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10th house in the sign of Pisces

The 10th house shows the area of activity where a person is doomed to success, ways to achieve it through the profession and relationships with superiors. The mother of the native – a source of inspiration or a limiter of self-realization can be seen from the sign of this field of the horoscope and from aspects with other planets. Army, crankcase, mistakes on the way to glory, it’s all here.

The 10th house in Pisces endows a person with an acting gift, but this is not necessarily a creative path. The ability to adapt to any type of people, play different roles and intuitively read the mood of the interlocutor will help in business, commerce, medicine, if only the owner of the horoscope decides on the choice of profession early.

Dream job

The native is an empath by nature, and if the Moon and Neptune are strong and harmonious, such an individual is gifted with psychic abilities. The ideal choice of work would be the field of esotericism, healing and astrology with positive aspects of Uranus. This sphere of activity will also help if all the mentioned planets suffer in a negative aspect.

However, the 10th house in Pisces does not mean that it is necessary to go into the mystical knowledge of the world. The owners of the horoscope have a well-developed sense of money. They intuitively come to areas of activity where they can easily earn money or be close to hard workers who plow and enrich them as an ally and inspirer. These are employees of financial structures, assistants to managers and secretaries.

The third line of success is art. Men and women with the 10th house in Pisces always play roles. They are actors for life, changing masks so often that they forget who they are. Theater and cinema are their element, as well as psychology, religion, medicine and any business related to water and drinks. Men often choose maritime affairs as sailors, navigators, and captains.

The meaning of life and popularity

The purpose of the carriers of the 10th house in Pisces is healing in the highest sense. The actor excites the imagination, inspires, awakens a taste for life, the psychologist heals spiritual wounds, the owner of the restaurant gives distraction from the cruel reality in an atmosphere of beauty and a rainbow of tastes, the director gives fantasy worlds and higher meanings. If the owners of the 10th house in Pisces approach work from this point of view, then popularity comes by itself. The only problem is that a stricken Neptune brings notoriety.

Chief and subordinate

Thanks to their empathic abilities, ten-house Pisces easily read the direction of the wind in a team, they know how to gain confidence in the right people and like the boss, even without being hardworking and violating discipline. This is true with favorable Jupiter and Neptune.

If they are amazed, then a similar effect lasts for the time being, until it turns out that the owners of the horoscope are lazy and throw some of their responsibilities onto others, are late and let everyone down. This is forgiven only in creative teams where the talent of an actor or artist outweighs social deviations. An afflicted Neptune can give a penchant for drinking, and although participation in corporate parties is also a way to advance in a career, alcohol is destructive for Pisces.

As a boss, the native needs assistants of the Virgo type, this is a kind of Tony Stark from the movie “Iron Man”, who creates and invents, and a refined, graceful assistant monitors his schedule and nutrition. Such a boss indulges the team with a lack of discipline, and then is acutely worried about the destruction of the business due to someone else’s carelessness.

Parents and military service

The mother of a native could be either a housewife who devotes herself to raising children, or an actress, psychologist, model or photographer. In any case, this is a creative person who herself creates something unusual or simply loves art very much. She influenced the cultural development of her children, their tastes and emotional response to problems. Such a mother selflessly loves her children, but she may forget to cook dinner for them, because it is very impractical, but they definitely will not miss an interesting performance.

Service in an ordinary army for a man with a 10th house in Pisces will be difficult. He will be able to adapt to harsh conditions, even play the role of a good soldier, but psychologically he will be uncomfortable. He is suitable for serving as a military doctor or in peacekeeping units. It is best for him to find an institute with a military department or become a staff officer.

Career Mistakes and Talisman Stones

Ten house Pisces are given a lot: psychic abilities and creative talents. However, not all of them are able to monetize them by willpower and make a brilliant career. They just lack motivation. If they meet a business partner or a producer who will calculate the entire technical side of promotion to Olympus, of course, professional success will take place. It’s hard for them to do it on their own.

It is enough for the owners of the 10th house in Pisces to enjoy their work, even if it does not bring income. It is important to develop a practical vein through the strengthening of Mercury and Venus, and at the same time Saturnian discipline, responsibility and punctuality.

Corals, serpentine, larimar, blue tourmaline, zircon, spinel will be the best mascot stones for ten-house Pisces.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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