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2nd house in Cancer. Treasure keepers

The second sector of the horoscope is multifaceted. It shows what level of income a person energetically allows for himself, as well as ways of handling money, preference for property of any kind, from jewelry and household appliances to real estate. Here talents are guessed, but only those that help to earn money, and not personal hobbies.

Cancer is a desire for security and strong emotionality, therefore, the owners of the horoscope dearly love money, are afraid of losing it and avoid unnecessary unnecessary spending. Changes in financial flows are perceived as a threat to life and become a psychosomatic cause of poor health. That is why it is important to harmonize the state of this sector.

The nature and methods of communication in the 2nd house in Cancer

The native is easily led by advertising and the promise of exorbitant sums for performing simple duties, therefore, he often becomes a victim of financial pyramids, and is also disappointed, having spent carefully accumulated money on a seemingly beautiful thing from a commercial, which in fact turned out to be a dummy.

The influence of the 2nd house in Cancer interferes with maturation at the mental level. In the first place are selfish emotional desires of an impulsive nature. They enter into a sharp dissonance with the fear of being left without funds. In reality, this leads to mental throwing. A person dreams of living in luxury, but is afraid to take proactive steps to earn more, does not delve into the nuances of financial management, clinging tightly to the handrails of the comfort zone.

At a low level of development, this is especially noticeable: narrow thinking and obsession with money. At high – the ability to provide a decent income and live with pleasure. There are also common features of influence:

  • caring, frugality, the ability to live comfortably on a small salary: there are constant stashes for a rainy day and for buying the necessary;
  • stress and illness most often start with worries about finances;
  • mother’s support and inheritance in the form of real estate;
  • the ability to cook a dinner for 10 people out of nothing, dress up the whole family beautifully, sensibly planning expenses;
  • the desire to appropriate what you like: property or a person, it doesn’t matter;
  • the tendency to steal, especially with a weak, damaged Mercury and the presence of Chiron in the 2nd house;
  • intolerance of obligations and responsibility, especially if you need to repay the debt, and the financial condition is shaken.

The native hardly gets along in the team. If the financial policy of the company contradicts his convictions, or he sees that it is unpromising and worries about the stability of the salary, then he becomes quarrelsome and sarcastic. It is especially difficult for his subordinates when, due to their mistakes, income losses occur. A person feels the dangers with the solar plexus chakra, through the stomach, therefore, with the accumulation of negative experiences, fat accumulates there, and tumors can form in women.

Relationship with money

Business life and emotional life are inextricably linked. Under the influence of mood, sudden spending on pleasure or periods of austerity occurs, reaching the point of absurdity. It is important to harmonize Saturn and Venus in order not to rush between reason and feelings.

It is advisable to choose professions that give a reliable income under any circumstances: accountant, doctor, cook, service worker, teacher, massage therapist, manicurist, hairdresser. Ideally, you need to provide yourself with real estate that makes a profit.

If you do not work out the psychological fears about the loss of property, then in the period between 30-35 years, the owners of 2 houses in Cancer will face financial collapse when they try to open a large business or make a deal to buy and sell real estate. This happens when, tired of saving, the native tries to get rich by embarking on adventures, for example, entering a pyramid scheme or a network business. It is interesting that even very rich people are afraid of poverty all their lives, which in old age is manifested by groundless stinginess even towards themselves.

Working out the 2nd house in Cancer

To get rid of fears, you will have to develop Capricorn’s uncharacteristic persistence in overcoming obstacles through increasing the level of knowledge and qualifications. It will be difficult for the owners of the Ascendant in water and air signs, and for those whose earthly elements are intensely expressed, on the contrary, it will be easy to learn this.

Do not forget that a person with a 2nd house in Cancer has an innate nose for money, therefore, freeing himself from internal prohibitions and gaining knowledge of financial management, one can reach unprecedented heights. An indispensable component of success will be a sense of security, which for this category of people comes from the parental home, and later from relationships in their own family.

Sometimes the fear of poverty forces the native to work hard day and night, and women even agree to an office romance with the boss, so as not to lose their jobs. This, in turn, has a detrimental effect on family life, despite the fact that divorce and breakdown of relations make Cancer wards in the 2nd house simply incapacitated.

Therefore, family and peace of mind should be in the first place. You need to develop generosity and donate to charity, then the flow of funds will magically increase.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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