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Moon in the sign of Pisces

People with the moon in the sign of Pisces feel comfortable, since the water element is ideal for them. Mystery, enigma, rich inner life, emotionality and high sensitivity – all these are signs of a water moon. Of course, sometimes an excess of water gives an exaggerated manifestation of many of these qualities, and the Moon in Pisces can show great sensitivity, vulnerability and changeable character.

General characteristics

Lunar Pisces are very dreamy, charming, and spiritually rich. They are not distinguished by a bright and strong character, are inconspicuous in the crowd and do not strive at any cost to take a place under the sun. Such people understand that true treasures are hidden in the depths of the human soul, and therefore do not take part in open struggle and clashes. People with the Moon in Pisces do not like rigid norms and strict rules and eventually go to a place more comfortable for them if they meet with persistence and coercion from others.

The owners of the Moon in Pisces find an outlet for themselves in creative activity. The main thing for them is to give free rein to their dreams, fantasies and rich imagination, and then the world will appreciate and admire their magical creations.

The qualities of lunar Pisces include the following:

  • High sensitivity, receptivity and inner experiences;
  • Kindness, attentiveness, compassion,
  • Strongly developed intuition, the gift of foresight, prophetic dreams;
  • Ability to listen and empathize;
  • The desire to take care of the suffering, to donate for the good of people;
  • Sentimentality, tearfulness, a tendency to romantic moods;
  • Love for comfort and coziness;
  • The desire to get away from the harsh reality into your inner world, a tendency to self-deception and illusions;
  • Self-indulgence, tendency to go with the flow;
  • Musicality, good imagination, creative orientation of the personality;
  • Love for travel and distant countries.

A collision with the rough realities of life, a feeling of being forced to fit into the hierarchy, into the framework of working regimes and schedules – all this negatively affects the well-being of the dreamy Moon in Pisces.

It must be said that the water element has a healing effect on a person with such a Moon. In order to get rid of stressful conditions, it is useful to go on a long journey, relax on the sea or near any body of water.

Moon in the sign of Pisces

Moon in Pisces for a man

If in the male horoscope the Moon is in the sign of Pisces, then such a person in the formation of relationships with the opposite sex can be hampered by indecision, fears and illusions.

However, if such a man one day meets a beautiful stranger with a kind, merciful and loving heart, then he will find happiness in his personal life once and for all.

Moon in Pisces woman

Moon in Pisces is a very good star combination for a woman. She will gladly fulfill the duties of a wife and mother, because caring, obedience, diligence and the ability to preserve family values ​​are her most important qualities.
Such a woman will find happiness and satisfaction working in the fields of education, psychology and health care. She feels good when she has someone to take care of, she is happy to babysit children, does charity work, and helps people cope with various problems.

Sometimes moon Pisces are very self-absorbed and not in the mood for communication. How to find an approach to lunar Pisces? First, they need to be given the opportunity to be in solitude for some time and come to terms with themselves. In addition, people with the Moon in Pisces can be immensely happy if they have a heart-to-heart talk with ones, reveal secrets, keep company on a fishing trip or accompany them on a pleasant journey.

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