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3rd house in Scorpio. Learning through suffering

The third house is responsible for communication and shows how a person is initiative, courageous and open in this regard. The sign on the cusp symbolizes the conditions in which primary education takes place, the character of teachers and classmates, as a rule, united by several common features, attitude towards documents and driving a car. At the anatomical level, sector 3 is responsible for the lungs, throat and bronchi, therefore, if the native is affected, it often suffers from problems with them.

With the negative impact of the planets on this house, difficulties arise with self-expression, in contacts with brothers, sisters and friends. But the location in Scorpio is in itself complex and suggests many karmic lessons along the lines of the above matters. The native perceives the world around him as hostile and aggressive, fighting with it like Don Quixote attacking the mills.

Communication at school and with relatives

The owner of the 3rd house in Scorpio is emotional in communication, uncompromising and insightful to the point of cruelty. Ideally, when everything is harmonious, it is impossible to deceive the native, but he takes revenge for meanness and injustice, and in such a way that it is impossible to guess where the retribution is coming from.

With an affected house, a person considers himself a wise experience, but in fact this is excessive suspicion and a witch hunt. Yes, he will protect himself from enemies at school and later at work, but he will also lose friends. At a low level of development, the native projects a sense of guilt on loved ones, or even blames them for their misdeeds.

This is especially evident in the example of the owner of the affected Mars and Mercury with connections with the 3rd house, when there are younger brothers and sisters in the family. They get it from the native, but for some reason they are punished, not him.

If the Ascendant is in Leo, Aries, Virgo and Capricorn, then objective self-esteem is completely absent. The perception of oneself as wise and noble dominates, although in reality it is the complete opposite. If you look at the average level of development of the owner of the 3rd house in Scorpio, a number of common features can be distinguished:

  • creative thinking combined with a sarcastic oratorical style and laconism in ordinary conversation;
  • irreconcilability to the opinions of others, exactingness to the moral level of friends, picky to loved ones, generosity to the unfamiliar;
  • silence as the highest weapon in response to rudeness, but if the crime against the native is great, he will pause and retaliate, not out of fear of getting caught, but so that the offender understands that this cannot be done;
  • the school is perceived as a place of imprisonment, the third-house Scorpio always suffers within its walls, even with a harmonious scenario, there are places where it is much more interesting to him;
  • an incredibly strong emotional connection with blood relatives, even if everyone turns away from the family member who made a mistake, the owner of the horoscope will help him and worry, even if he condemns him for what he has done;
  • painful reaction to criticism and comments of the teacher: here you need a sincere, patient and calm teacher, versed in psychology and esotericism;
  • the ability to dive deeply into the learning process, good memory and analytical skills.

In communication, the native is incredibly attentive to the interlocutor, notices the nuances of the story, gestures, intonation. He remembers the emotional message and years later can remember in detail the details of the negotiations, if they affected him. Relatives are sometimes dangerous if Mars and Pluto are defeated or in opposition to each other.

Car driving and paperwork

With insufficient spiritual development, the third-house Scorpio will be forced to raise the level of awareness through stressful situations on the road, as a driver and a pedestrian as well. Plutonian nature makes him test himself for strength.

This is important for the native’s parents to know, because it is in childhood that the desire to run across the road at a red light appears in order to understand whether it will be possible to slip through or not, or lie on the rails in front of the train to dodge at the last moment. Therefore, it is important for the owner of the 3rd house in Scorpio to instill an adequate perception of danger, to talk about the value of life.

In adulthood, there is a chance to suffer from brutal men of the Plutonian and Martian type: gloomy, arrogant, with a criminal past. They must be avoided. The native loves huge black or red cars, like a jeep. Behind them it is easy to hide the fear of the road and possible accidents, as well as law enforcement agencies.

If the 3rd house in Scorpio is affected, one should expect crisis situations along the line of documents: it is difficult to get the necessary paper, attackers steal a passport or create obstacles in the way of registration. Fines, bans, unpleasant court orders are becoming commonplace.

Working out the 3rd house in Scorpio

The personal social ethics of a person is strongly influenced by the close environment. The danger comes from men and women with the Scorpio energy of the Plutonian type. Parents should exclude from the child’s communication at school dark personalities with criminal habits and a desire to take risks. The need for extreme sports must be harmonized. Swimming is perfect if there are no negative aspects with Neptune and he does not rule the 8th house, as well as karate, aikido, individual and group dances in street dance style.

Third-house Scorpios should be as attentive as possible to the documents, recheck each letter in contracts and any receipts, and keep them in a separate box so that nothing is lost, which often happens even with a harmonious house. It’s just that in this case there is a hope to find the loss, but in case of defeat it is unlikely. At a high spiritual level, these people become wise and discerning educators who understand both the dark and the light side of the student.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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