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Jupiter in the 3rd house of the relocation chart

The moving horoscope allows you to see new opportunities and prepare for possible obstacles. Wherever a person goes, he takes himself with him, and hence the tasks prescribed in the natal chart . However, opportunities for their implementation can be found in different cities. In one of them it is easy to run from step to step up, creating new connections, making friends, and in the other it is impossible to realize one’s talents, and a person is rapidly sliding down. A relocation map is a great help in making a decision to move.

Jupiter shows where a person will be lucky in money. Expansion of opportunities and a successful combination of circumstances in any case lead to an increase in income, even moving to the 3rd house means enrichment through the necessary information, business connections, neighbors, brothers and sisters, classmates. The more the native communicates, the richer he eventually becomes.

Features of the transition of Jupiter to the 3rd house of the relocation chart

The move is suitable for those people who love communication, want to expand their connections and are charged with energy from meetings, negotiations, sales and consultations. If all the other planets in the chart speak of a tendency to solitude and creativity, then such a situation, with all the abundance of its possibilities and prospects, will strain the native. Businessmen, sellers, marketers, journalists, educators, freelancers will instantly grab luck by the tail. This is also a very good position in the child’s relocation map, since loneliness in a new place does not threaten him, he will quickly join the team.

However, it is also important to synthesize the meaning of the house where Jupiter stands in the natal chart, and 3 sectors of relocation. Most often, the planet of great happiness moves there from the nearest 1, 2 and 4, 5 houses.

The transition from the 1st means that the closest social circle will be the center of the native’s luck. They are his teachers and students at the same time. A lot of necessary information comes through friends, neighbors, colleagues and colleagues, helping a person to realize himself and reveal himself to the world. They help or hinder development depending on aspects. However, it will not work to go aside, you will have to reveal your true “I” precisely through communications.

The transition of Jupiter to the 3rd house of the relocation chart from the 2nd house helps to attract a close circle of friends in the development of your business. It is very good to work with relatives, create a family business, but only if there are no squares. This is a great position for employees of publishing houses, advertising agencies, copywriters, marketers, programmers, as well as students of any faculties.

The transition of Jupiter to the 3rd house of the relocation map from the 4th helps to find good real estate thanks to the necessary connections, or together with brothers and sisters, with the protection of relatives, however, the house of such a person will be full of guests.

The movement of the planet from the 5th house of natal is favorable for those seeking love and entertainment. The circle of communication increases significantly, which means there are more fans.

At the same time, creative desires can be realized, but frivolous excitement appears, and the native is often involved in various gambling addictions, including through partnerships. In a good scenario, wonderful leisure time with friends is realized here: hiking, parties, creative evenings. If the native has children, he will want to teach them something new in a playful way and spend more time together.

Jupiter in 3rd house relocation charts, education and connections

A person has a strong desire to expand their knowledge. This is a time for short-term study, when you can quickly satisfy the need for new information and immediately apply it, see a good result. The native needs to join different communities of interest, to study what is really interesting and may have been put on the back burner. If he follows his heart and intuition, he will definitely find stellar chances in a new social circle.

However, one must be prepared for the frequent change of roles “teacher-student” in relation to oneself. Somewhere you need to transfer knowledge to the younger ones, somewhere you need to learn from them, whether it be business or personal relationships.

The negative aspects of Jupiter suggest lessons through rather painful situations: duplicity of the environment, betrayal, gossip, deceit. One must be able to behave nobly even in such a situation and not return evil for evil.

Jupiter in 3rd house relocation charts and car

Development also goes through business trips and relationships with personal vehicles. You will definitely want to buy a luxurious expensive car and it will really become an impetus to reach a completely new level of material well-being.

The dream of a car will become an incentive to earn money and confident, successful self-positioning.

If a person does not know how to drive a car, it is necessary to learn right here and now. This will open up a lot of possibilities. Dangers are aspects between the 3rd and 8th houses, their rulers, as well as Mars and Uranus. In this case, it is better to have a personal driver with a good reputation.

The negative influence of Jupiter in the 3rd house of the relocation chart

If the native does not want to develop, it will be difficult for him to cope with the expansion of energy in the 3rd house. He will be annoyed by neighbors, sudden and unforeseen guests, the need to communicate with relatives, but worst of all, negative information about the actions of ill-wishers will constantly enter his life.

His plans and ideas will fail due to gossip, envy, intrigue and slander. The sphere of the sector where Jupiter stands in the natal chart is always under threat.

The main problem of the owner of Jupiter in the 3rd house of the relocation chart is the loss of reputation. If this happened, it will be difficult to return to former success. Working through is the ability to keep your promises, to speak about others either well or nothing, as well as in constant learning and self-development.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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