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3rd house in Taurus. Comfort, more comfort

The third sector of the horoscope is responsible for many areas of life: studying at school, driving a car, handling documents, relationships with brothers, sisters, classmates and neighbors. What they will be shown by the sign of the 3rd house and aspects to it, as well as the position of the ruler planet. If this is Taurus, the native strives for coziness and comfort both in communication and in the form of expression of these directions. A friendly atmosphere in the classroom is important to him, but if the school is poorly furnished, with shabby desks and dark walls, then there will be no happy memories of the period of study.

At a low level of development, the owner of a horoscope judges people by their clothes, and about an educational institution by their outer shell, and the richer they are, the more desirable they seem. Girls with this position look at the quality of the car from the fans before they meet, and at their individual style of clothing, and men appreciate the figure of a woman, and only then they are interested in her inner world.

Relationships at school and with relatives

Most often, owners of 3 houses in Taurus go to the same school. They are painfully going through the changes and decide to move to another institution only if the first is far from ideal, and the second is a combination of a beautiful, well-maintained building and a friendly team.

Such children are shown training in private schools with a creative bias. They are gifted with fine artistic taste and artistic flair. Unable to express them, or even worse, experiencing criticism and ridicule, they suffer and withdraw into themselves. This is especially destructive for the Sun and Ascendant in Virgo and Libra, Venus in Pisces, Taurus and Cancer.

If Chiron is in the 3rd house , then the native will often change schools, but he will also be able to adapt to any environment, even if he does not like it. Selena will act as a guardian angel, but Lilith will incite to demonstrate external superiority over poorly dressed classmates.

The native’s relationship with relatives and neighbors depends on the harmony of the house:

  • warm and trusting relationships, ideally, but shuns low-income and uneducated people;
  • rarely lends to neighbors, only if he is 100% sure of reliability;
  • older siblings help to get settled in life and provide financial support, the younger ones are more often taken care of by the owner of the horoscope;
  • with a harmonious Venus, it seeks to communicate with financially prosperous neighbors and relatives, with a struck one, it is angry and envious of those who are richer, even if it is a brother or cousin.

Aspects with planets make their own adjustments. So the negative influence of Neptune gives alcoholics in their relatives or in the apartment opposite, Mars – aggressive and arrogant, Saturn – stingy and emotionally cold.

Documents and driving a car 

If a native has a car, he looks after it with tenderness and care. For men and women with a 3rd house in Taurus, the car is an alter ego. The problem is driving is fearful. Practice will help you feel confident if the person decides to drive in principle. This is especially pronounced when Libra falls on the cusp of the 8th house. The road is subconsciously associated with crisis and potential danger. At the same time, an experienced driver with a Taurus in the 3rd house is rather stubborn, if he drives according to the rules, and someone tries to cut him off, he will not give up even at the risk of getting into an accident.

Documents and important papers are kept neatly in separate folders. The native carefully reads all agreements and contracts, checks several times if the documents are filled in correctly when he prepares passports and tickets. Problems can only be with the defeat of Venus or the 3rd house by Uranus, Mercury or Saturn.

The owner of the horoscope loves to collect letters, diplomas, awards and proudly hangs them on the walls of the office as confirmation of competence.

Working out 3 houses in Taurus

It is difficult for a native to quickly assimilate new information. Memory often fails. It is advisable to learn from colorfully designed textbooks, and visualize data to memorize the flow of facts. By presenting a history textbook or a synopsis of an upcoming speech in the form of plot pictures, it will be easier to reproduce them in the retelling.

Panic is also caused by the need to simultaneously memorize and keep in mind diverse information. For example, when in high school literature exams are replaced by tests in physics, chemistry, and tests in geometry. It is preferable to choose step-by-step training, when one course ends, start a new one. That is why it is better to study in paid schools with a non-standard program or study online if this is not possible. The exception is harmonious Mercury in the 3rd house and the Sun in Gemini.

The speech of the Taurus wards is elegant and verified, but with the struck Venus and retrograde Mercury, difficulties with a clear presentation of thoughts are possible. Most often, it is easier for a native to express the depth of feelings through literary creativity. In their youth, these people keep diaries, later they can take place as writers and screenwriters, especially if Neptune is in the 10th house.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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