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10th house in the sign of Sagittarius

The place of glory and true destiny of the owner of the horoscope is in the 10th house. If people choose a profession in accordance with the themes of this house, wealth and popularity will simply be a matter of time and personal desire. In addition, here we can see a scenario of relationships with significant people: a mother or a person replacing her, a boss, parents on the part of a spouse, a commander in the army.

On the one hand, the 10th house in Sagittarius opens all the roads to happiness and success. Its owners are lucky in career advancement, they are sympathized with high-ranking officials, they feel the inner strength to change life for the better. However, at a low level of development, and especially if Neptune is on the Meridian of the Midheaven, Napoleonic plans can be shattered by the harsh realities of life for which they are not ready.

Dream job

Almost all men and women with the 10th house in Sagittarius dream of going abroad. They are bored and crowded within the framework of their native city or even country, and distant countries seem like a fabulous place where all their fantasies will certainly come true. However, if Jupiter is in Cancer, then glory and honors await a person all the same in their homeland.

It is necessary to carefully analyze the position of the planet of great happiness, and part-time the ruler of Sagittarius, before choosing from the spectrum of professions in this direction.

The owners of the 10th house in the sign of Sagittarius successfully realize themselves in politics, civil service, law, advertising and marketing, commerce and pedagogy. Their Supreme mission is to teach in word and deed, changing the world through it. The second direction is to set the fashion in design, show business, Internet professions, to unite people spiritually and through creative energies.

The scaling of Jupiter and the duality of Sagittarius are manifested through the pursuit of two or more professions, but at a low level, unfortunately, they are expressed as a dispersion of abilities, an inability to complete the job. Such individuals begin to engage in one profession, quit at the first difficulties, are inspired by a new job and again go into alluring distances.

The meaning of life and popularity

The owners of the 10th house in Sagittarius do not even have to do anything to become famous. If they are on fire with inspiration and do what they like, popularity is an integral part of their life. Especially with strong Sun, Venus, Mercury, and trines with their participation, such people are on everyone’s lips. They are invited, they are offered a job, set as an example. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Notoriety also spreads quickly, so it is very important for them to strike a balance between the ideas of Jupiter and Saturn, and also use popularity for the benefit of society: draw attention to acute problems.

Chief and subordinate

Men and women with the 10th house in Sagittarius know how to win over people and leadership. They always have a head start in the form of preliminary sympathies. They are lucky at interviews, even without connections and recommendations, and even if they are, then even more so it turns out to make a brilliant start in their career.

Ten-house Sagittarius are charming, non-conflict, sociable, and most importantly, they skillfully reconcile the warring and bring a note of universal friendship and brotherly love to any team. Their ideas also unite and inspire the vigorous activity of colleagues and superiors. They love to conduct master classes on their own and invite leading experts in various fields. They are teachers and students at the same time. However, carelessness and frivolity can affect the reputation in a bad way, especially if Neptune is in the 10th house.

Everyone dreams of such a boss. Such a horoscope owner is generous and does not cling to minor flaws. However, this approach hurts business. With this approach, subordinates become relaxed, not afraid to be late, delay the deadlines for completing tasks, or work carelessly. Fearing to lose or offend them, the native accepts everything as it is or remakes everything to the ideal himself.

Parents and military service

The mother of the native was a cheerful, creative and slightly frivolous person. She probably traveled a lot with her child, taught to enjoy life, instilled an interest in other cultures and reading, which opens up fantastic worlds for imagination. This mother is not sitting at home. She has many friends, and all matinees, competitions and children’s concerts did not take place without their joint participation with the native. In addition, she stands on the principles of the importance of education in different areas, so the ten-house Sagittarius always attends various circles and courses, from the theater and dance studio to courses for entering the institute. Thanks to this mother’s influence, a person is ready to be a star at different levels of life.

Service in the army is given to the native easily due to innate optimism and luck. If the aspect of Mars-Jupiter is harmonious, then he can safely make a career as a commander and will enjoy the respect and sympathy of the soldiers. It’s also good for a private. Openness, sense of humour, nobility and courage dispose both colleagues and superiors to him.

Career Mistakes and Talisman Stones

For ten-house Sagittarius in their youth, everything is easy. This creates the false impression that this will always be the case. They are not used to overcoming difficulties and working hard. If there are trigons and sextiles, then one must take into account that their strength fades to nothing by the middle of life, and the former lucky ones find themselves in the face of reality, where they themselves have to make efforts. The sooner they give up the habit of being lazy and taking only what comes into their own hands, the easier it will be for them to stay on horseback under any circumstances.

The best talisman stones for luck and protection from negativity are amethyst, serpentine, turquoise.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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