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11th house in the sign of Pisces

In the 11th house, people lose their individuality and become ones of the billions of stars shining brightly in the sky. However, all together they create a unique beauty and shine more powerfully than alone. This is the main principle of the house ruled by Uranus, the cold absolute of the mental. Putting talent in the crucible of a common idea, walking in the same line with friends, being a company, and not those who pull the blanket over themselves, and then fate will give a stellar chance to take off to the highest place in society and fulfill the destiny of the 10th house.

For the owners of the 11th house in Pisces, the Meridian of the Middle of the Sky most often falls into the sign of Aquarius, which means that their mission is to bring new ideas to the world through beauty and art. In this environment, they need to look for friends and save the world with love and creativity, which does not exclude the choice of the profession of a doctor, pharmacist and priest.

Friendship and social activity

Pisces is a driven water sign. It symbolically floods the air-mental environment of Uranus with feelings, intuition, and emotions. It is through them that the owners of the horoscope influence the social group in which they rotate. It is important for them to find their community, where people are creative and sensitive in nature, free from addictions. The fact is that men and women with this position easily succumb to the general currents and moods of the group. If this is a trend of hippies, then they will quickly become addicted to drugs and alcohol, and in a society of whiners and pessimists they will suffer from powerlessness to change their lives for the better. Looking at the company around, it is easy to understand what the future holds for the native.

At a low level of development, men and women with the 11th house in Pisces parasitize on the base emotions of the team. They perk up, learning about gossip, intrigue, enmity, and are not even averse to participating in secret conspiracies. This feeds their fish energy. At the highest level, these are the saviors of all the unjustly offended. They will always warm up the victims of bullying and make friends with them.

General features of the influence of the 11th house in Pisces on fate and character:

  • high level of empathy, emotionality, interest in spiritual issues, religion, psychology, esotericism;
  • warm relations with friends: they will listen, advise, but will not provide practical assistance, on the contrary, they seek to elude things that are useful to others, but inconvenient for them;
  • hope for friends in a difficult situation, that they will help and save, and for the team as protection from financial problems;
  • many mistakes in choosing friends, attraction to the weak, sick, helpless, but only a very strong spiritual person can pull them out of the swamp of failures, otherwise it will drag them out;
  • the desire to be friends with everyone, avoiding open conversations, if they don’t like something, in a negative way, it bends under the strong.

The horoscope holders are lucky to have romantic, creative, but self-centered friends. They always listen with half an ear, and think about something else, unless it is something eccentric in the spirit of Aquarius in the 10th house. It is very good to have priests as friends who will always guide on the true path.

Goals and wealth

Owners of the 11th house in Pisces find it difficult to concentrate on one goal. In the beginning of the axis in the 5th house, which most often falls into the sign of Virgo, they are bound by various conventions, moral standards and complexes regarding friendship. Their true core personality is hidden behind Virgo’s shyness and Pisces’ blurry vision of reality. The Meridian of the Midheaven in Aquarius calls to a fantastic future, but it is very difficult to understand how and in what capacity they will get there. Friends here will help only if they communicate with spiritually strong, enlightened people, otherwise they will soar in the clouds.

People with such a position in the horoscope will have a lot of money, from various sources, mainly as gifts and charity, but with a weak Neptune, they will instantly spend it. Success will be brought by creative professions in the field of IT, as well as Internet specialties such as an Instagram administrator, SMM manager, story maker with a free schedule.

Elaboration of the 11th house in Pisces

People with the 11th house in the sign of Pisces should strive to develop the highest qualities of the sign – wisdom and intuition. As a rule, they are well aware of their addiction to feed on the energy of other people’s quarrels and intrigues, remaining an elusive gray cardinal, and if they wish, they will be able to control the need to participate and expand the enmity of other people. This happens when the 5th house in Virgo dominates the creative luck of the 11th house in Pisces. Accordingly, it is necessary to direct rich emotionality and fantasy into the creation of something that did not exist before and will serve the good of the world.

If there are problems with making friends, then the owners of the horoscope should go to the sea or, at worst, to the lake, walk along the river embankment, and also attend creative meetings, music concerts, exhibitions of painting and photography, and church. Talisman stones of the 11th house in Pisces are lapis lazuli, blue topaz and calcite, celestine.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 11th House in Pisces:


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