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27 Lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol: Trident

Stones: Amethyst , Diamond , Emerald

The 27th lunar day is a time of transformation, gaining knowledge and wisdom, turning to one’s origins. This is a very good time for scientific activities, professional development, collection and analysis of information, tests, surveys. Creative people today can have a source of inspiration, and they can completely go into work. Intuition and the sixth sense will be at their best today, trust them, and they will help you find a way out of seemingly deadlock situations.

In esotericism, this is the day of secret knowledge. Meditation is recommended, intuitive insight may come on this day. Dreams of the twenty-seventh lunar day carry a lot of useful information, but are very difficult to interpret correctly.

Love and relationships on the 27th lunar day

The 27th day of the moon is considered favorable for romantic dates and meetings, but only if they are held in quiet companies or secluded places. It is also a good time for marriage.


Auspicious day for all kinds of chores. But repair and construction is not recommended to start today, but it is better to complete the work started.


 27th lunar dayOn the 27th lunar day, heavy physical activity is not recommended. The lymphatic system is vulnerable today. This is a great day for walks in the fresh air near the reservoirs, from which you will receive a healing boost of vitality.

Business and money

This day is conducive to scientific and creative work. Today it is easy to meet the weekly work quota.

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