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1st house in the sign of Taurus.

The 1st house of the natal chart is physical and mental strength, personal energy and goals that can be realized by developing oneself. The conditions of birth, ways of self-expression, the image is true, and not invented by someone, personal tastes and hobbies, even external features are read by the sign and planets of this house. Knowing its astrological characteristics, it is easier to choose the direction of success, and even successful colors and clothing style.

Taurus in any sign is a sign of luck and good karma. Such people are naturally calm and confident, they know what they want and gradually lay out the path to the intended goal. They are stubborn and slow, but they will never give up on a dream. The whole universe helps them in achieving wealth and comfort around them.

Circumstances of birth

The owners of the first house in Taurus were most likely desired and long-awaited. For their birth, the parents prepared in advance, buying up all the lovely little things for children and furnishing the nursery.

The 1st house in Taurus rarely gives birth complications, unless Venus is afflicted with profound negative aspects or stressful transits. However, labor can take a very long time, or the baby is in no hurry to leave, and doctors suggest oxytocin to speed up the process.

The mother may choose to stay at home and the child will be born in the family nest with the help of a doula, with the music and singing of the parents. In order to avoid complications, future parents need to calculate the position of Venus at this moment.

Image in the eyes of others

If the 1st house in Taurus coincides with the Ascendant, then such people are beautiful and charming. The planet of love endows the wards with an attractive curve of the lips, curls and expressive eyes. But the main thing is the energy of a sincerely warm, close relative. This is how they are perceived by those around them. Such individuals want to trust, enlist their support and sympathy.

Primordial Taurus really masterfully console and solve the material problems of others, but on condition that they like them. They clearly divide the world, people and events into their own and others. Incomprehensible they deny and do not notice. Habitual compassion is replaced by a harsh emotional reaction and rejection. Taurus in the 1st house will move mountains to get the right medicine for loved ones or get them to work.

Men and women of this sign seem soft and docile, but it is impossible to force them to do what they do not want. The matter proceeds without conflict, but with long resistance.

Positive features of the 1st house in Taurus: charm, reliability, inner strength, confidence, determination, fidelity, the ability to appreciate and create beauty, comfort, harmony around.

Negative traits: stubbornness, materialistic and narrow-mindedness, greed, envy of those who are richer, slowness, poor memory, laziness, dependence on pleasures.

The owners of the 1st house in Taurus strive for financial stability and peace in life, and therefore for tangible evidence of this: a house, a garden, an impressive bank account, a refrigerator full of food. They love entertainment, but are heavy on their feet. However, if they are really interested, they will defeat everyone with willpower and unexpectedly active actions.

Ways of self-expression

Primordial Taurus do not strive for glory, therefore they do not feel the need for bright and active self-expression. The problem is their conservatism. Once deciding or believing someone that they are clumsy, untalented or funny, they will go into the shadows for many years.

An important point is that the owners of Taurus in the 1st house hardly learn new things, but if they set a goal and master this direction, they will have no equal. It inspires to overcome difficulties. If the Sun is in the 1st house, and Mars is in fiery signs, then such individuals will have a desire for superiority and the competitive aspect will ignite their need for action. The owners of the Sun in Libra or Pisces and Mars in Cancer will have a completely different character.

The activity of Taurus takes place in the financial sector. For the sake of a high salary, they will demonstrate their best qualities: diligence, the ability to charm an interlocutor, to show participation and diligence, which is good in the field of direct sales, negotiations, the beauty industry and the hotel business.

Taurus people in the 1st house express themselves through needlework, renovations, design, gardening, and painting.

Style and colors of clothing

There are two types of people. If Venus is fiery, they love the expensive-rich style, boast of branded items and are hung with gold. In other cases, love for luxurious things falls within the framework of conservatism. Taurus in the first house most often wear discreet quality items. They love pastel shades and classic cut clothes. The color of luck is light pink, light green, pale blue.

Elaboration of the 1st house in Taurus

The most important thing that slows down the advancement in society is greed, laziness and aggression barely restrained under external calmness. Taurus in the first house is annoyed by successful active people, as they emphasize his Oblomovism. It is important to develop in oneself determination and activity according to Mars, according to its position in the house of the horoscope and the sign.

Owners of the 1st house in Taurus often need to give gifts to friends and relatives, which will open the way for the energy of abundance that is so desired for them. An important sector of the horoscope is the 2nd house, the result of which will be the purchase of real estate. If this is a Gemini, then it is all the more important to pull yourself out of your home and familiar comfort zone, expand your social circle and gain new experiences.

The most useful talismans for the 1st house in Taurus will be turquoise, rose quartz, diamonds, sultanite.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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