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Feng Shui for love. 10 rules for attracting love energy.

Feng shui for loveElements of feng shui have long and firmly entered our lives, many are convinced that feng shui works , and gives a positive attitude in planning their lives.

Here are the basic rules for attracting love with Feng Shui.

1. Peonies promote love, intense sexual relationships, passion and pleasure. It is necessary to arrange fresh flowers or their images around the apartment; also smells with notes of peony help to attract love.

2. In the south-west of the house, you need to install love birds: mandarin ducks or any other pairs of birds. These birds should never be placed alone, any bird must be paired.

3. There is no need to hang images of women in the house, because they carry feminine energy. Decorate the walls of rooms with paintings of handsome men, this helps to increase male energy. A man looking for a lover acts the other way around, hangs only photographs and pictures of pretty girls.

Feng shui for love4. Crystals are also activators of the love sector. Round rock crystal or rose quartz is a very powerful way to attract love. The stones need to be periodically washed and immersed in a saline solution for a while to clear them of negative energy.

5. Be sure to install a lamp in the southwestern part of the house and turn it on in the evening – this will increase your luck in love. A floor lamp or red lamp is best suited for this. Turning on the lamp for 40 days, every day for 2 hours, the program for increasing personal happiness is activated.

6. Heavenly phoenix and red dragon drawn together represent a happy marriage, success and prosperity of a family, the birth of smart and beautiful children with a wonderful future. The dragon is masculine, the phoenix is ​​feminine, but this is only in this pair.

7. The bed should be bought in large sizes so as not to limit sexual potential and good luck.

8. Additional support for feng shui is pillows, which should match the color scheme of the bedroom.

9. In the interior of the bedroom there should be pictures that are pleasing to the eye and soothing. It is forbidden to have pictures on the walls depicting any negative phenomena and events. It is also unfavorable to place images and elements of water, glass and glass products in the bedroom. Pink and peach tones will not only refresh the room, but also attract new feelings.

10. Oddly enough it sounds, but lighted candles are bad feng shui. Fire is not allowed in the zones of love.


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