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4th house in the sign of Gemini

Everything related to home, life inside and out, belongs to the sphere of influence of the 4th house. Mom is the closest person, the atmosphere of childhood in the family and place of residence, relations with real estate, ways to solve problems and achieve goals, as well as the conditions in which old age will pass – the main topics of this sector. In fact, the fourth sector is the roots, where everything begins and returns in the last 20 years of life. If there is no harmony here, people are haunted by a sense of insecurity, unmotivated fears and a search for stability.

This is especially felt by the owners of the 4th house in Gemini. In their life, there are certainly moving and changes. They take place both within the framework of one city and the whole world. A child can live in two houses, with parents and grandmothers, in a dormitory and on weekends to go to home, but the superficiality of communication is perceived as something familiar and normal, although it may shock others.

Childhood and relationship with parents

The cusp of the 4th house in Gemini symbolizes the move and the early intellectual development of the natives. They are sent to a kindergarten or nursery early, or an erudite mother is closely engaged in raising a little genius. Hence the ability to read from the age of 4 and complete freedom of choice of books. Such individuals prefer literature not according to age, which distorts the perception of the world, creates fears and alienation from the human world, especially if Mercury is affected .

If Lilith is in the 4th house, it is important to monitor the child’s sexual education, not allowing him to read books of erotic content, which contributes to perverted fantasies. The native’s mother is sociable and active, so guests at home and visiting friends are common. Parents often quarrel and sort things out, involving the child, but they also quickly reconcile. The feeling of the general disorder of the home, life on suitcases or boxes of things leaves a strong imprint on the worldview. There is no emotional attachment to home. At any level of development, the owners of 4th house in Gemini have common features:

  • striving to create an intellectual atmosphere at home: personal library, literary evenings, book club, political disputes;
  • the ability to feel comfortable even in a Spartan environment in a hostel, especially if the Internet and favorite books are nearby;
  • an urgent need for close people nearby, suffer from a lonely life in their own home;
  • mom is a girlfriend with whom they can freely talk on any topic, but at the same time there is no warm emotional connection, they easily leave their native land in search of adventure;
  • the habit of freedom and lack of control from early childhood, a strong mental connection with parents, a desire to surprise them with intellectual success;
  • the need to update the home – furniture rearrangements, repairs, purchase of new products;
  • the inability to constantly maintain perfect order, things are often scattered.

Even if Mercury and the Ascendant are in Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, when people with 4th house in Gemini do not like to invite guests, the house is still a place of communication with oneself and with the whole world via the Internet. There are always voices from the TV, tablets of households, and with the affected Moon, Mars and Mercury, they are sometimes not happy about this, but they cannot do anything, just like with the violent invasion of uninvited visitors.

Residence, problem solving and old age

Men and women with a 4th house in Gemini love to live near libraries, contact points, and educational centers. So, to go out and find themselves in places intended for communication. At home they have many small things, figurines, figurines that bring good luck in Feng Shui, various boxes and beautiful boxes where they keep their treasures. The atmosphere is minimalist with the most necessary things, or vice versa, cluttered with things that once inspired certain actions, as well as many certificates, cups, medals for winning intellectual competitions.

Any questions and problems for the owners of the 4th house in Gemini should be solved without excessive aggression and directness, using Mercurian cunning, flexibility of mind and connection. The more people learn about their difficulties, the easier it is to harmonize the situation.

Old age is perceived as a long-awaited freedom from obligations, and if they have accumulated enough funds for 2th and 8th houses, they happily spend the rest of their lives on cruises and traveling around the world, just not to sit in one place.

Elaboration of the 4th house in Gemini

The quality of communication is often replaced by visibility, when there is a courtyard in the apartment, there are many guests and chatter, but if something bad happens, people discover that there are no real friends.

There is also often no warm emotional connection with the mother. It seems that they can talk on any topic, but there is no true closeness of souls. Such people need to strive for real friendship and trust to reign at home, and not replace them with parties with unfamiliar people. Intellectual meetings with like-minded people, reading books aloud in the evenings are perfect, and it is also recommended to have more board games to get closer to family members.

It is difficult for the owners of 4th house in Gemini to live in one dwelling, and even a city, for many years. If it is not possible to purchase several apartments in order to change the situation, it is advisable to rent a summer cottage for the summer or to relax in a hotel in another country for a month.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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