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3rd house in Pisces. Secret knowledge

Communication with close people: blood relatives, neighbors, colleagues, at all levels: friendship, telephone conversations, correspondence and joint study is under the influence of 3 houses . First of all, this is elementary education, any bureaucratic authorities, handling documents at home and at work, and most interestingly, driving a car. The nature of short trips and business trips can also be deciphered by the sign where the cusp of this sector passes.

If the 3rd house is in Pisces, its ruler is the most mysterious and unpredictable planet – Neptune . Tense aspects draw the native into intrigue and confrontation with secret enemies. In a good scenario, events develop in such a way that he studies in a gymnasium with a creative bias or shines on stage, wins painting contests, and with a strong moon he also sings. A school star or a victim of conspiracies are two extremes that are difficult to avoid.

Communication at school and with relatives

Third-house Pisces come to school, ready to love teachers and classmates with all their hearts. They believe in friendship for centuries and idealize teachers. Knowing this, parents are simply obliged to find an institution where they will best support the child’s creative talents, and the teacher will be attentive and responsive. Otherwise, the fine organization of the 3rd house in Pisces will simply collapse, unable to withstand meanness and bias, which will lead to a nervous breakdown.

The teacher should help a shy and withdrawn native to adapt in a team. This will be the key to future self-confidence while studying at the institute and in the first place of work. Otherwise, which often happens with an abundance of negative aspects, the third-house Pisces will doubt their abilities all their lives and fight a hostile environment. Moreover, in reality, others may not care about them, but indifference is perceived as hatred.

The native has enough enemies both in the presence of talent and in the desire not to protrude out of the comfort zone. An unexpected discovery will be the discovery of ill-wishers among relatives. Astrologers identify the main features of the influence of the 3rd house in Pisces on fate:

  • an emotional approach to learning and relationships: if there are no common interests and intuitive interest in the teacher, relatives, classmates, the native does not even try to establish communication, closes in the inner world;
  • inability to feel good physically and to study effectively in a stressful environment, among rude and noisy classmates;
  • the desire to search for a deep secret meaning behind dry facts, imagery of thinking, meekness, vivid imagination;
  • early falling in love and acute romantic experiences associated with communication with the opposite sex (including platonic admiration for the teacher) during school years;
  • frequent diseases of a viral nature, poisoning and neurosis, if the relationship at school does not work out;
  • problems with the formulation of the flow of their thoughts into words, public speaking not on stage, but from the oratory, when it is necessary not only to play a role, but to express a personal position or make a report on theses.

Relatives in a good scenario are creative, sensitive people, probably professionally involved in theater, cinema, psychology, who help the native to go out on his path and become a school celebrity. But with the affected Neptune and negative aspects, they have obvious mental problems, alcohol and drug addiction, and religious fanaticism.

Road and documents

The position of the 3rd house in Pisces is not the best indicator for driving a car. Absent-mindedness in the classroom is one thing, and driving is quite another. In addition, the native is in danger of suffering from tired, drunk, mentally inadequate drivers. Sometimes he, too, can abuse alcohol and thinks that it’s okay, he will get there without any problems.

In contrast to the self-confident Uranus based on practical experience, Neptune fogs the brain with the illusions of its superpower, they say, it is others who cannot drive a car after drinking a glass, and I control everything.

If the level of spirituality allows you to work through a screaming ego, then danger sneaks up on the side of other drivers, who may be drunk or sleepy. Exit in attentiveness to all the nuances on the road. With a harmonious Neptune and a strong Mercury, the native’s reaction is fast, and the protection of higher powers will lead out of a dangerous situation.

With an inharmonious third house in fish, relations with documents are complicated. They forget to collect all the papers on time, they simply put the finished package with important seals on the wet kitchen table, they forget it in the transport. There is a chance that their documents will end up in the hands of a lazy or incompetent employee and it will take a long time to get the finished forms.

Working out the 3rd house in Pisces

Working through all the problems for the third house usually takes a long time. This is karmic work that is difficult for the native. After all, he will need to realize his own illusions and replace them with a practical Virgo approach, taking into account all the details around. This means reading out the danger signals before it happens:

  • at school, pay attention to the behavior of classmates and teachers, if intuition suggests that a conspiracy is brewing or there are slanders, act proactively;
  • on the road to notice the strange behavior of other drivers, not to get into cars with suspicious or obviously sleepy taxi drivers, to strictly monitor your condition while driving;
  • determine for yourself which of the relatives contributes to spiritual development, and who pulls down into the abyss of fears, addictions and despondency.

The danger is a false understanding of guilt, responsibility, duty, and religious issues. A distorted perception of the world through imposed standards destroys relationships in the bud. You need to listen to your intuition and not fall under the influence of sectarians.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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