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Aries stones

The countdown of the signs of the zodiac begins with Aries . It comes into effect on March 21st and expires completely on April 20th. Aries' personality traits are determined by Mars , Sun and Venus .

Aries are pioneers, organizers and heroes. They immerse themselves in both work and love. Unbridled generosity is a characteristic feature of the people of the “spring” sign.

Aries often do not complete their endeavors. “Lamb” lacks patience and delicacy. They do not always know how to restrain anger, outbursts of jealousy. Aries' exuberant energy needs control and containment. But they do not tolerate power over themselves.

Stones selected according to the horoscope bring good luck, protect against diseases and other misfortunes. They are designed to correct a person's personality for the better.

The main talismans of Aries


Develops wisdom. Teaches generosity. Protects against depression. Gives energy to conquer the heights of life.

Ruby restrains the aggressiveness of Aries.

The stone has healing properties. It improves well-being in hypertension and heart disease.

Discoloration of a mineral is a hazard warning.

Ruby does not “get along” with any of the stones. It cannot be combined with other gems.

Diamond (cut diamond)

Diamond is a symbol of victories that Aries strives for. The mineral will become a powerful talisman if it comes into contact with the skin. It is advisable to wear it on the left hand or around the neck.

When a person's thoughts and spiritual qualities do not correspond to the impeccable purity of a diamond, the powerful energy of the stone will harm him.

Low-cost diamond substitutes are zircon and citrine.


Mineral Amethyst relieves neuropsychic stress. Protects from reckless decisions. Helps build relationships with family members and work colleagues.


Sapphire , like ruby, symbolizes wisdom. He prompts his owner to prudent ways out of the situation. The stone is extremely useful for young people who lack life experience.

The most common shade of this gem is blue. But for Aries, he is undesirable. A favorable option is yellow sapphire.


Great mascot for students. Concentrates on learning, develops self-discipline. The best choice is “sunny” agates : red, orange, yellow.


Aries' typical flaw is misunderstanding of other people, inability to feel their emotional state. This leads to conflicts. Rhinestone   will teach the impatient and straightforward Aries tact and sensitivity.
Aries stones

Aries stones by date of birth

03.21 – 03.31 (Mars)

Lovers of Mars are bright leaders, always striving for victory. Negative character traits: selfishness, aggressiveness, excessive straightforwardness.

The most favorable stones :

 01.04 – 11.04 (Sun)

Representatives of this decade are ambitious, generous, and noble. Great organizers. Their main value is family. Disadvantages: authoritarianism, hot temper, jealous disposition.

Excellent gifts for “sunny” Aries:

 12.04. – 20.04 (Venus)

The romantic planet gives rise to ardent natures obsessed with the search for great love. Venusian “lambs” are often characterized by a craving for adventures.

Preferred Choice :

Charms for Aries women

Ladies of the spring sign Aries, always strive to be in the spotlight. Diamonds and rubies will eloquently express their bright personality . The green diamond will help to realize the dream of children.

Diamonds are not suitable for unmarried girls.

Transparent zircon will give good luck to young women . Yellow zircon will strengthen the strength of mature women.

Red Jasper will teach a businesswoman to plan things in such a way that there is time for the family.

Amulets for men Aries

Leadership qualities are emphasized by a ruby .

Red garnet will help you build a successful career. Aspirants should wear the gem on their index finger.

Exotic green pomegranate – a symbol of protection from violent death.

Pendant jewelry promotes happiness in love.

Choice of jewelry by color

Aries' virtues are enhanced by the influence of gems of warm, bright colors – orange, red, yellow. Muted shades of green, blue, blue stones soften negative qualities; the same function is performed by opaque colorless minerals.

Aries stones in red, yellow, pink tones

  • coral ;
  • chalcedony;
  • opal ;
  • citrine;
  • pyrite.

Stones of green, blue, blue shades

Other shades

As you can see, jewelry can be selected by date of birth, gender, color. There are many options! And this is good. After all, astrologers recommend having at least 12 items with different stones – for each month of the year, for different situations and moods.

“Harmful” stones

Aries is a sign of Fire. It is hostile to “cold” minerals, symbolizing its opposite – the natural element of Water. Although the opinion of modern Astrologers disagrees about unsuitable stones and some, on the contrary, advise choosing stones, not according to the Sun sign, but according to a weak planet in the natal chart . List of stones to which Aries should take a closer look:

The symbol of danger for Aries is the black color of the mineral: pearls , labrador, asp, onyx , opal .

When choosing a decoration, do not forget about your own taste. Intuition will always tell you which stone you need on a given segment of your life path.

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