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rat sign chinese horoscopeThe Rat sign refers to the animals of the Yin group. This is the first sign in the Chinese horoscope. By the time of day, the Rat rules from 23 to 1 am. A good season is winter, and the peak of this period is in December. Its element is Water. In the European Zodiac, the Rat will correspond to the sign of Sagittarius. The color that brings her good luck and happiness is black and red. Plants and Flowers that bring her health and good luck – night hyacinth, orchid, absinite and sandy grass. The most favorable countries for the Rat are Japan, China, Tibet, Congo, South Africa, Yugoslavia, Albania, Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria.

The years of the rat in our century

  • 1900 January 31 – element of the year metal
  • 1912 February 18 – element of the year water
  • 1924 February 5 – element of the year tree
  • 1936 January 24 – element of the year fire
  • 1948 February 10 – element of the year earth
  • 1960 January 28 – element of the year metal
  • 1972 February 15 – element of the year water
  • 1984 February 2 – element of the year tree
  • 1996 February 19 – element of the year fire
  • 2008 February 7 – element of the year earth


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rat zodiac signThe rat is a single microcosm with its own laws and spheres of influence. There are many contradictions in it, this is a sign of unstable internal connections. The rat is a strong-willed and strong animal. It develops rapidly according to its own laws, itself determines its life rhythm and actions. Each of her actions is a plastic, soft image subject to soft and rapid transformation. It has no conventions and no solid framework. It is difficult to squeeze it into certain standards or ready-made forms.

The rat is not a symbol that closes in on itself, but represents a gift from heaven, mystery and time. But this very gift can be both charming and poisonous. Do not be afraid of the Rat, what this zodiac sign gives, you need to take it with pride, since the Rat is considered the smartest animal in nature. It's no secret that a delicious dish can be made from poisonous berries. Also, a person's character develops depending on circumstances and life situations.

Unlike the West, in whose society it is customary to perceive everything as a consumer, Eastern people are more worried about something else: who I am becoming. Therefore, they do not have such a desire to become richer, and many, on the contrary, live in nakedness and poverty, strive to be wiser. Thus, Eastern people achieve happiness and harmony. Kings and commanders come to the wise men, because they all know that a philosopher is much richer than any rich man and will give them something that money cannot buy.

The rat belongs to the Yin group. She came from the north, and her origin is attributed to winter. She is a nocturnal animal and lives for about three hundred years. After a hundred years, she starts to get sick. Rats bring happiness to those who appreciate them, she is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. All sailors know that these animals have a sense of foresight, they always leave a sinking ship or a house that will collapse.

There are no positive or negative animals, they are all God's creatures, they are part of the whole world, balance and harmony. Rats are the mistress of the underworld, she is the sister of a mole and a snake. In summer they often live in burrows, and in winter they look for more secluded and warmer places where they can profit. She, like an orderly, destroys the sick and the weak, without showing feelings of pity. The rat is a symbol of everything mysterious. The rat is characterized by greed and a sense of fear, but poverty and poverty are not inherent in any way. Probably, therefore, many people always dislike her. Whoever is not afraid of her and always reckons with her, she happily helps. Therefore, in Japan, her image stands next to the God of wealth (Daikoku), where she shares the throne with him on an equal footing. In Siberia, its symbol is also considered a sign of wealth. But no one knows how to relate to her. The choice is yours.

There are other representatives of this sign. In Japan, they are called the Mouse – they are cheerful and overcome their fear with laughter. They are the source of miracles. In India, there are legends about the Muzhak's mouse, the god Ganesha, a symbol of spiritual forces, sat astride it. This god dominates obstacles, spiritually educating a person. He develops the mind in people, and it is not for nothing that he is portrayed as half-man, half-elephant, that is, a mixture of the funny and the great. Together with the Rat, they experience a lot of adventures in our absurd world, consisting of visible or deceptive reality. They are both partners and accomplices, because they often act as thieves and deceivers. They appropriate material and spiritual wealth, creating joy in life for themselves, benefitting even from asceticism. Such a Rat plays the role of Lucifer, the adversary, stopping at nothing. But all the same, you cannot rely on appearance, it is often deceiving.

This animal does not cause much sympathy in a person, rather, on the contrary, a feeling of disgust and even fainting. Why are they afraid of her? Probably because more often a person's imagination flares up at the sight of it, associating it with the spread of the plague. Rats bring either ruin or wealth. And it is very firmly embedded in the general consciousness. Scary stories are always told about them, they are endowed with supernatural properties.

But let's put aside all sorts of superstitions and try to give the Rat its due. After all, this is a very intelligent animal, which was the very first to come running to the call of the Buddha. Therefore, in Chinese astrology, it comes first. Of course, this is a bright personality, endowed with willfulness and always on the lookout. It is very difficult to influence them, even almost impossible, because they firmly stand guard over their freedom and independence. There are no stupid Rats, and if you managed to cheat it, then it was not a Rat.

