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Jupiter without aspects

Any planet without major aspects (conjunction, trine, sextile, square and opposition) manifests itself either positively or negatively, depending on the personal development of people and their aspirations in life. However, any action happens suddenly not only for others, but also for the individuals themselves, because most of the time such a planet seems to be sleeping in a deep mine, and its owners do not understand what they are capable of in the sphere of its influence (in the house where it stands and which it controls).

Jupiter is the most important social planet that brings happiness, wealth, academic and career success. If it is not aspected, then people with such a planet do not accept the experience and knowledge they need to realize. It is extremely difficult for such people to socialize in society, they feel like outcasts everywhere. It is as if they are not noticed where they want to become famous, so they either always remain in the shadows, believing that they are not capable of more, or go over their heads to the goal, using all the methods available to them.

Positive influence of Jupiter without aspects

As always, a planet without aspects has far fewer pluses than minuses, but one cannot but admit that if its owners manage to unlock the powerful potential of hidden energy, they will be able to use it for phenomenal growth, and most importantly, create something completely new and useful for society.

Even with strong egoism, they will use this power to receive an excellent education and create financial well-being. It happens that with Jupiter without aspects and additional defeats of Mercury and Moon, it is in principle difficult for such individuals to learn for objective reasons, for example, speech delay, stuttering, mild mental deviations, but when they understand that only studying and mastering practical skills will help them get out of problems, they get to work and achieve phenomenal results.

Jupiter without aspects is not tied to the system and the limitations of society. People seek to create new structures in education, politics, economics, finance, becoming the leaders of their worlds.

In the presence of strong personal planets, these are creators who create entire universes from scratch. Sometimes it’s even useful for them not to know how everything in this world works, because then they act without looking back at the old and introduce new business and training systems, reforming and improving everything around.

The owners of Jupiter without aspects often have little knowledge in their country. If the planet is connected with the 1st, 3rd, 7th and 9th houses, stands there or rules, then most likely the system of education and social conventions in the place where they were born will not suit these individuals. They will intuitively strive to another country, they may become natives to a completely different culture, religion, or their philosophy will differ from the value system adopted in the family.

Very often people with Jupiter without aspects immigrate in the middle of life or meet their old age abroad.

The negative influence of Jupiter without aspects

The bad influence of the planet has two poles: it is impossible for people to achieve the desired success if they sit in a comfort zone, afraid to express themselves, or they are so envious of more successful people that they put aside morality, principles, guilt and use all means, go over the heads, sit up, become classic social climbers.

If such a woman has a conjunction of Venus with Lilith, she will absolutely find a patron for herself, and later a sponsor, and a man knows how to seduce influential ladies and receive various benefits for himself.

There are other pitfalls as well. The owners of the planet without aspects deny religion in general or oppose the beliefs and traditions familiar to their circle. For the sake of curiosity and outrageousness, the owners of Jupiter without aspects are studying various traditions and are quite capable of becoming a real Lawrence of Arabia or Mata Hari, because they do not know the measure and flirts, and then draw themselves into dangerous situations.

Another problem is higher education. Jupiter without aspects does not give a desire to study at a university without fail. But combined with exorbitant ambitions, adventurers are born who take some position without having the necessary knowledge. They either deliberately do not enter the university, or they are expelled from there.

In any case, even if people with this position of the horoscope seek to turn on their Jupiter without aspects, various difficulties constantly arise in the learning process: enemies, dislike of teachers, misunderstanding of the material.

In many ways, they are similar to the protagonist of the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: they do not pay attention to the rules established by society, and may suffer from this if they do not slow down and change the role of the violator of traditions in time.

Elaboration of Jupiter without aspects

The owners of this planet without aspects need to realize that being free from other people’s attitudes and conservative views is not at all bad, if at the same time adhere to the basic moral principles and create something more perfect and useful: a new system of knowledge and search for truth, which will help to quickly reach the desired result in such areas as education, medicine, civil service, insurance, finance, organization of assistance to the population.

With this approach, a thirst for knowledge arises, and accordingly, people naturally come to understand the need for higher education, and later to improve skills, expand their horizons.

Then Jupiter wothout aspects is played in the most favorable way, especially if its owners do not deny, do not devalue other people’s views on life, but try to understand them.

The main thing is to avoid the idea of permissiveness, which has already ruined Oscar Wilde and Kafka.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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