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Ascending node in Libra – Descending node in Aries. The path of the diplomat

The karmic axis of nodes shows what was achieved in a past life. Based on this, you will have to move on a new path. The ascending (North) node is also called Rahu. This is an unknown area, but for success and healing of karma, it is simply necessary to master it. The descending (South) node, aka Ketu, shows a sphere where everything is familiar and easy, but the same sins and mistakes will inevitably be committed there, from which one must run.

The ascending node in Libra, the descending node in Aries arise in the horoscopes of people born to know the depth of empathy and self-sacrifice. In the early years of life, they can be assertive and selfish, but as they encounter evil and suffering, the husks of selfishness crumble from their hearts. They must teach others self-confidence and the ability to achieve their goals.

Past Life with Descending Node in Aries

In previous incarnations, a person had to work hard with his elbows and shamelessly declare himself in order to survive. Probably he was born in a large family, or the parents were too busy raising their social status and paid little attention and warmth to the child. In a past life, such people had to fight for a place in the sun, but this helped to reveal their leadership qualities and talents. They could be warriors, athletes, tribal leaders or heads of state, but in any situation they achieved everything with their work and the charm of personal individuality. Women with a Descending Node in Aries bring a lot of masculine energy into this incarnation, thanks to which they can easily reach any social peak, but it is difficult for them to build relationships with the opposite sex due to excessive openness and straightforwardness.

If Mars has negative aspects with other planets, especially with Pluto or square with the 12th house, it is possible that the native was killed in the past, and now the development of meekness and humility is a necessary condition for a long and happy life.

Developments and dangers of the Ascending node in Libra, Descending in Aries

The native is born with a firm belief that everyone around wants the same as he does, and his ideas about happiness are the only true ones. These are the people who forcibly pull to heaven, although Rahu in Libra just calls to listen to the desires of other people, to be able to put oneself in their place and act as actors to transform into other images in order to psychologically adjust.

If a person does not wake up in himself and take into a new life the best qualities of Ketu in Aries: fearlessness, determination, quick reaction, the ability to quickly achieve the desired goal, then he will be bound hand and foot by a web of Libra’s hesitation and doubt, not daring to take a step towards what you want to have.

At the same time, by taking on the worst qualities of the Descending Node in Aries: arrogance, rudeness, humiliation of the weak and submission of dissidents through force, the native will face painful blows to the ego when life pushes it into the background and gives others the embodiment of its dreams.

The owners of the Libra-Aries node axis are beautiful and charming, but they need to stop relying on personal charisma and find attractive features in other people. Surprisingly, when they try their best to make the best impression on the interlocutor, they avoid long-term communication, but once the focus is shifted to the interests of the counterpart, everyone wants to be around.

Destiny at the Ascending Node in Libra

A person will have to humble pride, but this does not mean that one cannot be a pioneer in areas of activity that interest him. It’s just that leadership now means working in a team, where everyone gets a piece of glory, and not using others for their own purposes. The main purpose of men and women with the Ascending Node in Libra is peacemaking. The ideal choice of profession would be diplomacy, psychology, art, where new forms discovered by the native can unite a huge number of people. For example, a native becomes a star with the help of his team, creates a new genre in music or literature and changes the fate of fans for the better through this.

How to perform the karmic tasks of the Ascending node in Libra, Descending in Aries

First of all, you need to give up vanity, aggression, selfishness and greed, when you want to take all the best for yourself.

The main thing in life will be to learn partnership, discover new worlds in other people, reconcile the warring and bring beauty, grace, self-sacrifice for the sake of high ideas and ideals to the world, to be the best version of yourself that people want to follow.

Any manifestation of selfishness is punishable by the law of karma, so when a person gets something for himself, he needs to share with others. However, one should not fall into excessive sacrifice and distribute all one’s wealth to the poor. You can be rich, famous, get a high social status, but at the same time you need to give a little more than you take in order to maintain a karmic balance.

It is necessary to learn to respect the beliefs and beliefs of another person or a whole group of people, then let go of the fear of loneliness. It is not easy for the owners of the Descending Node in Aries to find a life partner, but most often they meet him at work or among members of their team, so it is not recommended to be a loner on freelance.

Celebrities with the Ascending Node in Libra – Tsars Ivan the Terrible and Paul I, writer Leo Tolstoy.

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