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2nd house in the sign of Taurus

The state of finances and health can be determined by the 2nd house of the natal chart. It symbolizes the level of wealth allowed in the native’s value system, ways of obtaining material wealth and real estate, the nature of spending and a tendency to save. Few people know that second house also shows immunity and vitality. By pumping it in ways that correspond to the spheres of influence of Taurus, people can quickly increase their financial condition and strengthen the body.

If Venus is strong in the natal chart, then the position of the house indicates accumulative wealth through investment, and if the planet of love is weakened – austerity. Income will come from banking, beauty, fashion, creative industries where a personal brand and good looks are important.

The character and communication in the 2nd house in Taurus

The native’s thinking is materialistic. This is a practitioner, hardworking and tenacious. At the same time, it is difficult for men and women with such a position of the 2nd house to force themselves to act. Sometimes they postpone starting work until the moment when bridges are burning behind their backs and then they cannot be turned off from the process of making money. They are good and loyal friends who adore feeding guests and walking in a good company in beautiful places, but they choose gifts for birthdays reluctantly.

Their main problem is stinginess. The fear of spending more than necessary on others inhibits the development of business and friendships. It takes place only at the stage of receiving high checks for their work.

The interpretation of the 2nd house in Taurus depends on the nature of the Ascendant, 6th and 10th houses. If the ascending sign is in the water and air elements, people will strive to benefit the world, led by a higher idea. The sphere of earth and fire encourages these individulas to care only for themselves and their family members. But there are also common features of the influence of 2nd house:

  • rationality, practicality, patience, the habit of thinking for a long time before investing money or buying something;
  • frugality in order to accumulate for a big goal: always save for high-quality luxury goods or the acquisition of real estate;
  • the ability to adapt to any place of work and team in order to make good money;
  • choosing monotonous quiet work with a stable salary instead of risky, spontaneous actions;
  • passivity of character, from which there is irritation on active, easy-going people;
  • confusion and fear of the need to quickly make a decision regarding work, for example, choose the most promising from several places (if the Ascendant, 8th and 10th houses are in Libra – panic fear of making a mistake);
  • the talent of the seller, the ability to convey the value of a particular thing to the buyer;
  • a flair for money, the ability to make money even in a hopeless situation, there is always a financial “cushion”;
  • love for tasty and fatty foods, voluptuousness.

Life forces these owners of the horoscope to go through many conflicts between the physical body and spiritual needs. First of all, they need to learn to cope with destructive feelings of guilt and cultivate a responsibility to others.

Relationship with money

The second house shows an area of ​​activity that will bring wealth, but not necessarily pleasure from a career. This is a big problem for the owner of the horoscope, since Venus, ruling Taurus, blooms with pleasure. At the same time, the main emotional trigger of a person is money. For their sake, the native endures difficult relationships in the team and the nagging of the boss. Fear of change sometimes makes it difficult to decide to change a hateful place of work for a new one with a higher salary, but expanded responsibilities.

Holders of 2 houses in Taurus need to learn to listen to intuition, and not just make calculations. Wealth awaits them in areas that affect their sensuality and artistic tastes. They are great designers, architects, fashion designers, chefs, massage therapists, jewelers, actors and filmmakers.

Sudden enrichment scares practical people. Long-term savings are preferable, deliberately limiting themselve in spending in order to better feel the joy of owning the desired thing.

Elaboration of the 2nd house in Taurus

Understanding the values ​​of all directions is the main advantage of the owners of the horoscope. If Venus is weak, such individuals have to go through repeated situations of humiliation in order to understand their value and boldly show their talents to the world. It is important to strengthen self-confidence, enjoy compliments, beautiful clothes, delicious food, not forgetting about a sense of proportion.

The owners of the 2nd house in Taurus easily go to extremes: from depreciation to selfishness squared. They cannot humiliate other people and find fault with the results of their work out of envy.

Financial success will accompany them in life if they do not allow spiteful critics to influence their personal worldview. Such people need to listen to their intuition, not advisers. It is useful to engage in creativity for the soul, even if the work is connected only with numbers and calculations.

Dancing, embroidery, knitting, woodwork and metalwork, sewing, painting, performance on stage include the energy of pleasure of the spiritual plane, and accordingly attract even more opportunities for earning. If the Taurus wards want to acquire something, they need to start simply postponing for this goal, but not completely forbidding themselves earthly joys. Then the chances for realization will come out of nowhere.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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