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11th house in the sign of Virgo

The 11th house of the horoscope symbolizes our friends and associates, in whose society the continuation of the axis set in the 5th house of passion and hobbies is best revealed. The talents indicated there must be revealed for the benefit of society and skillfully manifested in a team in order to gain fame and popularity as a logical continuation of the 10th house.

The 11th house in Virgo attracts a practical and purposeful environment to its owners. They are very strict customs and moral principles, however, at a low level of development, they can be malicious and petty. Sarcasm is their weapon against enemies and a test stage for friends. Few people can withstand high standards and caustic ridicule for not meeting them. However, the practicality of loved ones will help them come out to profit from what they like to do.

Friends and social activity

In its harmonious version, the owners of the 11th house in Virgo are able to control the desire to criticize to the nines and can find a common language with any interlocutor, because the 5th house falls into the sign of Pisces, sensitive and compassionate. However, practical horoscope holders hide their vulnerable part deeply.

If friends have trouble, they will be the first to know about it, because the ruler here is Mercury, and they will quickly help not only in word, but also in deed: they will collect money, call friends, take over the organization of routine duties, even just come and cook hot soup, not limited to phone support.

As a rule, friends of the owners of the 11th house in the sign of Virgo do the same and, despite mutual resentment, they still try to work out their shortcomings in mutual communication and compromise, thanks to the innate desire for improvement. However, the habit of considering oneself smarter than others and speaking the truth to the eye attracts many enemies.

The main features of the influence of the 11th house in Virgo on character and destiny:

  • pragmatism, the habit of setting short-term goals, living in the compartment of today and trying to make it perfect;
  • the desire to keep abreast of the affairs of friends and colleagues, to please them (the native probably has all the dates of birthdays, important anniversary events of acquaintances recorded, there is a bank of small gifts so that there is something to give without running around the shops);
  • pleasant character in the position of a subordinate, but meticulous and picky as a leader, strict but fair;
  • interest in the smallest details of events around friends and colleagues, which sometimes tires in a conversation when the native is distracted from the main line of the story and asks about the color of the tie and the state of the weather at that moment;
  • trust in facts, not emotions, despite a developed intuition, which is why individuals do not understand how others actually relate to them;
  • the presence of a select group of 3-4 people and the desire to avoid large meetings and groups of unfamiliar audiences;
  • great love for animals and in the absence of close friends, replacing them with a dog or cat.

True friendship happens at school and at work, wherever there is an intellectual environment. Sometimes friendship is due to the inability of the owners of the 11th house in Virgo to refuse help. They take on the dirtiest and most difficult part of the work out of a desire to create a space of harmony and purity.

Goals and wealth

Men and women with this position of the house are materialists. They do not believe in miracles, only in their own performance, which, in their opinion, increases a hundredfold, when everyone acts harmoniously and together.

They often tie their personal aspirations to the main goals of the company in which they work (the 10th house in Leo affects), identifying themselves with something big and famous, or they realize the Leo ten-house through clear and phased planning of the 11-house Virgo, where everything is detailed on small steps.

The happiness of such individuals largely depends on the creative and professional realization along the Meridian of the Middle of the Sky, because the less they feel they are in demand, the more captiously and meticulously they cling to others.

Wealth comes as a reward for purposeful and hard work. These are small but pleasant amounts, for example, bonuses or gifts, tokens of attention from superiors and gifts from close friends.

Elaboration of the 11th house in Virgo

People with 11th house in the sign of Virgo should remember that it is the environment of faithful and reliable friends that makes them strong and invulnerable. It’s like in the proverb about the fact that a whole broom cannot be broken, but it is easy to break it along a twig. If enemies want to annoy them, they spoil their relationship.

Sometimes people with this position in the horoscope do it themselves because of their criticality and uncertainty that the environment is good enough for them. The search for the ideal friend and team is dragging on, and without support it is difficult to move towards the goal.

It is also necessary to get rid of greed and envy for friends who easily achieve success, as well as often visit an intellectual environment, go on business trips, show more heartfelt participation and not be shy in public to demonstrate creative inclinations in the 5th house in Pisces.

Jewelry with natural mascot stones: fluorite, chrysocolla, agate and sodalite will help them reveal their true “I” in the team.


Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 11th House in Virgo:


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