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Ascending Node in Gemini – Descending Node in Sagittarius. Way of the disciple

Karmic lunar nodes are the vector of development of the human soul. Descending (Southern) Ketu shows what was done wrong in the past and how not to live now. However, given that this way of being is habitual and familiar, people who are not versed in astrology most often manage to live exactly according to this model. The ascending (North) node of Rahu gives an important hint to those who seek their destiny. The house and the sign will show with the help of what abilities and circumstances a person needs to carry out a karmic task.

Ketu in Sagittarius is a sure sign of abuse of authority and official position in a past life. The person imagined himself to be the ultimate truth and believed that he was allowed more than the rest, and also voluntarily or inadvertently misled others. Now he must become a student again and perceive the world as being on this planet for the first time.

Past Lives at the Descending Node in Sagittarius

This axis is not the heaviest in terms of accumulated negativity, but since it is tied to pride, working through problems is also not as easy as it seems. In the past, a person was an authoritative expert in the field of education, science, politics and used his influence without knowing the measure. He taught, lectured, forced people dependent on him to act according to his own rules, and most importantly, at some point he stopped developing himself.

He had a huge supply of energy, thanks to which he could calmly influence large masses of people, subordinate them to his will. Nobody put external restrictions on him due to his high social status.

In this incarnation, the owner of the horoscope is trying to recreate the Sagittarius program: a reckless bachelor life without obligations and boundaries. It is difficult for him to evaluate someone else\’s opinion or recognize the correctness of his opponent, but he came into this world to learn to be different and focus on one area without large-scale spraying.

Developments and warnings of the Descending Node in Sagittarius

Those born with the Ascending Node in Gemini often suffer from the fact that other people do not understand them. They consider themselves unrecognized geniuses who vegetate in obscurity due to the intrigues of ill-wishers.

In fact, they lack the ability to put themselves in the place of a person who thinks differently and has a different value system, and they also lack the ability to explain their way of thinking, logic and ultimate goal. It seems to them that everything is clear anyway, because they were born for a great mission.

Characteristic features of the manifestation of Rahu in Gemini, Ketu in Sagittarius:

  • high conceit, commanding tone of conversation, the desire to take the best in a rush, regardless of the desires and interests of others;
  • the need to learn everything at once, the result of which is either complete incompetence, because the native, having bought various textbooks and courses, simply cannot choose where to start, or dilettantism due to the desire to bite off too much of a piece from the granite of science;
  • the desire to avoid responsibility and regain the right to do what you want and behave against the rules;
  • lack of tact, excessive talkativeness, sociability, obsession.

At the same time, the North Node in Gemini gives the ward a sharp mind, flexibility of communication, the ability to learn quickly and grasp new skills and rules of society on the fly. There is only one condition for this – the desire of the owner of the horoscope.

Destiny at the Ascending Node in Gemini

In a past life, a person did not know how or did not want to put himself in the place of other people. Now he will have to realize that all the shortcomings and negativity of those around him are a direct reflection of his inner character traits, and begin to work them out in order to change the reality around him.

The native may have a desire to retire and live in the bosom of nature away from society, but in order to fulfill the karmic task, he needs to be in the thick of things in an intellectual environment and accumulate experience in communicating with a variety of people. It’s good to be a journalist, marketer, copywriter, sales representative, psychologist, artist.

The exact choice will determine the position of the Midheaven Meridian in the 10th house. The main thing is to give up the position of a leader and be a member of a large and well-coordinated team. If the position of the chief cannot be avoided, one must treat people as equals, without imposing one’s opinion.

How to perform the tasks of the Ascending Node in Gemini, Descending in Sagittarius

The native must define the feeling of fear of leaving the comfort zone as the only true indicator of the right path.

The main temptation is to follow the beaten path, to succeed through dominance over others and personal charisma. Now the task is different – to enter on an equal footing into the collective of intellectuals with projects that will benefit not only himself, but also those whom they concern. It is important to be understood by as many people as possible. If possible, you should choose a broad humanitarian education and a position that allows you to communicate with a huge flow of people of different ages, professions and social statuses.

It is more important for a person himself to be mobile and free from excessive responsibility, therefore in this life it is not necessary to strive to gain a high position in society, unless the Ascendant and the 10th house are in Leo or Capricorn, or there are indications of personal planets for the need to become famous. But even in this case, it is important not to lose respect for the values of other people.

Celebrities with the Ascending Node in Gemini: D. Byron, W. Van Gogh, F. Nietzsche, Leonardo da Vinci.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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