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Gemini stones

Mercury and Air gave birth to one of the most changeable, contradictory and multifaceted signs of the zodiac – Gemini . The period of its validity is from May 21 to June 21.

Gemini are bright extroverts. They cannot do without society and active contacts with the world. Representatives of the sign are easy-going, always aiming at change. They are repelled by inertia, routine, monotony.

“Airy” individuals are generously endowed with intelligence, but do not differ in perseverance and patience. It's their style not to go through with all their undertakings. Superficiality is a major obstacle to success.

The attitude of others towards Gemini is ambiguous. People like their eloquence, ease of communication. But qualities such as being too fussy and unnecessary are irritating. In difficult life conflicts, Gemini often show pettiness, greed, and selfishness.

Stones-amulets will help improve character, protect from troubles, strengthen health.
Gemini stones

Talismans for all Gemini

The astrological sign, the powers of which are revealed during the period of summer flowering and light, are alien to pompous, gloomy stones. His amulets should be warm and cheerful.


There is a belief that agate brings longevity. This semi-precious mineral contains the secrets of creative success. He helps the Gemini not to abandon their vocation after the first failures, develops the missing qualities in them – patience and perseverance.

Agate gives strength to weak and sick people. Protects from other people's envy and anger.

Minerals of warm colors are recommended – yellow, orange, red.


Gemini personality often lacks firmness and strength. These qualities help to acquire a gem from the chrysoberyl breed.

Alexandrite has a mysterious color-changing property. Green in daylight, it turns purple in artificial light.

Yellow spots on its surface are a signal of danger to the health or life of the owner.


Protected travelers. The epitome of a successful career. A symbol of cheerfulness. A conductor of positive energy.

Beryl is believed to help win litigation. This stone is useful for sloths and slow-witted people.


Gemini's inability to concentrate creates problems in work and study. Lemon-yellow or honey-golden quartz – citrine relieves this deficiency.

The stone protects gambling people from rash, risky actions. Like a devoted friend, he is always on the side of his owner.


Many Gemini are gifted with literary and artistic talents. Orange-yellow or red carnelian is an assistant in creativity.

This mineral is used in medicine in the treatment of the thyroid gland, intestinal and skin diseases. The secret of healing properties lies in the weak radioactivity of individual specimens.
Gemini stones

Gemini charms by date of birth

Depending on the decade, at the Gemini influence of three planets : Mars , Jupiter and the sun .

21.05. – 31.05 (Jupiter)

The Gemini of the first decade have both intuitive and analytical thinking developed equally. Rock crystal enhances thought processes. Yellow and red obsidians form fair self-esteem.

Green minerals are recommended , embodying loyalty, purity, self-control: malachite , jade , amazonite .

01.06 – 10.06 (Mars)

For those who were born in the second decade, it is important to soften the influence of the aggressive planet, to weaken such qualities as selfishness, hot temper, excessive persistence. Amber , as well as pearls of white, pink, yellow shades soothe the nervous system, bring peace of mind.

For restless natures striving for change and renewal, it is useful to wear chrysoprase .

11.06 – 21.06 (Sun)

Chosen of the Sun radiate optimism. They love children very much. Better than other Gemini, they control their feelings, but they also have outbursts of anger. Pearls (except black), topaz , emerald drive away hatred and rage. The same function is performed by pink and yellow sapphires – symbols of wisdom and justice. Emeralds and pearls also attract money. Yellow topaz transforms a woman into a beauty and a man into a sage.

Additional list of Gemini stones :

  • almandine – “stone of joy” (a variety of raspberry and pink pomegranate);
  • uvarovit – an assistant to generous people, a talisman from thieves and envious people (green pomegranate);
  • rhodonite – a pink ornamental stone useful for awakening talents;
  • lilac amethyst – a stone of the air element, an amulet for travelers and athletes; protector from dark influences.

Dangerous stones

Although the opinion of modern Astrologers disagrees about unsuitable stones and some, on the contrary, advise choosing stones, not according to the Sun sign, but according to a weak planet in the natal chart . A list of stones that Gemini should take a closer look at:

Aquamarine , blood red garnet, milky white cacholong, hematite (bloodstone), labrador, green jasper , blue sapphire , blue topaz .

To enhance the magical properties of stones , the following nuances should be considered:

  • For the Ural gems, a gold setting is required, for the Iranian ones, of silver.
  • Products with alexandrite should be removed before bedtime.
  • It is useful to wear citrine as a suspension, alexandrite – in a ring on the middle finger, agate – on the left hand.

As you can see, the collection of talismans for Gemini is extremely interesting and diverse. Happy choice everyone!

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