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Ascending Node in Pisces – Descending Node in Virgo. Path of the creator

The North Node is called the Ascending Node, because it shows what you need to fill your soul and life in order to ascend to a new peak. Descending South indicates what problems, skills, talents a person had in a past incarnation. The secret to controlling your destiny is to take the best from the line of the sign and house of the Descending Node of Ketu and apply the Ascending Rahu on the new path. It will be a completely different experience, but the achievements of the past will come to the rescue.

The North Node in Pisces suggests that most of the karma has been worked out, and now it’s time to learn the main thing – the highest divine love, the ability to forgive, heal and inspire people both through your own example and creativity. To do this, you will have to completely change your inner worldview and merge with the universal absolute.

Descending Node in Virgo and Past Incarnations

Prudentness is a quality that the native needs to overcome in order to fully realize the karmic task of Rahu in Pisces. Paradoxically, but it is precisely this that saves and keeps on the verge of the subtle and material worlds, helping to structure creative and esoteric talents. In a past life, a person was a petty materialist, a picky, punctual perfectionist who secretly dreamed of the gift of an artist, poet or magician, but drove away these thoughts, or daily worries did not allow him to develop these talents. But he brought a good sense of form, rhythm, structure from a past life to the present incarnation, and this will help his flow of inspiration to find images understandable to people.

In a previous incarnation, a person suffered from various psychosomatic diseases. The fear of getting infected, adopting other people’s vices, falling into dependence on love is also rooted in the past and prevents you from loving calmly, making friends, and traveling. The owners of Ketu in Virgo in the past served the highest nobility or served it, for example, as a court physician, only dreaming of more.

Developments and dangers of the Ascending node in Pisces, Descending in Virgo

A person brought from a past life the belief that the material world has a limited form and you need to choose the most convenient mode of interaction with it in order to be at least safe.

He creates a microspace in which he exists, not allowing options. But with the Ascending Node in Pisces, monotony begins to weigh heavily. The native suffers from an incomprehensible dissatisfaction for him. On the one hand, he needs a sense of security and for this he comes up with various signs and rituals, on the other hand, he feels that beyond his ideas there is a rich and beautiful world of the subtle plane. It is people with the Descending Node in Virgo who turn from convinced atheists into ardent believers if they allow themselves to experience inner insight, following the voice of intuition.

If a person stubbornly denies the power of faith and Neptunian art: dance, cinema, theater, music, psychology and psychosomatics, life begins to bring him to a certain line so that he survives salvation through the adoption of an experience that is contrary to his beliefs. This may be a prayer in holy places for healing from a serious illness or an awareness of the psychosomatic causes of the problem. The main danger is various addictions to alcohol, cigarettes, the attention of other people in order to feel needed and important.

Karmic tasks of the Ascending Node in Pisces

It is no coincidence that the Pisces sign has Christian symbols. The native brings with him to any company the unearthly light of his inner qualities: kindness, mercy, warmth. They may be in the bud, dominated by the Virgo program, but people feel them. It is important to give up pettiness, stinginess, criticism and snobbery, learn to love the whole world, and especially enemies, because bad people instantly feel the energy of the Ascending Node in Pisces and unconsciously provoke a fall to their level. From the cruelty of the world, the native begins to drink or is afraid to show individuality, although his main task is to be an example of mercy, forgiveness, charity, and also boldly create, concluding inspiration in clear material forms.

A person can succeed as an actor, chemist, poet, winemaker, pharmacist, photographer, director or cameraman, ballet dancer.

How to perform the karmic tasks of the Ascending Node in Pisces

Creativity is the medicine and the path to success. Even if the native has chosen the material path of an accountant or an insurance agent, which is more in line with the South Node in Virgo, there should be a creative hobby in his life: dancing, playing music, drawing, playing on stage. This will help expand the boundaries of consciousness and understanding of oneself.

Important discoveries and answers to disturbing questions come during relaxation and meditation by the water, sea voyages, watching interesting films, praying in temples, and it doesn’t matter what confession.

Throughout life, you will have to face envy and petty dirty tricks from enemies, which cannot be answered with the same coin. It is necessary to forgive, let go of grievances and cultivate Christian humility in oneself. It is important to recreate your dream world on the material plane.

Celebrities with the Ascending Node in Pisces: Jeanne d’Arc, S. Yesenin, M. Nostradamus.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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