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Jupiter in the 12th house of the relocation chart

Studying his relocation chart, the native first of all looks at the position of personal, and then social planets, trying to understand where changes will occur first, what is one hundred percent lucky, and what should be avoided. Jupiter is responsible for big money, luck, empowerment and good fortune in those areas for which the house of its location is responsible. However, the position in the 12th house makes you wonder if things will go well after the move.

The 12th quadrant scares people, just like the 8th quadrant, with perceived limitations, isolation, loss and loneliness. Indeed, with a negative aspect, Jupiter will expand precisely these topics, involving a person in forced solitude and all kinds of secret teachings, not always of a positive kind, sometimes even in crime. However, it is precisely with such an arrangement that the will of the owner of the card decides a lot, how he will dispose of the hidden treasures of Jupiter.

Features of the transition of Jupiter to the 12th house of the relocation chart

There is an important feature in the moving horoscope: the planets remain in the same signs and degrees, only the grid of houses shifts. In new circumstances, you will have to act, live, feel, but not always the theme of the house is in harmony with the usual behavior and way of life. Jupiter in the 12th house of the relocation chart is just an example of this.

Don’t expect instant change. They will occur very slowly, smoothly and imperceptibly. On the one hand, the 12th house is the symbolic realm of Neptune, and Jupiter is psychologically comfortable here, on the other hand, he quickly plunges into the world of unrealistic fantasies and utopian ideas.

He wants to change the world, but too lazy to act. It is pleasant to dream in solitude and imagine what reforms he will bring to life, how he will achieve glory and save the destitute.

And here everything depends on the strength and harmony of the planet, its position in the natal, from which it passes into the local, and, in fact, the life values of the native himself.

Most often, Jupiter is in the 12th house of the relocation chart, moving from the nearest 10, 11, 1, 2 houses, but other options are also possible.

The transition from the 10th house will not let you dissolve in melancholy and reflections on the meaning of life. The native is too sharpened for success, but he will only move towards it in secret ways, either visualizing his desired result and praying for it, or weaving intrigues and conspiracies. This is a good position for creative people and employees of a secret investigation, secret services.

The transition from the 11th house to the 12th makes a person a gray cardinal, pulling the strings of multiple connections and contacts. The native will want to become a member of secret societies and organizations, attend church or some similar institutions, help those who are isolated in hospitals and prisons. This is also a good study of the theme of the house.

The movement from the 1st house to the 12th is not easy unless the native is an artist or a psychologist. An active person, the center of any company, suddenly finds himself far from attention, moreover, he himself is tired of the brilliance and splendor of light, he wants something real, personal. It all depends on how the native is able to find himself real in a new place and spiritualize what he loves to do.

The transition from the 2nd house to the 12th will bring many chances to get rich in secret activities, which is good for actors, investigators, bloggers, criminologists, doctors, biologists, pharmacists, musicians, psychologists and esotericists. More grounded people will be tempted to hide taxes, earn money through shadow schemes, or, in principle, engage in something illegal, but profitable.

Jupiter in 12th house relocation charts and money

Despite the fact that such a situation affects the change in worldview, religion, immerses in the knowledge of the inner “I”, it also gives a strong dissatisfaction with the financial situation.

There are 2 options when the native is:

  • relatively speaking, distributes property to the poor, as it is said in the Bible, feeling freedom from responsibility for finances;
  • looking for different ways to increase his wealth, inspired by the idea that the more money, the more I can give to the poor.

It would seem that in the second case, everything is fine, but Jupiter in the 12th house is in the Neptunian fog, where his system of faith and beliefs is distorted. A person believes that he can break the law for the sake of profit, because in the end he will still donate to a church or an orphanage, which means that for a good purpose, you can sin, hide taxes, cheat, steal, and even join criminal structures. The owners of such a Jupiter are also potential creators of totalitarian sects.

How to work out the negative of Jupiter in the 12th house of the relocation chart

The planet inclines towards the accumulation of wisdom and spirituality. Of course, charity removes some of the sins and directs energies in the right direction, but it is important to understand that for the sake of this one cannot compromise principles.

It also often happens that Jupiter in the 12th house creates burdensome responsibilities for children, or there is a strong annoyance due to the fact that they distract from the search for higher truths. In fact, the more time the native spends with his child, the more wisdom he learns from him, because now he especially lacks childish spontaneity and the ability to create a fairy tale out of thin air.

It is also easy to determine the right direction of activity by being alone for prayer and meditation. Periods of voluntary isolation are also a kind of study of probable illnesses and imprisonment for some kind of oppositional political views.

In the field of finance, one should adhere to legality and honesty, since any violations here will sooner or later surface, Jupiter does not like hypocrisy.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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