascending Node in the 3rd house and the Descending Node in the 9th house. If Rahu is not worked out, they easily fall under the influence of terrorist organizations, the so-called death groups on the Internet, they are afraid to confront the authorities in the class and become either a victim or an initiator of bullying.

Karmic tasks at the Ascending node in the 3rd house – Descending node in the 9th house

Curiosity for the native is not a vice, but a vital quality. Only after comprehensively studying an interesting topic, he will draw objective conclusions and actually learn something. The most important thing is to abandon the position of a teacher and become a student with enthusiasm learning new aspects of life. You cannot claim to possess information, you need to realize that you are just a conductor of knowledge from above.

It is also important to understand that other people are conductors of different energies and knowledge, and are not masters of the mind, do not have the right to order and dominate. The salvation of the native is in expanding the circle of contacts with positive people, establishing good relations with brothers and sisters, generously disseminating one’s practical rather than theoretical knowledge, without complacency and star disease.

Working out the Ascending node in the 3rd house – Descending node in the 9th house

The purpose of a person’s life is the practical application of the accumulated information in his profession and for the benefit of people. He can’t just watch football competitions or a Latin American dance tournament, he needs to participate himself. You should not accumulate diplomas, it is better to get one and develop professionally, gaining the necessary experience in practice.

It is advisable to work in the field of information technology or communicate directly with the flow of people as a clerk or consultant in sales or government agencies, help disinterestedly, without using your official position to humiliate a dependent person or receive bribes. It is very good to work with your hands as a hobby, choosing embroidery, knitting, playing keyboards or stringed instruments, jewelry.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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