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1st house in the sign of Virgo

If the 1st house of the horoscope could speak, it would accurately describe the appearance, habits, tastes and aspirations of its owners. It is the house of personality, ego, willpower, and the desire to make a statement. Emotional, impulsive reactions to events, the very essence of character, influencing fate, determines the further development of a person.

1st house in Virgo gives the owners of the natal chart modesty, attention to detail, shyness and determination at the same time. At a low level of development, the slovenliness and tediousness of such individuals, or a fanatical obsession with cleanliness, is striking. At the highest level of spirituality, they cleanse the world of negative energies. These are champions of morality, justice, unusually principled in practical matters, especially with regard to personal interests.

Birth conditions

Mothers of the owners of the 1st house in Virgo were preoccupied with issues of pregnancy and childbirth. They were worried about how sterile the instruments were and how competent the doctor was, read many articles and forums about different situations. Surely there was some coldness and detachment of obstetricians and gynecologists, but they did their job perfectly well, albeit without warmth. With a harmonious Mercury, the birth of natives is easy, but if there are negative aspects, confusion with analyzes, doubts about the correct course of pregnancy, problems with documents may arise.

Image in the eyes of others

Men and women with 1 house in Virgo captivate with a soft, quiet charm and give the impression of serious responsible people. They can really be trusted. They take on a job only if they are sure that they will do it brilliantly, and they try to give the best result. If Mercury does not have bad aspects with Neptune and Lilith, such individuals will not deceive or betray. However, such people think with high standards, mercilessly criticizing what is far from perfect in their opinion.

The owners of the 1st house in Virgo know their place in society, which makes them very convenient friends, employees, interlocutors, but limits self-realization, because they simply cut off the possibility of change for themselves, despite being educated, smart, tactful and having trines and sextiles of Mercury can really succeed.

However, the fear of criticism and condemnation of others inhibits their dreams and desires. Even when talking, they carefully choose their words, get lost, start again, do not answer right away, thinking over the wording. This is especially pronounced in the wards of retrograde Mercury in natal or when it is in transit.

If the ruler of the 1st house is strong, then Virgos cannot be knocked off the target by criticism. They simply will not listen to the words of people who are not authoritative for them. But as with a razor they will cut off attacks with a sharp word. In addition, they are always busy with useful and necessary things, this is the best cure for blues for the Virgos of the first house.

Ways of self-expression

Mercurians express themselves best through words, but in the case of Virgo, this is also detailing, when something whole is assembled from little things. They are excellent writers, journalists, teachers of foreign languages, programmers, but also archaeologists, historians, detectives, astrologers. Virgos of the first house love to collect puzzles in the literal and figurative sense. Recreating pictures of the historical past or a crime, unpacking a person or diagnosing tests, they do it all perfectly. As a hobby, embroidery, drawing by numbers, neurographics, Lego, and mosaic are suitable.

Positive qualities of the 1st house in Virgo: loyalty to the word, punctuality, responsibility, quick learner, good memory, charm, lack of conflict, attentiveness to people.

Negative qualities: tediousness, arrogance, stiffness in communication, criticality and malice, slovenliness, disgust for everyday work, wandering in the clouds.

Style and colors of clothing

People with the first house in the sign of Virgo are not particularly inclined to stand out from the crowd. In their 12th house Leo, which somewhat shifts the emphasis from personal self-expression to self-affirmation through esoteric knowledge or psychology, so they often prefer the style of a guru: light, spacious clothes, jewelry with meaning, for example, ethnic beads from different minerals with runes and astrological symbols. If Venus is in a mine or burdened with negative aspects, there may be indifference to beautiful clothes, a general slovenliness of appearance. The color of luck is white, green.

Elaboration of the 1st house in Virgo

Men and women in this position find it difficult in today’s world, where personal branding and punching ability are promoted. They are more performers than leaders. If they initially accept this role, they can make a good career as assistant managers, administrators, any support staffs who do not bear much responsibility for the team, but at the same time their work behind the scenes is indispensable.

The main obstacles are shyness, insecurity, inability to build a life and take care of oneself. This requires elaboration, because having got rid of these problems, people with 1st house in Virgo will shine with primordial beauty and easily reveal their many talents. They should learn from partners and enemies in the 7th house in Pisces flexibility, adaptability, the ability to open their creative abilities to the world without fear, and sometimes go with the flow without trying to work hard.

The best talisman stones for Virgos with 1 house will be emerald, tsavorite, green jasper, pomegranate, jade.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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