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1st house in the sign of Scorpio

The first house is the cornerstone of the horoscope, laying the physical and emotional characteristics of a person. The potential of energy may not be revealed during life, and in this case it is difficult to fully show all the advantages of the natal chart: trines and sextiles of strong planets. With no sense of identity in 1st house and solar sign, such individuals simply do not have enough energy to fulfill their destiny.

1st house in the water sign of Scorpio endows people with the incredible power of this element: perseverance, determination, but also the desire to destroy everything around without proper leadership. So a full-flowing river demolishes the banks, if a dam is not built. These people are sensitive, vulnerable, but nothing will prevent them from advancing towards the goal.

Circumstances of birth

The fixed sign of Scorpio gives a protracted birth or a woman overwears the baby. If the ruler of the sign Pluto is in the 1st house, then on the contrary, the process can be unexpected and swift, especially when aspected by Uranus, or the baby appears as a result of a caesarean section. This can be confirmed by aspects with Mars or its position in Scorpio. On the eve of childbirth, a tense atmosphere in the family is likely, quarrels or disputes on any topic related to the unborn child. The mother often hides some secret related to the baby, for example, the name she is going to give will not be the one she announced to her relatives before.

Image in the eyes of others

Scorpios of the first house are incredibly magnetic and insightful people. It seems that they see through everyone and it is impossible to deceive them. Most often, this is true, but at the same time, their trust in loved ones is great, and the main injuries arise from the betrayal of those whom they considered friends and relatives.

In a childhood, the owners of the 1st house in Scorpio do not show much of their Plutonian nature, and even as they get older, they are responsive, ready to help and immediately rush into the battle with injustice, but when they fill the bumps, they become sarcastic and harsh, and sometimes quick to reprisal. Martian impulsiveness will often play a disservice in situations where they become a victim of their own intemperance and irascibility.

At the first acquaintance, one immediately feels the intensity of inner passions in the gaze and the very energy of the original Scorpio. However, it is important to remember that behind the wall of equanimity and slight contempt for others lies deep emotionality, sensuality, vulnerability and even indecision. That is why such individuals choose the image of arrogant misanthropes who need to be conquered, invited, and approached first for acquaintance. They crave new meetings and communication, but are not sure that they will like more relaxed and easy people than themselves.

Positive qualities of the 1st house in Scorpio: willpower, determination, the ability to take risks and win, love and help, empathy, responsiveness, nobility, courage.

Negative features: causticity, resentment, vindictiveness, soul-searching, stubbornness, criminal inclinations up to cruelty, narrow-mindedness, fanaticism.

Ways of self-expression

The inquisitive mind of the primitive Scorpions seeks to unravel the mysteries of life and death. They become interested in esotericism early and attract loyal supporters. In these searches, it is important not to cross the line of permissiveness and not start using talents against the will of other people. For example, the owners of the 1st house in Scorpio have an innate tendency to manipulate, hypnotize, subjugate others to their will. This can be put to good use in public and stage performances, workshops, teaching and counseling as opposed to the dark side of the hypnosis, lies, religious bigotry, criminal activities that Plutonians so often lure.

Disclosure of personality occurs in stressful situations – heroic deeds to save the weak, the provision of medical care, including non-traditional methods, as well as showing sports, dancing, the exact sciences, drawing, photography, forensic science, organizing quests for the holidays.

Style and colors of clothing

Owners of the 1st house in Scorpio love to hide in black. It makes them invisible and powerful at the same time, which is quite in the spirit of this sign. However, the color of luck is red and all its variations. For women, it can be pink, and Scorpio men can unexpectedly choose it for publication.

The style of clothing should be chosen as strict, refined, noble, although whatever they put on, it will look sexy and provocative on them. Girls with 1st house in Scorpio should avoid too revealing dresses, especially if there are difficult aspects of Mars and Pluto.

Elaboration of  the 1st house in Scorpio

Suppressed emotions and internal conflicts quickly turn on psychosomatics. It is especially important to elaborate the negative aspects of Pluto, according to the sign and house of its position, in order to avoid illness and blockage of vital energy.

People with the 1st house in Scorpio need to learn not to hide under the shell of equanimity, but to boldly express their emotions. It is best to do this on stage or go to psychotherapy. The more public communication, the easier it is to get out of the trap of internal fears and complexes. However, when negative emotions arise, they need to resist the temptation to dump them on loved ones.

Stress and tension go away thanks to team sports. Volleyball, football, tennis, swimming are suitable. Such individuals must not forget that the 7th house falls into the sign of Taurus, which means that it is necessary to maintain strong and long friendly ties in order to jointly confront stubborn and persistent enemies in their revenge.

Also, the owners of the 1st house in Scorpio should collect victories, each of which increases the level of self-confidence. By becoming leaders with a devoted entourage of friends and admirers, they will get rid of the inner poison of fear and disappointment.

The best mascot stones will be jet, hematite, ruby, vesuvian, lava.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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