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2nd house in Scorpio. Crisis manager in action

The second sector of the horoscope is an indicator of vital energy, immunity and relationship with the material world. It is from them that the ways of earning, spending and the level of wealth that a person allows himself mentally are formed. Most often, the sign where the cusp of the 2nd house stands indicates the field of activity in which a stable income is expected. It is great if there is a connection with the 8th house , which is responsible for wealth in a broad sense.

It is symbolically designated by Scorpio, so the second sector in this sign expands opportunities and gives the talent to turn clay into gold. Ingenuity and cunning allows you to create a business out of nothing, and transform trinkets into a source of inexhaustible income. The reverse side of this gift is the strongest clue for material wealth.

Character and communication in the 2nd house in Scorpio

If the native is poor, most likely he has the wrong mental attitudes. When the owner of 2 houses in Scorpio allows himself to get rich on the level of reason, earning opportunities come instantly.

Hot temper and adherence to principles are destructive when long-standing agreements are broken in an instant. In this case, the Scorpio ward in the 2nd house will fulfill the obligations, but the relationship will ruin forever. The primary task of a native is to control himself, not to give in to emotions in financial matters, even if he is let down, or everything is not going according to a carefully prepared plan. Astrologically, big money comes to the owner of the horoscope through business and sensual partners. These can be both spouses and lovers.

However, due to their complex nature, both men and women manage to destroy the wealth that goes right into their hands and turn the future source of wealth into an implacable enemy or competitor. This is especially pronounced among the carriers of the Sun and Ascendant in Scorpio, Aries, Leo. And in other cases, the Plutonian and Martian features are manifested quite clearly:

  • ambition, selfishness, arrogance, envy, stubbornness;
  • inability to appreciate goodness and adequately perceive criticism;
  • uncontrollability, outbursts of rage, lack of social shame;
  • rancor and vindictiveness: they are able to nurture a plan to destroy the life of an opponent for many years, pretending to be friends;
  • arrogance, exaggeration of one’s own talents and importance to the world;
  • jealousy even of spouses and children who have achieved more significant success, irritability over trifles;
  • unexpected luck – “from rags to riches” thanks to personal charisma and sexuality;
  • dangerous experiments in property and court cases, dark intrigues associated with the inheritance of real estate;
  • deceptions by friends, on whom responsibility and financial management are shifted;
  • earnings on death: funeral home, detective investigations, and also through esoterics, psychotherapy, surgery, legal profession.

The most important thing with the 2nd house in Scorpio is to focus on the Taurus value system, with his endurance, persistence in achieving goals and nepotism. Only tireless spiritual development, adherence to the moral code, the ability to forgive and let go, will give balance of character and save you from financial disaster, which often happens in the period of 30-35 years.

Relationship with money

Due to the complex nature and impulsiveness, the native finds itself on the verge of bankruptcy many times. A sharp mind, ingenuity, the ability to present oneself as an expensive specialist, even with a minimum of experience, help to make money quickly from scratch.

It will be much more effective in cooperation with renowned and wealthy partners. The owner of the 2nd house in Scorpio is characterized by not entirely legitimate earnings of an adventurous plan or excess of authority. Here you need to look at the position of Pluto and Mars . If they are in the 12th house or are afflicted with negative aspects, such adventures can lead to imprisonment.

Risky financial transactions end in robbery, or an incredible take-off, the outcome of which will depend on further actions. Good business is expected from the topic of transforming old and unnecessary into beautiful and useful: restoration of buildings and technology, plastic surgery, beauty and fitness industry, restorative medicine. The solution of any crisis situations of people becomes profitable for the native. Wealth will come from managing large amounts of money. With the defeat of the house and Pluto – pimps, killers.

Working out the 2nd house in Scorpio

The native has an incredible passion for money and will always be tempted to get it dishonestly. Having learned to control aggression and learn from past mistakes, and most importantly, to work on an equal footing with partners, he will achieve a high position in society and without crime.

One must strive to give without the desire to receive in return. This position at home means the accumulated karmic debts of ancestors in the field of finance. Most likely, hoarding and greed flourished in the family. Now you need to not only collect wealth, but also generously share in order to open the source of abundance.

Covetousness, theft and crime can bring wealth in the beginning, but as usual, under the influence of Scorpio and his rulers, reckoning will be inevitable. Therefore, it is important to act from high moral considerations.

The karmic goal is to learn not to get attached to money emotionally, but to be able to manage it in cold blood.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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