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Moon in the 3rd (third) house

The moon in the 3rd house of the horoscope indicates the extraordinary mobility of people, their curiosity, sociability and willingness to maintain connections: personal, family, business.

Often such people have a well-hung tongue. They are attentive to their relatives and friends, they love to collect information and share news. These open and talkative people are indeed most often approached by those around them. They make good consultants, translators and help desk workers.

Such people read a lot and write willingly. Their literary work is diverse. These can be notes on the table for loved ones, romantic messages to loved ones, posts on social networks, entries in a personal diary, and even novels written in a lively and emotional language.

The owners of the moon in the 3rd house of a natal chart , prefer an active lifestyle. They love to travel, visit friends and relatives in other cities, make business trips, study. With regard to training, the range of interests of the native is constantly changing. On the one hand, people with the Moon in the 3rd house can absorb knowledge like a sponge. On the other hand, after a while, interest in the subject under study may disappear, and the owners of the horoscope rush to new horizons.

These natives search again and again for a field of knowledge that is completely unfamiliar to them. Scattered interests and unstable motivation for learning are most characteristic of people with an affected and weak Moon in the 3rd house of the horoscope.

Moon in 3rd house in zodiac signs

The luminary in question and the sign of the zodiac in which it falls will tell about the circle of interests of the owners of the horoscope.

For example, if the Moon is located in air signs (in Aquarius , Libra or Gemini ), then people show a penchant for the humanities, love literature, foreign languages, study people and their psychological characteristics.

The owners of the water moon also have an interest in psychology. They love to look into the inner world of a person, to understand desires, motives for activity, fears and reasons for conflict behavior. The moon in Scorpio , Cancer and Pisces also gives an interest in the study of flora and fauna (chemistry, biology, natural science).

Earth signs ( Taurus , Virgo , Capricorn ) incline towards the study of exact or applied sciences and contribute to the emergence of practical skills in the native. The moon in fire signs (in Aries , Leo or in Sagittarius ) can give eloquence, oratory and a convincing manner of presenting material.

Moon in the 3rd house of a man

In a man, the Moon in the 3rd house will show good adaptability, versatile interests, and there is also the ability to maneuver in the most difficult situations. Much of such a person was taught by his mother, and even as an adult, he often turns to her for advice.

Sometimes the Moon in the 3rd house indicates that the native has a sister or brother (relatives or cousins) with whom a close relationship is maintained. In any case, interaction with family members and relatives takes an important place in a man’s life.

Moon in woman’s 3rd house

The owner of the Moon in the 3rd house gives the impression of a contact person, curious, intellectually gifted and loving variety in life. She feels like a fish in water in the face of change. Changes in business give her an incentive to self-development, and in her personal life and at home, such a woman always seeks to improve, redo, bring to a new stage of development.

Having become a mother, the owner of the horoscope is happy to take care of children, devoting a lot of time to their intellectual development. She is talented enough to teach her child some subjects on her own. Women of this type can get behind the wheel in order to be able to transport children to clubs, schools and children’s studios.

Lilia Garipova


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