THE RAT AND ITS LIFErat characteristics

Rats are considered happy when they were born in the summer, then they can get everything from life. A born Rat in winter finds itself in a certain situation, because in winter the reserves are already empty, and in order to survive, they need to work hard.

The Rat spends its youth and childhood without any outbursts, for it this is the most joyful and carefree time that has passed among enchanting and incredible discoveries. The Rat has its first problems during puberty, so the Rat is considered the sexiest sign.

In adulthood, it is much more difficult for her. The material instability that haunts them is associated with ups and downs. This is a period of continuous struggle, full of extreme emotionality, which does not allow them to avoid temptations and refrain from making cruel decisions.

But their old age is calm, they need it to overcome aggressiveness and greed. During this period, Rats adapt to people, to their social structure.


The rat is a sign of aggressiveness and charm. She will always be kind, and her mysterious charm will not leave anyone indifferent. Such people seem to be endowed with an interesting face and soft skin. Under their mask of calmness, there is insane activity that leads the Rats to movement, sometimes even excessive. Sometimes their sense of artistry lets them down, because they are not always natural. Rats are usually very calculating and know how to make a spectacular impression, so they make good seducers. They do not compromise, but they try to do everything to gain trust. Such people strive for personal well-being, and even more – for power. And the more others depend on the Rat person, the more confident she feels in such a company. Stay with the Rat for a while and you will see her nervousness.

It happens that the Rat creates unpleasant situations around itself, its goal in this is to protect itself from aggressiveness and tracking down others. This is an animal of the underworld that does not like to betray itself, so she carefully guards all her secrets, because of this she is unhappy .Rats want to be open personalities, but due to the fact that a stranger appears in their space, they can instantly turn into insidious and vindictive. Let's hope that getting into their world, you will study them and not be afraid of the Rat. After all, a person born under the sign of the Rat wants to be unraveled, in those around them they want to find understanding. Because of this, they are often withdrawn in life, even when they want to relax. Thus, it turns out that their aggressiveness is directed against themselves. Hence, her strong sensitivity was born, which borders on a sense of helplessness and self-blame.rat characteristics

Such people do not like a mediocre life, it is preferable for them to walk along the edge of the abyss, on hot coals. Danger is their element, but at the same time, they will not take unreasonable risks thoughtlessly. These people often upset their balance, crossing the bounds of what is permissible. It is at these moments that they believe they are living a fulfilling life. Getting bogged down in routine, they start looking for adventure and danger, otherwise they will simply die of boredom.

Rats want to be part of a group. They enjoy attending meetings and clubs. But since they have an excessive passion for intrigue and gossip, they most of all have acquaintances, instead of friends. Moreover, these people are real exploiters. Feel great behind someone else's back. Therefore, Rats love mental work instead of physical work. They constantly use everything that is around them – friends, parents, acquaintances, other people's money, as well as their own charm, the Rat uses all this undividedly, and even gets carried away. Under bad, unfavorable circumstances, the Rat can turn into a parasite, a usurer.

Rats are overly active, nervous and irritable. Their brain should always be active, deriving concrete benefit from the environment. If they have nothing to do, the Rats begin to reproach themselves, also criticizing everything around them, causing hatred to themselves. This testifies to their great passion, which sometimes comes to gluttony. They do not like to deny themselves something. Rats are afraid of poverty and disappointment.

They like to waste money, which creates a contradiction in them: to continue saving money for old age or to spend everything. But, unfortunately, they often waste everything. Very often, rats fill their bins with all kinds of stuff, which they quickly deal with. They can often be seen on sales, buying a lot of unnecessary things there and believing that they have made a great deal.

Rats are very passionate people. They are attracted by everything mysterious, unusual, especially mysterious. They don't like time and order constraints. They love different trips, but preferably for the purpose of research. Therefore, they are the best pioneers and pioneers. They love various caves, grottoes, they are attracted by everything that has a connection with the earth.

With negative factors, Rats become straightforward and limited. They have an overdeveloped sense of criticality, which can turn them into unapproachable nihilists who deny everything. But usually their advice is heeded.

Rats are highly imaginative and most of them are creators. These people can achieve great success in the arts. They have the ability to complete their endeavors, even if they are on the edge of the abyss. They can succeed in life if they overcome their perennial discontent and desire to live for today.rat sign chinese horoscope

Despite being consumers, Rats are incredibly sentimental and can show generosity to those people they love, even if those feelings are not shared. Therefore, in the novels, the Rats feel in their element.

They are made for love. Rats are attracted by everything unusual in people, they are often simply inattentive, forgetting even about the birthdays of their loved ones. As a rule, they do this completely unconsciously. Life for Rats is an alternation of gray everyday life and unusual events, and at the same time they try to always stay at the top of the experienced feelings. Rats have a rich imagination and a lot of creative powers, they have a rather peculiar morality. These people love to break the rules by challenging the law.

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