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10th house in the sign of Libra

Glory and prosperity are provided to the owners of a harmonious 10th house. Most importantly, it comes easily when they follow the path of their destiny, understanding the role influential people play in their lives, from the mother as a key patron of the person, ending with relationships with superiors and command in the army (for men, as an addition). The sign of the house will tell them what pitfalls and mistakes are in the way, as well as ways to get around them.

10th house in Libra gives a desire to belong to the elite of society. It cannot be suppressed or overcome. At a low level of development, the desire to be above others develops into materialism and snobbery, but if the owners of the horoscope strive for spiritual growth, they will succeed in art, saving the world through beauty and restoring justice, which will make them a cult figure.

Dream job

The ten house Libras attract people who happily follow their dream as a team or retinue, depending on the person’s starting social position. Thanks to their help and readiness to take on the rough work, the native frees up time for a creative flight and penetration into new knowledge. Those with the 10th house in Libra suffer when there is no opportunity to do what they really love, for example, if they just need to earn money for a living. In this case, they do not disdain the position of a gigolo or a lady under the patronage of an oligarch, just to break out of the bottom.

In Libra, Saturn culminates – a strict zealot of karma and justice, therefore self-interest and manipulation of others, to which these careerists are prone, often attracts retribution in old age. An excellent equalizer of the 10th house in such a position would be the choice of a profession in the line of jurisprudence, but only if a person is ready to decide the fate of others without personal interest, in fairness. The second ideal choice would be architecture and design. Diplomacy, plastic surgery, dentistry, makeup, acting, fashion, and marriage agencies are also suitable, provided they work with members of the elite.

Glory and the meaning of life

Holders of the 10th house in Libra go to fame through marriage or relationships with popular personalities. Of course, they want to achieve a certain height in society on their own, but if the Sun is in the same sector, and Venus is in earth and water signs, they follow the shortest practical path, but when they are in the elements of fire and air, through useful connections. They do not pursue world fame, but they want to be media personalities or respected members of society within their city or country. Without this, even vocational work will not bring pleasure and harmony in the soul, which is so important for Libra in any house.

Chief and subordinate

Men and women with the 10th house in Libra are big fans of aesthetics. Everything in the workplace should be beautiful, and they perform their duties just as gracefully, diligently climbing the career ladder. They have clear ideals and stubbornly prove themselves right, regardless of faces, but they do it in the form of high-flown discussion.

When Venus is afflicted, one has to constantly argue, since a person’s values ​​and beliefs are constantly questioned by others and especially regarding official duties.

While the owners of the 10th house in the sign of Libra are performers, they are nice to everyone, helpful, able to reconcile opponents and take care of the common cause. Becoming the boss, they change incredibly – it’s an iron fist in a velvet glove. Harsh working conditions, the requirement of subordination and the rapid execution of their tasks without discounting complexity or personal attitude is their usual leadership style. It is difficult to get praise from them, but if they see that a person is making a profit, they will provide the most profitable and pleasant working conditions.

With a weak Sun, it is difficult to become a leader, it is better to remain in the position of a performer.

Parents and military service

The mother of the native very likely belongs to the highest circle of society or dreams of being a standard by which many will be equal. She rarely raises her voice, but is very demanding in terms of etiquette, honor code, family principles and education. The latter, in her opinion, opens access to a better life. The mother of ten-house Libra is not particularly emotional, her goal is to raise a person who can be proud of. If the Sun is in Libra, the father was most likely on the sidelines and the owners of the horoscope themselves will have to try to reach the desired heights, overcoming internal prohibitions.

It will be easier in the army if they immediately manage to get into privileged units or serve as junior officers. Being a simple soldier is difficult for ten-house Libras with their ideas of elitism and personal superiority, but they will try to use their abilities as a diplomat to achieve the best conditions for themselves.

Career Mistakes and Talisman Stones

The pursuit of justice in its narrow sense and disputes on sensitive social issues can bring great problems to the native, especially if the 10th house affects such figures of aspects as the Carriage, Finger of Fate or Tau-square, and there are also tense connections between Mars, Pluto and Venus. Not all representatives of the 10th house in Libra have developed diplomatic abilities from their youth. Most often they are thrown from one extreme to another. Such owners of the 10th house in Libra need to learn to express their opinions gently and gracefully, study psychology and astrology in order to understand what approach is needed to different people.

Turquoise, larimar, blue zircons and malachite will help to remain themselves, but to be pleasant to ten-house Libra people.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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