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11th house in the sign of Leo

The 11th house of the horoscope reflects the ability of its owners to harmoniously express themselves in a team and make friends on an equal footing with a wide variety of people. This is the kingdom of air, mentality under the control of Uranus and the continuation of the axis begun in the 5th house of passion and creativity. In the 11th house, these energies must be directed with a confident mind for the benefit of society, just as sympathy of a personal nature is controlled by the intellect so that friendship is pleasing to both parties. Here, the sources of wealth and the goals of the native are seen.

The 11th house in Leo creates ambitious and purposeful people. They consider friends and colleagues as a retinue, or they strive to enter the trust of high-ranking and famous people in order to later become one themselves. Wealth comes easily if they follow their regal nature and desire to be seen.

Friends and social activity

Despite leadership habits and huge ambitions, the owners of the horoscope are strongly influenced by the interests and lifestyle of their environment. This environment controls them, unless, of course, the Sun, Venus and Mercury are in the signs of fire, but as a rule, third-party influence still leaves an imprint. Therefore, the potential of organizational and artistic talents of such individuals will be revealed faster if they communicate every day with educated, ambitious and powerful people. They need smart patrons to guide them.

They are ready to pick up any initiative and ignite it with their personal charisma and a burning need for fame. Own ideas are difficult to implement due to the unrealistic and pomposity of the idea. It is not bad to have modest apprentices in the environment, so that there is someone to do the dirty work.

The main features of the influence of the 11th house in Leo on fate and character:

  • courage, openness, desire to command, dominate, when it receives social confirmation of ambitions – position, authority, finances;
  • the desire to shine in the immediate environment, therefore, selects a retinue from the weak, not too educated and beautiful, to stand out from their background, especially when the Sun is weak;
  • the habit of interfering in the work of the group, even without having the right to do so, to replace the absence of the boss, even if they did not ask, which causes irritation;
  • self-affirmation by belittling the merits of group members who are considered competitors or jealous of their talents;
  • at a high level of development, on the contrary, they will always support the leader’s line if he is ill or upset, they will make sure that everything is done in the interests of the organization;
  • the talent of a ringleader, the organizer of holidays and corporate parties, the gift of a teacher;
  • friends are predominantly men, but if the native is a woman, then she chooses her friends obviously weaker than herself, with a failed personal history, in order to play an emphatically masculine role in relationships;
  • generosity towards friends: gifts, a chic feast on various occasions, bonuses to employees, but also expects full dedication from them.

It is difficult for a native to accept the idea of equality and selflessness of the 11th house. Although the Sun is here in symbolic exile, it is difficult for such people to reconcile themselves and modestly contribute their talents to the common cause. Belonging to a popular and wealthy organization will save the situation: a political party, a social and educational movement.

Goals and wealth

Owners of the 11th house in Leo are characterized by contradictions and fluctuations. On the one hand, they like to obey strong and famous personalities, boasting later in the circle of the inhabitants of their proximity to a sunny person. On the other hand, they themselves are not averse to being in the place of a popular person and accepting the worship of supporters. It is important to look at the position of the Sun. If it is strong and has trines and sextiles, the second option is preferable and calmer.

The aspects also show where unexpected money will come from or permanent sources of enrichment will arise. If this is Venus – creativity and personal charm, Mercury – education, intellect, Mars – sports, activity, determination in achieving goals. Given that the ruler of the 11th house is Uranus, its aspects are also important. Wealth is always associated with creativity.

The struck Leo slows down the promotion to career heights in any social role. Such individuals are misunderstood, considered an upstart and seek to belittle their merits. In this case, they need to live and act according to the 5th house in Aquarius, simultaneously kindling the Sun along the line of the sign where it stands.

Elaboration of the 11th house in Leo

To activate the house in the desired direction, it is important for the owners of the 11th house in the sign of Leo to decide on their own social role: a star or its satellite, and based on this, develop their Sun, seeking maximum radiance or a warm glow from it.

In any case, they will have to thoroughly elaborate personal egoism, recognizing the priority of the common cause and interests in friendship, without putting forward their own ambition. Key planets requiring elaboration of aspects and positions: Sun, Uranus and Saturn. The latter will give the wayward Leo in the 11th house the necessary discipline and habit of planning, as well as thinking before speaking.

If Lilith is in the same sector, they should be wary of the deceit and betrayal of friends who only pretend to be like that, but in reality dream of taking their place. The same is true with the negative aspects of Lilith with the Sun, even when they are located in other houses. The elaboration of the 11th sector in Leo goes through the formation of a person as a group psychologist, when enthusiasm and courage are ignited in everyone and help creative energy to break out.

Jewelry with talisman stones helps in this: sunstone, amber, chrysolite, rhodochrosite in gold.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 11th House in Leo:


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