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Ascending node in Virgo – Descending in Pisces. Way to success

The evolution of the native from the previous incarnation to the present is clearly traced from the Ascending (North) Node to the Descending South. In Vedic astrology they are called Rahu and Ketu, the head and tail of the dragon. The task of the native is to determine the mistakes and sins of the past incarnation according to the house and sign of the Descending Node, and taking positive experience in the form of intuitively manifested talents and skills, develop according to the Ascending Node. There is always a temptation to follow the familiar path, but the old rake remains there, which will only aggravate karma.

If Rahu is in Virgo, then a person will have a difficult path. He will need to give up many addictions, laziness, envy, parasitism at the expense of others, duplicity, and move on to the path of planning, diligence, calculating every little thing on the way to success, and the benefit that needs to be brought to the world will be a priority.

Past Life with Descending Node in Pisces

In previous incarnations, the native completely immersed himself in spiritual quests, the world of art and esotericism, denying science and facts, trusting only intuition and spiritual teachers. He was attracted by something that could not be tested in practice, but caused a warm response in his heart.

At worst, it was an alcoholic or drug addict with a good heart. He was led to such a state by his inability to come to terms with the injustice of the world and the surrounding cruelty.

The native could be a priest, a monk, a healer, an astrologer, but also a doctor, a psychologist and an artist. Most likely, he was rather indifferent to his talent, did not hone his skills because of laziness and lack of motivation. He might have been a naturally gifted person in any of the areas mentioned above, but he went with the flow. As a doctor, he did not plan to get an education and rise from the position of a zemstvo doctor to a professional doctor in a narrow niche, but as a traveling actor he was content with a small audience, showing the same numbers without bothering with rehearsals.

Developments and dangers of the Ascending node in Virgo, Descending in Pisces

The native brings from a past life an incredible talent in dancing, painting, music. These are talented artists, but their gift is hidden deep in their souls. The ascending node in Virgo gives them timidity and insecurity in their own uniqueness. They doubt whether the world really needs what they can do, but if you give them this confidence and admiration for the results of their work, they will begin to work tirelessly, honing every little thing that helps them become the best in their field.

However, it is very difficult to overcome the fog of laziness and apathy of the Descending Node in Pisces. He endows with extraordinary sensitivity and vulnerability. These people do not take criticism well, although they themselves clearly see other people’s flaws and shortcomings, and if asked, they will smash any system and creation to smithereens. Without noticing the beam in their own eyes, they believe that few people are endowed with the same desire for perfection as they have. The problem is that Pisces’ unfinished Descending Node encourages them to be couch critics. They know how to do it and see in detail how to do it, but they sit back and only talk about high things.

The owner of the horoscope idealizes a partner, even clearly seeing his shortcomings, justifies his behavior, inventing fairy tales about an icy heart that needs to be warmed up, but the result is the same – disappointment and suffering.

If you do not develop according to Rahu in Virgo, then the higher forces deliberately create difficulties, such as dismissal from work or clashes with aggressors, so that a person comes out of apathy and drift with the flow and begins to act. The best motivation here will be to receive practical benefits from their actions, since in a past life the native lacked material confirmation of his merits.

Karmic tasks at the Ascending Node in Virgo

A person needs to constantly turn on the mind and not be led by his desires. Strong intuition must always be supported by facts and analysis of the situation. You can also develop in the creative field, but at the same time have a clear schedule of rehearsals, meetings, a price list, a website, a portfolio.

However, it is best to realize yourself in areas where you need to work with numbers and facts directly, and leave creativity as a hobby. The native will be a wonderful doctor who feels the patient and empathizes with him, but thanks to the gift of the North Node in Virgo, he selects an individual treatment regimen with an accuracy of grams, calculating the dose of the medicine. Also, homeopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy are suitable for him. Such people become excellent teachers and programmers.

How to perform karmic tasks with the Ascending Node in Virgo, Descending in Pisces

The native will always be tempted to drop everything, lie down on the sofa and immerse himself in the world of the Internet and movies, eating delicious high-calorie food. This is a road to nowhere, because it is in his case that it is fraught with falling into the rabbit hole of idleness and degradation.

First of all, you need to learn how to plan your time, paying attention to learning, sports, and as a rest, choose a change of activity, and not aimlessly lying on the beach or in bed.

Having chosen a profession, you need to tirelessly hone your skills, not expecting a superficial version to do, but improving the details. Artists and actors with the Virgo-Pisces axis of nodes are famous for their refined gestures and semantic accents, and doctors pay special attention to the nuances of the course of diseases. Thanks to the ability to notice the smallest details, the owners of the horoscope make the greatest discoveries.

Celebrities with the Ascending Node in Virgo: Nicholas II, K. Balmont, Mata Hari, N. Gumilyov, Marie Antoinette.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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