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1st house in the sign of Aries.

The first house of the horoscope is the basis of the foundations of personality. Here are the features of the physical body and temperament, what people are ready to openly show to others, and how they see it. This is the beginning of the life path, respectively, the conditions of birth, the disclosure of character and ways of self-expression go along the 1st house of the natal chart, even if there is no Sun there. This house can include up to 3 signs, but it is important to determine the position of the cusp for an accurate determination. In most cases, the 1st house coincides with the Ascendant, but sometimes the latter falls into the 12th house and this must also be taken into account.

1st house in the sign of Aries forms fiery leaders: bright, passionate, confident to the point of stubbornness in their rightness, even if they are frankly wrong. They are in a hurry to live, to feel all the ranges of emotions from stress to sacrificial love, and all this is sincere, from the heart.The main problem is self-centeredness and irascibility.

Circumstances of birth

1st house in Aries is a powerful influence of a male sign with fiery Martian energy, which often affects the birth of the mother of the native. It passes quickly, with surgical intervention, or the child literally fights, making his way to the light. If such a situation is known in advance, home births are excluded. Even with a harmonious Mars, urgent medical assistance may be required, and if you are in a maternity hospital, in a ward where surgical instruments are prepared, compensatory astrological complications occur on a subtle plane (Mars is a weapon) and everything passes quickly, but safely.

Image in the eyes of others

Men and women with 1 house in Aries never adapt to others, preferring to be single leaders if the team does not accept them than to sacrifice their principles. They unceremoniously burst into the world of other people, ready for battles, disputes, picks. If Mercury is strong, they will provoke discussions, if it is retrograde, they will discuss everything after the fact behind their backs. Even if the Sun of the natives is in Pisces or Virgo, this only partially harmonizes the fiery temperament, which manifests itself in communication with other people, appearance in society and in any team. Ambition and courage makes them heroes under certain circumstances.

Positive qualities of the 1st house in Aries at the highest level of development: honesty, openness, nobility even in relation to enemies, purposefulness and passionate self-giving in love.

Negative traits: selfishness, the need to destroy, humiliate, dominate, indifference to other people’s problems, haste, impulsiveness, shamelessness, aversion to the weak, greed.

Aries in the 1st house is an advance in social success. Such Aries will never admit defeat, will make mistakes and start over until they win. Depending on personal desire and aspects of the horoscope, brilliant accomplishments and no less impressive defeats await them.

Ways of self-expression

Men and women with 1 house in Aries immediately declare that they will not tolerate competition in the area that they consider their own. However, with weak Mars and the Sun, they literally break the potential of energy from within. They do not understand how to apply it, especially if the natal chart is full of squares and oppositions of the planets.

Elaboration of Mars in sports will help to get out of the shadow of complexes into the light: shooting, football, wrestling, karate, even a simple visit to the gym. The first-time Aries will do best in organizing events, leading a team or department in a company.

Their strength will be revealed in overcoming fear, in the habit of being the first and coming forward with any challenge of fate: on stage, when passing an exam, passing an interview, casting, medical examination.

In communication, they draw conclusions about a person based on first impressions. They are simple-minded and trusting, they are easy to captivate and even deceive, but revenge will be terrible.

Style and colors of clothing

Individuals with the first house in Aries are always on the move, they cannot even sit quietly on a chair. The behavior is aggressively assertive, dominating over the interlocutors, and at the same time it is difficult not to succumb to their charm and sexuality.

Even with the observance of the rules of etiquette and courtesy, a hidden threat comes from them. Men prefer a sporty-youthful style of clothing, women like to emphasize sex appeal with red colors of clothes and lipstick, they prefer expensive, large jewelry, and in everyday life – the image of “their boyfriend”, especially if they also have the Moon and Venus in Aries or Leo.

Owners of the 1st house in Aries like to stand out from the crowd, so they are shown bright, catchy colors and an unusual style of clothing.

Elaboration of the 1st house in Aries

The axis of the 1st house in Aries and the 7th in Libra is the relationship line. People need to find a balance between ego desires and building relationships with partners. It is important for such people not to infringe on their own right to leadership and self-expression, but at the same time not to violate the personal boundaries of others.

Sympathies and antipathies are expressed openly and without hesitation by the primitive Aries, making many enemies where this can be avoided. At the lowest stage of development, they ruthlessly break off relationships when novelty and intrigue disappear, leaving behind broken hearts and a ruined business that simply ceased to be interesting.

It is imperative for such individuals to study the qualities of Libra, their ability to keep a balance between personal and public, protect their reputation and beautifully realize their ambitions. Even in dealing with enemies, they will have to seek compromises and remember that a bad peace is better than a good quarrel.

Ruby, scarlet coral and jasper will be excellent talisman stones for the 1st house in Aries, with the exception of the negatively aspected Mars, when the amulets of personal development and protection must be selected according to the position of the Sun in a particular house.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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