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Ascending Node in Taurus – Descending Node in Scorpio. Master’s way

The axis of karmic knots shows the experience of past incarnations and the direction for development in the present life. The ascending North Node will tell you how to apply the skills of the Descending South, and at the same time, it is almost always its complete opposite. This is the main difficulty of the karmic balance: to take the best from Ketu, but to apply these abilities in the house and the sign of Rahu.

One of the most difficult tandems is the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The native will have a difficult transition from the state of darkness and the search for truth to peace and prosperity. Finding a comfort zone is hindered by a tangle of snakes from the past. They wake up and are tormented by doubts, envy, the need to fulfill sexual fantasies that are usually not told. The joy of Taurus from simple things: health, successful purchases, a comfortable home, is unfamiliar to the ornate consciousness of Scorpio, which rushes from soul-searching to envy and revenge for petty insults.

Past Lives with Descending Node in Scorpio

The native had to go through severe trials. He was betrayed, offended, his feelings and experiences were devalued, but all this range of experiences was needed for internal transformation. This is practically the story of Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita, about whom it is said at the end of the book that they deserved not light, but peace. However, the owners of Ketu in Scorpio continue to hide their innermost desires and secret fears in the depths of their hearts, not realizing that the energies of Taurus are already with them and you can live peacefully and happily.

It is even more difficult for those who in a past life lived the energies of Scorpio along its lower floors. This is reflected in the ability to manipulate, weave intrigues, substitute and use people in their own interests. Even now, the owner of the horoscope is sharp-tongued and remembers the offense for a long time. In a previous incarnation, he often used black magic to repay someone for evil. The third option is suffering from fatal love, which awakens cravings for toxic and difficult partners.

Developments and warnings of the Descending Node in Scorpio

From past incarnations, the native retained a sense of rage and resentment, which occurs in stressful situations. On the one hand, he has the gift to remain calm and activate during periods of crisis, because he learned this well in the previous incarnation, on the other hand, he does not always understand where this skill comes from, as well as fears or thoughts about violence, cruel revenge on offenders and deep envy of the lucky ones, for whom everything comes easy.

If the owner of the Ascending Node in Taurus has an Ascendant, Venus, the Sun or the Moon in Pisces or Cancer, others will never believe what dark pools lie behind external softness, compassion and care. It is much harder for the native himself when personal planets are drawn to the light, and he is well aware of his dark thoughts and sexual fantasies. This is all a consequence of the torment in the past incarnation and you do not need to blame yourself for the fact that they pop up in your memory. But the Descending Node in Scorpio gives many abilities:

  • excellent intuition, the ability to predict the thoughts and motives of others, especially enemies and rivals;
  • deep psychological knowledge about oneself and others;
  • the ability to make people act and do what the native needs;
  • charisma, sex appeal, powerful energy resources.

The trap lies in the desire to hide under the wing of a partner, to feel care and understanding, but in this incarnation, the native himself will have to patronize and love others.

Destiny according to the ascending node in Taurus

A person came to this world in order to know the benefits of the material world, which he was previously deprived of by his own choice or by the will of circumstances. From Ketu in Scorpio, you need to take passion and fortitude and ask yourself about the desired circumstances of life, believe that now you can afford not only prosperity, but also wealth.

The highest goal will be to spread the field of abundance around him, when the native not only takes, but also helps others to grow rich. For the development of the energy of Rahu in Taurus, work is perfect:

  • in real estate agencies, construction companies, repair shops;
  • banks, financial exchanges and private consultations;
  • life insurance, real estate, cars;
  • beauty salons, fashion industry, psychotherapy.

It is important to start with yourself, gain wealth, acquire your own house and land, and only then teach and help others.

How to perform the tasks of the Ascending Node in Taurus – Descending Node in Scorpio

It is necessary to create your own value system and not identify yourself with the dark thoughts and pain of the past. Rahu in Taurus provides a huge resource for the materialization of any fabulous wealth and desirable things, so you should not save and deprive yourself of sensual pleasures. You need to allow yourself the best of what you can afford now: beautiful clothes, high-quality tasty food, good furniture, decorations. You will have to learn the basics of investing, even if the profession is not directly related to finance.

As a hobby, it is better to choose different types of needlework, drawing, singing, and landscape design. This will support the opening of the energy of the Ascending Node in Taurus.

You can’t be greedy, jealous, lustful, take criticism painfully, because this is immediately followed by retribution.

Celebrities with the Ascending Node in Taurus: A. Pushkin, I. Aivazovsky.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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