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Ascending node in the 9th house – Descending node in the 3rd house. Wandering Karma

The descending South Node, Ketu, shows the place of a person’s past experiences accumulated in previous incarnations. Its position suggests what to move away from, but at the same time indicates the talents and resources that can be counted on in an effort to gain new experience in the Ascending North Node of Rahu. If you use the usual scenario, there is a big risk of making the same mistakes and aggravating the karma, both your own and your descendants. The path along Rahu is difficult and difficult, because there is no such experience in the native family, and he is a real pioneer.

If Ketu is in the 3rd house, then the position of a student is more familiar than that of a teacher, but nevertheless, the level of knowledge of a person will quickly lead him to the need to be a teacher or spiritual guru. You may have to travel around the world to do this. The native wanders around different countries or in his imagination in search of the meaning of life, and having understood it, he brings the light of insight to others.

Lunar nodes in the 3rd and 9th houses and past incarnations

In previous incarnations, men and women with the Descending South Node in the 3rd house were absorbed in the flow of information of little importance. Daily worries, washing bones to neighbors, scrupulous recording of work-related details, or endless study took time and effort, did not allow looking further beyond the horizon.

The fear of independence did not allow me to get up from the bench and take life into my own hands. Now this can manifest itself in a number of repetitions of past events in a modern reading:

  • hanging out on social networks, chatting on the phone, discussing politics and the life of stars on Facebook, which gives a false sense of significance, but takes away from personal growth and achieving significant goals;
  • imposter syndrome, when a person is afraid to declare himself as an expert, to leave the comfort zone, to leave for a more promising place of residence;
  • excessive concern for younger brothers, sisters, children, because of which there is not enough time for themselves, preoccupation with the opinion of neighbors.

From a past life, a person endured the fear of public condemnation, but having overcome it, he quickly falls into narcissism and confidence that he has known the truth. This is also a dangerous extreme.

Psychological problems Ascending node in the 9th house – Descending node in the 3rd house

Even without having had time to gain solid life experience, men and women with Rahu in the 9th house give the impression of wise people who want to ask for advice. They really know how to draw knowledge from the information layer of space, even without practical experience, but they acutely feel the need for new knowledge, acquaintances and communication.

The South Descending Node in the 3rd house is a sure sign of sociability in a past life. Heart-to-heart conversations, even with strangers, feed the native’s self-confidence, open up new facets of his consciousness and his own life. He dreams of traveling to countries with a completely different way of life, and this is not a whim, but the dictates of the soul. He needs to learn new value systems, expand the horizon of his understanding of life, adopt someone else’s experience, mixing it with personal insights and processing it into a new philosophy.

The main problems of a person with the Ascending Node in the 9th house:

  • the need to feel like an experienced person, smarter and more perspicacious than others, because of which he goes on strange experiments and risky experiments on himself, even agreeing to something that is contrary to his nature (this is especially dangerous in school years when they offer to smoke illegal substances or early sex);
  • the desire to win the argument and leave the last word to himself, which makes the native obsessive and encourages him to constantly return to a topic that has long been closed to other participants in the discussion;
  • escape from reality to travel and search for truth: it is one thing to endure inner insights and practical experience, another thing is to wander aimlessly;
  • fixation on trifles and trifles that others do not pay attention to, for example, on their own small mistakes or slips of the tongue, which serves as an excuse for self-criticism and empty experiences.

It is very difficult for a person with Ketu in the 3rd house to make decisions, listening only to his intuition, but this is what he will have to learn.

Karmic tasks of the Ascending node in the 9th house – Descending node in the 3rd house

The main task of the native is to throw the endless mental chewing gum out of his head, set priorities, abandoning trifles and concentrating on a few global goals. You need to stop passing through yourself unnecessary flows of information, like secular gossip and comments on popular articles, determine your life goals and go to them. This will help:

  • fundamental quality education is mandatory in a well-known university with a good reputation;
  • travel to other countries and internships abroad;
  • learning foreign languages and conscious choice of social circle.

It is important to be a teacher to whom people go for knowledge, and not to run after students yourself.

Working out the Ascending node in the 9th house – Descending node in the 3rd house

The basis of happiness and harmony in the life of the native will be higher education on the topic of the 10th house. It is very important to correctly determine your professional purpose according to the Meridian of the Middle Heaven , as well as to choose a religion whose philosophy responds as much as possible to the values of the native himself.

Owners of the Ascending Node in the 9th house are often conservative due to their upbringing. They may not like the traditional faith, but they do not even dare to think that it is possible to confess what really resonates with their soul.

Very often, happiness and success await abroad, so learning foreign languages will be a far-sighted decision. The native can find himself in diplomatic and pedagogical activities, as well as in tourism and foreign commercial organizations.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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